Sorry I have been awol for a week. I really look forward to this forum. Started a new job last week as a special ed instructional asst. Very busy, very draining. Been working out pushing wheelchairs up and down hills and chasing teenagers, so it is really hard (after a year of not working) to feel up to a workout when I get home.I'm missing my mid morning meal because I can't just walk away from these kids.Other than that I've been doing pretty good.Not 110% like I had intended though. Success was disappointing for week 3, but I made the same mistake of getting on the scales. I know I have cut my calorie intake at least by half and have only missed one workout( the day I was pushing wheelchair up and down hills all day).Keep at it everybody. I'm not going to give up.Just wish my routine would settle down so I could work in more forum. This is most important aspect for me, the mental part.Been reading posts, thanks.