Finished C1. Starting C2 on August 23rd. Anyone interested in starting with me?

  • Dear Cory:

    Thanks for the links!  I will definitely check them out!


  • Thanks for the reports Johnny B!  I've been using them too, but should have been saving them on the computer like you did.  I took out half the rainforest by printing them and making a binder. :-[

    To all:  I find the exercises from the BFL book limiting and wanted to incorporate some others.  Specific question, can I use squats as my main quads move even though it works the entire lower body?  E.g.  standard squats for main quad exercise and sumo squats for high point exercise?

  • Hi Firewalker.  We feel compelled to tell you to be careful and have your doctor check out your pin.  It's better to be careful and healthy and be able to finish and get to your goal!  Injuries can sideline a great Body-for-LIFE challenge!


    From the Body-for-LIFE Team

  • HEY JASON, congrats great job, proud of you, im starting on the 3rd, but will try and keep tabs on you, and encourage you on this thread, keep up the good work,



  • Good to hear from you Robert. I hope your settled in FL. You've also made great progress. Ill look forward to your completion in C2!

  • hey if you want to email me its k,, and no its not an open invitation to the whole bfl team lol

  • Thanks Sherri!  I actually spoke to my doctor who stated "no worries" that it wasn't a pin coming out.  He had no concerns with me continuing the program.  It only tends to hurt when I do shoulder flies so I will supplement my shoulder work with another exercise.  Thank you so much for looking out for us though!!

    See...BFL really does ROCK!

  • Hey gang regarding the forms no problem. Cory, it’s OK. I am a cop in Florida (West Coast) and tonight is my last night shift for 2 months!!!! Actually it’s probably easier to work-out when I am working nights. However, I have a hard time eating the six meals when I am on night shift but I am off. That’s because I tend to go to sleep earlier.

    Johnny B

  • Good morning!

    I just got back from the gym. It was an upper body day and my arms still feel a little "rubbery."  I tried some of the ab exercises from the web sites.  They seemed to work.  I could really feel the burn!  Hoping to get through the (long) weekend!  I had a good exercise week but once again my eating had its ups and downs!  I need to get it together!

    Have a great weekend and let's get ready for week 3!

    Heather :)

  • Well done, Heather!  I'm on way to the gym too once breakfast has digested a little longer.  I can't workout on an empty stomach, I get dizzy.  I know what you mean about the diet having it's ups and downs.  I had a perfect day on Thursday, yesterday I slacked a bit, and I know the holiday weekend with family will be a real challenge.  Even though I feel really energetic when I stick with it, it's really hard to get around the social gatherings with food!  Especially when family is not supportive.  I'm so thankful for a community of supporters, lets all keep up the good work!!!

  • Freshbach:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!  I really enjoy my morning workouts at the gym (my husband calls the gym my second home). I am having a MUCH better eating day so far.  You are right about having a community of supporters, although I am lucky to also have the support of my family and friends (even my teenage son watches out for me and says things like, "Mom, are you sure you should be eating that?").  Good lock over the rest of the long weekend.  I'm thankful we don't really have any plans.  That should make things a little easier!

    Hope you have a great weekend!  Looking forward to a more productive Week 3!

    Heather :)

  • Hey everyone!  Hope your holiday weekend is going well.  I completed my workout yesterday and played Wii Fit with my sister today (totally recommend it as off day light exercise).  Little rocky with the diet, but am getting back on track.  I got the BFL Challenger's book.  It's really great to remind yourself of your goals and help to motivate you to stay the course.  Some food for thought: the book has a quote, "change your mind, change your life".  That really does sum up the whole challenge.  It's not just deciding to change your life and your body, you really do have to CHANGE your mind, how you think.  Congrats to everyone for staying the course!  Perhaps the hardest exercises we do are in mental toughness! =)

  • Good morning!

    Freshbach-you make some very good points and I totally agree with the quote you wrote (about the mind change).   I have the Wii Fit as really is a lot of fun, and a good workout (especially the boxing and hula hooping...I really break a sweat).  I am actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow (back to a set routine...although I have Thursday and Friday off ...Jewish holiday).

    Have a great week 3 everyone!  Time is going by!


  • Well here we are,  69 days away from the end!  So far for me I am still really liking this lifestyle.  In the first 3 weeks I have lost fat, gained muscle and look and most importantly feel better than I have in years.  I do spend a lot of time doing extra cardio but again, I make sure not to over do it and only do the HITT two or three times a week.  I probably should eat more but still fine tuning that part.  Had my first cheat day in 3 weeks and boy did I cheat.  I am talking sushi (yum), beer, more beer. was really really good.  Especially the sushi, which really isn't cheating but the mass quantities clearly was over the top!  No regrets, I start this week still focused and dedicated to this goal.  I hope everyone on this challenge is also fighting the good fight!  I wish all of you great success!  Remember, only 69 more days!

  • You're a tough act to follow, Firewalker!  Major props for your dedication.  

    I fell off the wagon periodically this past weekend, but with the start of the work week I have structure on my side.  I'm glad someone is keeping track of the days, it gives me a deadline to keep my eye on!  I'm going to try to up my cardio to speed up my progress.