Any other vegetarians out there?

  • I could use some advice from any other vegetarians. Am on C1W2D2, I have been eating cottage cheese, egg whites, and whey for my protein. Are the veggie burgers and fake meats OK? The first BFL book didn't mention it but the website does, and just want to make sure I'm doing this right and my protein portions are correct. 

    Thanks, Susan

  • Hi Susan!

    I am no longer a vegetarian, but when I completed my first challenge six years ago, I did it 100% vegetarian. 

    I ate veggie burgers (Dr. Praegers are the best), Quorn products, tofu (although,  too much soy is not good), low fat cheeses, eggs and greek yogurt.  It's hard, but possible to get enough protein.

    I now eat only wild caught fish and organic and preferably free range poultry as far as meat goes.  Nothing else. 

    Good luck to you!


  • Thanks Sari,

    I haven't tried Dr. Praeger's burgers but I have seen them at Trader Joe's so will try them next time. I know this program would be so much easier if I just ate chicken or fish,  but I don't think I can, have been vegetarian so long now, 20 years!

  • Hi Susan,

    Am a vegetarian too and that does not include eggs either.

    During my previous (and first) challenge, my BFL eating included low fat cottage cheese, 0% fat greek yogurt, extra firm tofu and soy protein tortillas (i made them myself) and 100% whey protein. I did try tempeh once as well. It was hard, but I could manage with that. Hope this helps.

    BFL changed my life!

  • I know how you feel!  I was a vegetarian for nearly 30 years.  I stopped eating all meat (fish and chicken included as I consider them "meat") in 1979 at the age of 20.  Just about two years ago I began with the poultry and fish.  I was just not healthy and for the life of me couldn't loose weight.  It was hard to starting eating it at first, but I immediately began to feel better and the weight started to come off so much easier.  I don't regret it, and can't say I'll ever go back.  I'm used to it now.

  • Oatmeal and legumes are also a great source of protein. One cup of cooked oatmeal will satisfy both your protein and carb requirement for a meal. One cup of lentils or navy, black or baked beans will do the same.

  • I always have known beans and legumes are high in protein, but BLF counts them as carbs for some reason. So I figure I'll eat them as carbs but with the added benefit of the protein and fiber. 

  • Hi Sari,

    I bet I would lose more weight if I ate meat. I was at my heaviest when I was a vegan for 2 years.

  • Hi Susan,

    I agree.  A lot of vegan's are very unhealthy people.  Many are extremely thin, however, and what they fail to realize is the amount of body fat accumulated around their organs.  I work with several people who have been vegan's for many, many years are they are some of the most sickly people I have ever seen. Their happy however, so I suppose that's what matters.