Getting Started

  • I plan on starting the BFL Challenge on Monday, August 23rd.  I am unsure of a few things and would appreciate feedback from anyone that has experience with these questions!  I entered the fitness industry a year ago.  Although I am in decent shape, I want to take it to the next level with this challenge and wondered how to do that.  I am a 36 year old female, 5'3", 120-125 lbs, roughly 20% body fat.  Is this program the way to go?  I would love to drop another 5lbs of body fat, staying lean but being able to see those muscles I have been working so hard on!  How do I incorporate this plan with those goals?  Also, with these goals in mind, I am uncertain what category that puts me in, lose weight, fat loss, lean & tone, strength?  In regards to the meal plans, I do not see a differentiation between male and female and different caloric intakes or portion sizes to accomodate my gender and size.  I have no idea what mine should be.  Can anyone help?  Thanks so much!!!

  • Hi Heather:

    We are in the same boat.  I am 5'4", 120#'s or so, with 18-19% body fat.  My body has never been the same after having my babies, so I want to get my waistline back again, lose some more fat, and tone all over.

    I do think this is the plan for us!  I just started this past Monday, so I am on day 6, and am Loving it.  

    I think how you incorporate it..... is to just follow it by the letter.  If you don't have the book, get it!  You can get it just about anywhere, and you want the original copy.  I guess my category would be lean & tone.

    As far as meals, it is very individualized.  A portion of carbs should be the size of your fist, and a portion of protein should be the size of the inside of your palm (your hand is likely to be much smaller than any of the men on the program).  You aren't really counting calories.  You are just having 6 meals a day 1 part carbs & 1 part protein (& add veggies to at least two of your meals).  As far as portion sizes, you would probably do the same as me for things that are hard to would aim for 20g carbs & 20g protein with each meal.  I hope this helps.  Read these boards as well, as they are full of useful info.  Good luck on your journey!!

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  • Hi BD Mom,

    Thanks for your advice.  I picked up the book and realized I didn't know half as much as I thought I did!  So I had to get more organized then starting on a whim, which I am glad I did!   It also prompted me to buy a new scale and get a body fat test done with calipers.  Woah, I was a little off of what I thought I was.  It showed me I was living in the past.  (suffered an acl injury 4 mos ago and it took its toal on me.)

    Anyway, I got motivated and started the challenge last week on the the 30th instead.  Feeling good, I can already tell the stomach bloat had gone down!

    I hope your challenge is going well!