Finished C1. Starting C2 on August 23rd. Anyone interested in starting with me?

  • Sorry I could not reply sooner... Iam done... Worked great. I went down to 9 percent body fat from 21 percent. My last week was tough because of injuries to my shoulder and knee. Both are better now. I am going to do this again just after the holidays. I am not going to stop working out though. How did you do?  

  • I'm finishing up tomorrow. My results aren't nearly as good as I had hoped, but I am pleased with them nonetheless. I just didn't lose as much body fat as I wanted to. I'm pretty happy with my size though. Everyone I work with tells me not to lose any more weight. They like me better when I'm a little thick I guess. We'll just have to see what the next challenge brings! Thanks for checking in!

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