Sorry to hear about your back. Please be very careful.As a massage therapist/p.t. tech for many years, I saw and treated many injuries and this is one of my biggest fears. Maybe it's my age too, but I had an injury during a past challenge and couldn't finish.I sooo don't want that again. I really want to finish this time.I had a sacral torsion doing squats. Ever since I am one squat away from re-injury. So I had to start this challenge with caution and be ever so careful and conscious of my form. That's why even though I am saying hooray on the inside for those who are hitting tens,I am working my way up to 100% capacity.Most days have been 100% but some days my body tells me different, and I listen.As much as I want to win this challenge, I especially want to be a winner for life.The training -for-life and eating-for-life are great guidelines for me, but they have to work for me, for life.Take care.


   I too love your wife's wisdom. It's so nice to get  a good laugh first thing in the morning along with these tidbits of wisdom. Tell her thanks.Last night I had a really hard time motivating myself for cardio.(I started yesterday @ 5am with housework, then my physical job, then a massage client, and then a workout.) My husband has a little different approach. He said " Get up on there and make like a rat." His method worked too, and I appreciate all the encouragement I can get.