I would like a female to post a typical meal plan including grams of protein and carbs confused!!!

  • I would like a female to post a typical meal plan including grams of protein and carbs, I weight 168 lbs week 2 and I only lost maybe 2 lbs so far. Im 5'4 inches and 40% body fat. I used to eat about 60g of proteins a day now I eat 100g of protein in a day and thats a lot for me. Can I still lose  weight? My carbs are around 160-180 per day around 1900 calories or so. a typical day of foods would be appreciated, thanks

  • Hi Fit - Congrats on making it to week 2. From what I've read so far, there are many women who don't experience large changes until several weeks into the program. I am in week three and haven't seen much change in my weight but I definitely feel stronger so I know I'm building muscle. Here's a typical day for me:

    Meal 1: weetabix, rice milk, berries, protein shake

    Meal 2: 1/2 c cottage cheese fruit

    Meal 3: protein bar and nectarine

    Meal 4: leftover grilled chicken and veggie skewer (meat the size of my palm)

    Meal 5: boiled egg white and cherry tomatoes

    Meal 6: grilled salmon and salad.

    From another post, I see that I am probably not eating enough starchy carbs so I will try to increase my rice/potato intake instead of only eating a piece of fruit or veggies with my protein.

  • I just posted my meals for today on a newer thread...take a look.

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  • I am starting my week 4 on Sunday and I am stil trying to adjust my diet but so far I have had this:

    Meal 1: Protein shake with milk

    Meal 2: Otameal with cinnamon and cottage cheese

    Meal 3: Chicken, brown rice, veggies (e.g. tomato)

    Meal 4: Fat free yoghurt with blueberries and cottage cheese

    Meal 5: Fish or Tofu with veggies (making sure to reach 20g of carbs with the veggies I eat)

    Meal 6: Protein shake with milk

    I try to have the starchy carbs in my early meals and switch to veggies as my carb source the later the day is. But this is also not every day the same.

    I will try to cut them out completely once I reach week 10 and cut out also fruits as of week 11 to improve the results even more. But still making sure to have 20g of protein and 20g of carbs (just from a different source). I searched on the internet for a website that would give the nutrition information for the foods that are in the book. So I know especially how much veggies I need to eat of a certain kind to cover the carb portion of my meal.


  • All of my meals are at approximately 20 grams for both protein and carbs.  I use the palm/fist method but also read containers to ensure I'm getting the 20 grams.

    Meal 1 - 6 a.m. - Myoplex Lite RTD

    Meal 2 - 9 a.m. - Cottage Cheese (Breakstone’s) little containers & Yogurt

    Meal 3 - 12 p.m. - Turkey with Lettuce, Tomato and Mustard on a Whole Wheat Wrap and Carrots

    Meal 4 - 3 p.m. - Myoplex Lite RTD

    Meal 5 - 6 p.m. – Salmon, Brown Rice and Broccoli

    Meal 6 - 9 p.m. - Cottage Cheese (Breakstone’s) little containers (and then go right to bed)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I'm sorry but I don't count grams only right size portions

    Breakfast: Special K with protien,  blueberries, milk

    2nd meal: protien shake

    lunch:cottage cheese, apple, baby carrots

    4th meal:protien bar

    Dinner: 3 oz sirloin, broccoli, sm. potato

    6th meal: pudding, maybe a few nuts

    Special K may not be an approved food, but it works for me

  • fit,

    Here is a typical day for me...like Sharon (who has completed 6 challenges!!) I do the palm/fist method like prescribed in the book (do you have the book?) and keep the protein/carbs around 20g each per meal...

    M1: 1 whole egg, 5 whites, one pkt of regular oatmeal with 1/2 pkt of Splenda and cinnamon

    M2: Myoplex Lite Shake

    M3: Chicken b r e a s t,  1/2 cup brown rice, salad

    M4: Protein shake, apple

    M5: Grilled turkey burgers, red potato, salad or grilled veggies

    M6: 1/2 cup Dannon lite yogurt, cup 1% cottage cheese

    This program DOES work...I'm on Challenge 3, started at 203# around 38% BF, now I'm at 161# with about 19% BF. I believe I'm probably in the best shape of my life! Keep at it and you won't be sorry! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • 100grams of protein and 160 - 180 of carbs?

    Read the book as it explains that protein and carbs should be the same .... it is a 40/40/20 raitio or protein/carbs/fats.

    You should be getting about 20 grams of protein and carbs per meal (6 meals a day).... that would be about 120 grams of protein and carbs a day which would put you around 1600 calories a day. 180 to 190 grams of carbs is too much.  

  • Love the idea of sharing the average daily meals.  I am actually enjoying my menus.  It's all the stuff I like to eat.  Before each meal I down 12 - 16 oz of water.  It's measured out in an 7-cup jug and I finish it once before leaving work and again before going to bed.

    meal 1 - 3 scrambled eggs with 2 - 4 oz turkey sausage or else a baked protein pancake

        7:15 - 7:30

    meal 2 - 4 oz shredded chicken mixed with steamers green beans or broccoli

        11:30 - 12:00

    meal 3 - EAS carb control protein shake

        2:00 - 2:15

    meal 4 - ZonePerfect protein / nutrition bar and a hot green tea

        4:15 - 4:30

    meal 5 - 1 cup of turkey chili or 4 oz of a fish with a steamed or baked vegetable

        6:00 - 6:45

    meal 6 - 4 oz fat free cottage cheese mixed with 3 oz fat free Great Value yogurt

        8:30 - 9:00

    I make my protein pancake on a cooking stone in the oven at 425 degrees for 8 - 10 minutes.  No syrup is needed because the flavor is good and grainy.

    My lifting and aerobic has gradually but consistently improved.  The ramping idea is fantastic.  I wasn't sure I'd see progress after having been too ill to include the fitness for a week.  Even today, I can't inhale deeply without coughing, but I couldn't stand the thought of going another day without including some fitness.

    Thanks, everybody, for sharing your great menu ideas.

  • Another awesome idea is the blogging.  I opted to track my menus, mood, and fitness in a wiki (link to it in my signature).  After seeing some of your excellent looking blogs, I may transfer my info to a blog.  The only thing I am not tracking online is my lifting.  I'm keeping that in a paper journal instead.  Here are some of my exciting growths.

    chest - bench 30 - 50 lb dumbbells / fly 25 lb dumbbells

    triceps - seated 7.5 - 15 lb dumbbells / lying 10 lb dumbbells

    biceps - seated 10 - 17.5 lb dumbbells / concentration 10 lb dumbbells

    lats - pull down 30 - 50 lb bowflex / one-arm row 20 lb dumbbell

    shoulders - front 7.5 - 15 lb dumbbells / side 7.5 lb dumbbell

    squat - 80 - 120 lb bowflex

    calf - 60 - 90 lb bowflex

    hams - 27.5 - 45 lb dumbbells

    abs - various exercises

    bike trainer - 2 hours of suggested 20-minute ramping plan

        Now I will just add my own personal seat time after the workout.

        I will be able ride outside by April and plan to reach 1000 miles on the trainer before that first outdoor ride.  I am truly excited for spring.

  • Starting back after being away for 3 years...any advice on best success??

  • Bethmhardy,

    You can get some great menu ideas in this thread.  I'm sure they will help with the success levels.

  • Having done the challenge before, I would recommend the fist/palm method. It keeps it simple when you've got a lot going on.One of the things that really helped me be successful before was taking CLA with meals. I cannot do caffiene or other stimulants.Other than that I keep protien bars and shakes handy, and plan meals of complex carbs, protiens, and veggies on my day off.I'm 165#, 5'5", and @30% bf. Been years since my last challenge, but it really worked. Lost 3 clothes sizes.Counting calories and grams of protien and carbs just puts too much pressure on you, especially when your not used to eating six times a day and working out.Starting my challenge next Monday, and I'm excited, especially since I did so well the first time.