Finished C1. Starting C2 on August 23rd. Anyone interested in starting with me?

  • Keep in mind Freshbach, this is my first go round!  YOU are the studette, having already completed one challenge and already onto another.  I have it easy compared to that.  It has been increasingly hard for me to stick to my diet.  The firehouse is literally a mecca dedicated to everything delicious and fattening.  Last duty day there were chocolate chip cookies, apple pie and cheesecake just sitting there.  I have to just stay out of the kitchen, otherwise, I would eat it all I am certain.

    I do think extra cardio is vital for me, I know my body well enough that as written I would not meet my goals without it.  As I said, I tend to focus on more longer duration, less intense workouts such as cycling 30 miles every other day instead of trying to reach a "10" on those days.  I would think falling off the wagon won't derail you just as long as during the week you toe the line.  I am impressed with everyone in this go round, I have read all the profiles and I am in good company.  

  • Nah, this is my first challenge too, that's a big reason why I'm so impressed!  I would think that when you're just starting it's easier to slip up and make mistakes.  After some experience, you iron out the kinks and have a set routine.  Still have to hand it to you on resisting all the temptation!  Sweets are my achilles!  I'm so thankful for our fellow challengers.  Having support/competition is the push we all need to do our best. =)

  • Hello everyone:

    I just came back from a five day vacation that was planned before my challenge. I was able to get my workouts in but failed in the eating department. I am not too upset because I knew I was going to have a bad five days prior to starting the challenge on the 23. Thats why I had no free days the first 2 weeks. The key for me is to get back on track, get that routine going, and stay there for the next 9 weeks.  

    Anyway glad to be back, best wishes

    Johnny B

  • Hello All!

    Had a great week with exercise but just so so with eating.  I do fine during the day while I'm at work but tend to fall apart when I get home, especially if it's later than originally planned.  I going dancing tonight with a friend (great way to burn some extra calories). Hopefully I"ll be able to get back on track this weekend...only 9 weeks left!

    Have a great weekend!

    Heather :)

  • Hey Everyone,

    Although work has been really unpredictable, I've not missed a workout and not strayed far from my diet plan.  The past couple days I have started to feel some changes.  Mostly feeling lighter and energetic.  I'm finally starting to adjust to the new lifestyle, and am really excited about the progress!  Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! =)

  • Hello everyone

    I hope you all made it through the weekend. So far so good. I had a poor week three due to vacation but the next nine weeks I should be running on all 8 cylinders. Plus 8 out of the next 9 weeks I am back on day shift… Hope you are all well… Off to do lower body….

    Johnny B

  • Hey everybody.  I'm questioning whether to continue the challenge.  I'm not recovering from the workouts as fast as I used to and am sick since yesterday.  I do go to the gym for LBWO, but don't think I can make it today.  Am I overtraining?  Has anyone else experienced flagging energy?  I hope it's just a bug and everyone is feeling/doing awesome!

  • Hi Freshbach

    Are you still having problems with your plantar fascitis? How is your diet? Are you following the book in regards to carbs and protein?  Please let me know. You sound like you have a good foundation as a runner and lifting weights. I am a runner also and have had major problems trying to get faster (due to squats) but I am finally getting over the muscle soreness. I have found that the six good meals with the high dosage of water a really helped me. I truly believe the book when it mentions that 70 percent of the battle is what and when you eat….

    Hang in there, if you have to, slow down on your exercise. Don’t quit!

    Johnny B

  • Hey Johnny B,

    Yes, I'm still dealing with the plantar fascitis.  I go to physical therapy in the mornings twice a week and am not up to running yet.  I can walk on incline on the treadmill, so my cardio is mostly on the stationary bike.  I'm feeling much better today.  I think you have a good point about the what/when you eat.  I wait too long between some meals and overall should drink more water.  I took yesterday off from the gym and will today too.  I'm not going to give up, but will rest up enough to recover from the bug I caught.  Thanks for the support!

  • Freshbach

    Glad to see you are going to hang in there! Ease back into it...

    Johnny B

  • I've been feeling tired and more worn-out than usual myself.  I have upped the weights (especially in my LB workout) so that may be one of the reasons, that and I'm back to work full time (teaching).  But I definitely don't have as much energy as I used to.  My eating is OK but not great and sometimes I wait too long to eat as well (especially if I get stuck in a meeting) so by the time I get home I'm STARVING!  I need to get back to the principles I was following in C1 where I had great success.  But it feels good to share what I'm going through with my BFL are a great support.

    Hoping for a better day!

    Heather :)

  • Well today is a milestone perhaps, only 60 more days!  For the last 24 days I have felt more energetic, lost weight, lost inches, and look more like my old self.  With that said, the next 60 days seem daunting.  It's football season, you know the drill, tail gating, parties to watch the games etc.  All of the foods that I really like, hanging out with friends and enjoying life.  It isn't that I cannot still do these things but it isn't fun drinking water and eating a salad when all of my friends are not.  I guess that is the crux of this plan, dedication.  To date, I have been very good following the plan, following the workouts and the eating plan.  Heather, it symptoms you describe sound like classic over training and of course skipping meals will tend to make you drag.  Hang in there, keep moving forward.  The sacrifices we have made on these past 24 days virtually obligate us to finish strong.  We owe it to ourselves to finish what we have started.  This support IS invaluable as it lets me see that others are also feeling much like myself.  You guys rock.

  • Testing

  • Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm finally getting over my cold.  I feel good, but am still a bit congested.  But, I'm going back to the gym for the first time in a week.  Really looking forward to UBWO tonight!  How's everyone doing?

  • I hope everyone is doing well. The first month I went from 21% body fat down to 15%. So far so good! Are you guys still here? How about a roll call?

    Johnny B