Finished C1. Starting C2 on August 23rd. Anyone interested in starting with me?

  • Despite having an "off" eating week, I still managed to lose 2 pounds (which was my goal anyway).  I am looking forward to a much better week (being back to work should help...I do much better with structure and routine...not to mention I'm constantly on my feet).

    As for social events, I try to eat a little something before I go so I'm not starving when I get there.  Usually there are at least a couple of foods I can eat.  I've also brought my own food just in case...and no one really seems to care, in fact most people are understanding and supportive.

    Have a great day and let's get ready for week 2!

    Heather :)

  • Ridshack,

    Thanks for all the links you posted!  Very helpful/motivational!  

    My weekend didn't go exactly as planned.  I completed my workouts but had a bunch of social events.  This week is off to a bit of a rocky start as well.  Looking forward to LBWO!  I think once I hit the gym I'll bet back on track...

  • Week 1 down and week 2 on its way. I also overdid it. I ended up having some alcoholic drinks which are high in calories. I still managed to drop 1.5 pounds. Ive been on the edge of a sore/healthy knee and to make up for the extra calories I added more to the end of my HIIT... Ive been stuck at 6.5 mph due to my heart rate being so high but I had a bit more in me on saturday and pushed it to 7.0 on my last extra set. Felt very good. But it made my knee extra sore. The pain of just walking went away in one evening but playing with my son I did some jumping to get a ball out a tree. Good news, I got the ball out of the tree. Bad news, my knee has been the most sore that Ive ever experienced. So I think I will drop back to the exercise bike for the next few cardios. I feel I get much more out of the run, so Ill be looking forward to getting back to it.

    FYI, its not about being perfect but it is about being persistent! Keep up the good fight.

  • Great to hear that you guys have lost weight already.  I have been a cardio fool and have been following the diet to the letter and so far I haven't lost any weight.  However, I think my clothes might fit a bit better and my energy is through the roof so no complaints.  Ridshack, I am feeling you on the sore knee issue, I had shoulder surgery and while lifting weights today I think one of the pins that were in my humerus may have pulled out.  Nice.  So now I have wicked pain anytime I jolt the shoulder.  I still finished my workout and ran 4 miles after.  Hopefully the pain will subside, I have no plans to get it fixed as long as it doesn't get worse.  

    I like this program, I feel better one week in, stronger, faster, better.  I am intrigued as to just how I will feel at the end of 12 weeks.  Really looking forward to getting there.  I know none of you are counting but just in case, 77 days left!

  • Yea who is counting firewalker!

    (76 days)

  • Morning Everyone - I have a confession to make,  =(  I didn't start last Monday like I had hoped, mostly due to the lack of planning - as Mike Harris said if you don't have determination and planning you won't make it very far - I am happy to report, though, that as of 5:10 this morning I was in the gym on the bike - I am here and ready for action =).

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • Way to get back on track, Cory!  Keep it up!  I fell off the wagon this past weekend, but am now back on course.  Little sore from LBWO and some extra credit cardio on the treadmill yesterday.  I'm really tired today, so I think I need to make sure I get to bed earlier so my body has time to recoup.  Going to throw in more cardio today too to catch up from the weekend. =)

  • Thanks Freshbach.  Just read your bio, have you fully recovered from your injury?  Talk about tired, I am sitting here and if I had anything in front of me I think my face would be laying in it LOL.......I am whooped, I think early to bed tonight is in store for me, the alarm went off at 4:40, I had high hopes of being in the gym by 5:00 but will take 5:10  =)  

    Be careful to not "overtrain"  if you are interested I will post an article or I can "friend" you and send it to you that way or both  =)

    Have a great one, and "way to go!!!!!!!!  keep up the good work".

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  • Welcome back Cory!

    Planning is everything. I try to plan each weeks meals one week in advance. I jot it down on a note pad then when I am finished I type it in the meal planner which I down loaded from the tools section on this web page. Then I three hole punch it and it goes into my binder. At the begining of the week I make my shopping list and purchase the items I need. I find that taking that 1 hour to plan really makes thinks easier.


  • John - I am a planner and you are my kinda guy =)   Love your idea I didn't know there was a tool to help me though I have been typing everything into my Excel program - can you post the link for the meal planner?  Thanks much.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • Hey Cory,

    I'm not fully recovered from my injury yet.  I met with the sports medicine doctor yesterday and was told I can start a walk/run program if all goes well in the next month.  I've been using the bike at the gym and walking on incline on the treadmill.  I'd really like to see the article!  I'm not too worried about overtraining, but any extra info is surely appreciated.


    Did you say that meal planner is on the BFL website in the tools section?  I want to check it out.

  • Fresbach here is the article.  Good luck on your recovery, take it easy - i know sometimes that is the hardest part of it all.  =)

    OVERTRAINING! It's More Serious Than You Might Think

    Mike Harris 1/8/08

    It's about the 5th most common reason that people fail out of a body for life challenge, but none is more devastating to the trainee than suffering from overtraining effect. It can take literally months to recover enough to get competitive again, and in some cases can result in other complications.

    WHAT IS IT? Overtraining syndrome is REAL. And it is much more than just getting tired after a workout or a week of hard work. It is the collection of chronic physical problems that comes from a lengthy period during which the trainee exceeds the body's ability to recover. Without adequate recovery time and nourishment, the body simply deteriorates rather than gets better.  

    HOW DOES IT LOOK? The classic symptoms of overtraining include: fatigue ( I call it the "swimming in glue" feeling), non-restorative sleep or inability to sleep, muscle aches and pains that don't go away, headaches, irritability and depression, loss of desire, depressed immune system causing constant colds and other illnesses, and even increased incidences of injuries. Other common symptoms include increased heart rate at rest, and soft tissue swelling due to water retention. Other diseases, especially auto-immune type things like fibromyalgia, or rheumatoid problems can really get fired up during an episode of overtraining as well.

    WHAT CAUSES IT? In BFL trainees, the most common cause of overtraining syndrome is excessive cardio and excessive anerobic activity unrelated to the regular BFL routine. Examples? Doing cardio every day for 30 minutes or more, kick-boxing classes every other night, spinning classes in addition to cardio, PUMP classes every other night. The list of possibles is endless, but essentially the BFL routine by itself will not cause overtraining effect. Another thing that causes overtraining  to happen quicker than it otherwise would is dietary deficiency--starving yourself or eating fewer meals than necessary. In essence, being in too big a hurry to get fit again will result in overtraining syndrome.

    HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?  It depends on how far along it has gotten before action is taken. It may be as simple as just taking a few extra days off, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping in for a few days. It may and often does require several weeks of rest from regular physical activity and increasing the diet needs, especially low glycemic carbohdydrates to help the body heal.

    HOW TO AVOID IT? Do your challenge by the book. Resist the temptation to take the quick fix, or to invent your own version of Body for Life. Above all, be reasonable in the amounts and types of activity you engage in during your training times. I'm not saying you can't go for walks or play an occasional soccer or golf game--I'm talking about other strenuous activities.

    Above all, remember that the other exercises you really want to do--they'll still be there when you finish your challenge. AND, you'll be in shape to do them as well!

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  • Hey Gang

    Sorry it took so long to get back, I work from six at night till six in the morning... Here is the link to the BFL meal plan:   If the link does not work do the following:

    Scroll up to the top of this page and look for library. Click that.

    When you get there, click tools.

    Then click progress reports

    then click *msexcel spread sheet (meals)

    I saved this page to my desk top and created a BFL folder. That way I can save each day in it. A major benifit to doing this is that if I run into a jam or get lazy I can change the date on the meals and have the day or week already planned!

    I also use the work out spread sheets.

    Last but least there is an old saying: The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare...

    Don't stop...never quit

    Johnny B

  • Good morning!

    I got confirmation yesterday that my entry for C1 was received (that was a big load off my mind).  This week is going MUCH better!  Just need to get through the weekend.

    Does anybody have any good  "ab workouts" they do?  I looked at and have the ones in the book.  I also have tried the machines at the gym, but they don't feel like they're doing much.

    Just wondering!


    Heather :)

  • Good Morning Everyone!!  Cannot believe that it is already Thursday and the beginning of September.  The kids went back to school this week  =(  I hate the school year, it is hectic and full of hustle and bustle and I feel like I never get to see my kids as they are going in every direction - I LOVE summer though, nice quiet and I get my kids all to myself, no sharing with the school system - LOL  my husband said I should homeschool the kids - I was like "Yah if you want them to be dummer than dirt"  LOL    

    John  Thank you so much for the link I will check it out today, being at work for the greater part of the day it's like if it's on my computer and I can plug at it here and there it makes life so much easier than finding time when I get home at the end of the day, I trade one job for another =)       Where do you work John?  If you don't mind me asking.

    Heather here are 2 links to some pretty good sites for exercises, you can check them out and see if you find anything you like.  I like the exrx site the best - hope it helps.

    Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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