Hello My Fello 26'rs ! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and everyone is feeling fantastic!  So far I have dropped 19 Lbs, and It's amazing how much my upper body is beginning to feel, and shape.  I can't wait to see me at week 12 and beyond!

I had my cheat day on Saturday, family reunion.  And so what I did? I prepared all Low fat salads! lol.. And I was concious.. Sure I ate but it was low fat, and I didn't go nuts!           

Finally, I didnt binge, or say its ok if its just today, and go crazy! 

Bill.. I am still Laughing at what your wife said!  And she is so right!

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead, it will be very busy for me, so I may not get on the computer until weekend. 


We all can do this .. " We Are What We Think"