Finished C1. Starting C2 on August 23rd. Anyone interested in starting with me?

  • Hey Cory,

    Do you think that the edge might have been from the Betagen?  I think the creatine in Betagen is supposed to aid in recovery post workout and also help build muscle mass.  I started taking creatine post workout and have noticed a difference in my strength and muscle definition.

  • smms: just saw this before I log off. DebMO drinks her whey shake following strength days to get that whey straight to the muscles to start their repairs, and on cardio days she eats oatmeal with eggs. Check HER out and tell me she doesnt know what shes doing. :)

  • freshbach - there is every possibility that it may be one or the other or maybe a combination of the two but if I had to pick only one to use and had to let one go I would definietly keep the RTD Shake.

    Like Legs said you should see DebMO (you can catch her on the BFL Coffee Crew thread - awesome thread by the way) she looks fabulous.  

    In the end it is a matter of finding what works for you and doing it.  Based on the "labels" though I like what the RTD Shake offers post WO.   OH and the only reason I do the RTD shake and not the powder in the morning is again if I get home and haven't done my shake before I get involved with getting kids ready for the day and my household taken care of and before you know it an hour has gone by then I am thinking about my meal - if I do another shake in the afternoon, which sometimes I do mixed with water and frozen strawberries and ran through the bullet then I use the protein powder - all around I think it just makes a big difference.

    Have a great day everyone.

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  • I just bought a bunch of the Myoplex lite bars.  Has anyone had great success using those?  

  • I used them on my first challenge for the first month but couldn't understand why I kept experiencing heartburn by 5pm.  I posted the question about heartburn and then was perusing through the boards and found a number of  comments that these are better left for emergencies (when you are in a fix and need a meal replacement option that is clean) only and not become a consistent part of your daily meal plan - I can only speak for me and that is when I stopped eating them regularly, as 1 of my meals, my heartburn went away.   I was eating the Myoplex Lite Chocolate Chocolate Crisp - it was like a candy bar for me - yummmm   =)

    If you are curoius what people were saying about them you can always use the search engine to pull up the threads that talked about them - very helpful tool.

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    Not in BFL challenge currently

  • I hope every ones week 1 is coming along well. For those of you who are doing your first challenge here is some reading for you. I highly recommend EVERYONE read through this.

  • Freshbach:

    I have used the Myoplex Lite bars (Choc PB is my favorite).  I did not  experience any problems.  I  had one about every other day (usually after my workout using weights).  My husband uses them too and I have not heard him say anything about heartburn.  They are good for emergency situations and for when I would travel....and they taste good too!

    This is just my experience.  Everyone is different so just do what is right for you!

    Heather :)

  • Ridshack:

    Thanks for the article.

    I have had a tough time getting going this week.  I'm hoping the rest of the week goes much better.  Next week school (work) starts so hopefully being back in a routine will help.  I don't want to undo all the progress I made in C1!

    Thanks again!

    Heather :)

  • Hang in there Heather (-:

    Another neat thing I ran across and wanted to share. This is Clark Bartram who gained weight to go through a twelve week challenge. I found it cool and inspiring.


    I found the image here.



  • OMG slipped up big time last evening @ work.

    I went into work early and didn't pack enough authorized foods.

    Indulged in a piece of cake (not sure why) than another slice; afterwards 2 brownies

    Its like I couldn't satisfy that choc. craving.

    Why is that?

    ps back on course today:)

  • I've had days like that myself Kitty33...including the chocolate cravings.  I am back on track today as well.  Hopefully it will continue!  

    Have a great weekend!


  • I loose a little self control every now and again also. Once Ive let a go a little I tend to let go a bit more then I should.  Tuesday I opened one of the very small bags of Cheese-ITs that ultimately turned in to three small bags of cheese-its and for good measure three little chocolate woppers (-: Just get yourself back on track and keeeep going!

  • So far so good!  Free day today but instead of taking it I cycled 30 miles!  I am excited that the first week is almost in the books.  79 more days but who is counting?  Ha.  I feel great and  so much healthier eating this way.  I can see myself doing this much longer than just for a 12 week challenge.  If I do over consume or eat something I shouldn't have I simply erase those calories by running or cycling.  It takes work but it makes up for lapses in will power.  Everything that goes into my mouth can be undone by burning those calories off.  So there is never a failure, only extra work if I slip.  I like that, it serves as a form of punishment and reminds me to follow the plan!  

    I am digging this program.  I hope everyone's first week went well.  Keep going....

  • Way to go Firewalker!

    I am digging this program too. I work 12 hour shifts and I love walking into work with the biggest lunch bag arround. I am a runner and doing squats have about killed me!

  • Wow!  Sounds like you guys are doing really great!  Question: How do you handle eating clean at social events?  I've had a bunch of them lately and have been struggling to keep it clean.  Any suggestions?