Starting August 16th--Care to join me?

  • BDMom!!! All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! Its amazing. You look so incredible. Ok, my jaw dropped. I think you have an awesome chance at this. I bet the other pics for your hubby are pretty good too :)

    So very proud of you....

  • Damage, I know we are so hard on ourselves all the time. Your pictures DO show many changes in the right direction.  Your midsection has shrunken significantly. More than anything, be proud of what you have accomplished and learn from mistakes to adjust C2.  This C1 will light a fire and C2 would be even better. Trust yourself but if you dont trust me :)

  • BDMom,

    Whoa - I couldn't believe your pics, you're lean and muscular all over!  You'll serve as an inspiration to thousands who are just getting started at this site.  I think your results are stunning, aided by not being very overweight to begin with....but stunning nonetheless.  Congratulations.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • BDmom-Big WOW and a holey moley!~ The thing I really think is cool, is that you didn't have much weight to lose (since you already look so good)-but that makes it more difficult to see results and YOU CAN see results.  Your pictures are such an inspiration.  Very cool that you had them done professionally ( to always look back upon) great job!

  • Good evening BFL Warriors!!

    GroceryGirl - It feels GREAT to be finished!  It is just awesome!  I was very proud of myself this morning.

    BDMom - I plan on putting my packet together & mailing by Friday.  I will have to check the final due date on this website to ensure that I get it there on time.  OH YEAH - You look totally stunning and amazing.... just like I knew you would.  Congratulations.

    Group - I have posted my final pics on my profile.  Please let me know which ones (Right or Left) on my front and back shots that you think I should submit.  My wife took a dozen or so & I plan on printing them all then choosing from there.  However, I liked these 2 the best on the camera & wanted your all's input.

    I rocked my last cardio this morning, hit some quick exercises to get the muscles going, came home, Pam'd up (Butter flavor), and had my wife take pics.  My boys were totally pumped & very proud of their daddy.  It truly was a family experience.  My wife finally asked me to give her some input on her meal plans so she can play along in C-2.  I think it will really help her feel better & increase her confidence.  She has already gained confidence just from hitting 2 weeks on the elliptical I surprised her with (Bench & Free weights are next).

    Thanks to everybody for their help, I am looking forward to C-2 AFTER a week of AR.

    I will now be posting on the BFL Warrior Thread but still check in here daily to cheer Michelle through to the finish - GO MICHELLE!

  • Good morning warriors-

    BDMom- Your pics are amazing as well. You should be proud of your dedication and the excellent changes you have made. I know you are ecstatic. Great job

    Staats- Wow man, you hit a homerun too. We are ready to go to battle for sure. I really see definition all over. Hard work pays off in many ways other than just outer appearance.

    To both of you- Your results are definately an inspiration to me. You both started of with relatively little weight to lose, but you made drastic changes to body composition. You both will be my driving force next challenge. I feel good at my current weight, but need to really transform at cut fat while maintaining my weight. AWESOME RESULTS.

    I would like to say that us guys were lucky to find this group of strong women. When I first signed on, I told Parson, I have found a group but I think I am the only guy in it. That was not a bad thing at all, but I have always worked out with guys and it was different. All of you ladies have taught me so much about dedication, determination and just plain ol hard work. The support you have given is out of sight. Thank you all for that.

    We have one more Warrior to bring home, lets all keep on rooting on Michelle and our little bfl family will celebrate as a whole.

    Michelle,- give me an extra rep, run a little faster, drink your water. . . Look ahead, we are all cheering you on down to the finish line. COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Cuervo,

    I agree.  These women are inspirational, kind, loyal, hard working, & just fantastic.  They are genuine & extremely supportive.  Thanks to all the ladies.

    Michelle - Recon scouts leave NO ONE behind.  I am waiting & cheering you on girl with the rest of the BFL Warriors.  You can do it.  Enjoy your free day, drink lots of water, and get lots of rest today.  Then SPRINT on home this week.

    Everyone - Have a great Sunday!

  • First of all....Staats....congrats on finishing.  Your pics are fabulouse; those abs are amazing!!!  You s/b so incredibly proud.  I personally like the ones to the right for a few reasons....the lighting is better, so your muscle definition looks better, and more of your body is showing.  They like to see as much of a full body shot as possible.  Butter flavor...really?  Ha!!!  Hope you enjoyed your dinner out with your family, and that you showered before you left....

    Cuervo:  Wiping eyes since I am tearing up reading your post.  You men are incredible as well.  I just think the dynamics of this group is beyond amazing.  We all have so many things to contribute and are all so different, but have the same goals/ambitions in sight, etc....

    Michelle:  How are you doing today?  Are you enjoying your free day, and ready to knock it out of the park this coming week?  We are cheering you on!!!  Go girl!

    Grocery...awww..thanks.  I don't think I already looked good, or I wouldn't have done this.  I had steadily started gaining weight and really didn't like the way I felt.  I am not very tall (5'4"), so even a few pounds shows quickly on me.  The professional photos was a good experience for me; I got to be a model for a day.  It ended up being pretty fun.

    Jacium:  Thanks.  I wasn't sure what type of results I'd get starting this challenge.   But, I am one who likes to finish what I start.  I didn't want to ever wonder where I would have been if I hadn't given it my all.  Thanks for your continued support to our group.  You insight has been invaluable.

    2Conquer:  Thank you so much for your kind words.  I don't want to sound negative about not winning, but if you look at past winners, so many of them went from a heavier weight then I did and trimmed down to look fabulous.  Plus, it seems like all the winnners have rags to riches stories, and I don't.  I may be healthier & happier, but I was always healthy and happy.....we'll see.  Keep me posted on your workouts this week; we'll compare notes.

    Thank you all for your kind words....I couldn't wait to share the pics with my second "family."


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks to many of you for helping me to see what I couldn't initially see.  Now that I'm being honest to myself I can see some changes in my face, neck, abdomen, and legs.  

    BDMom, bravo on the pics.  You look amazing.  You should be so proud of yourself.  Plus, when the kids grow up you may have a modeling career in your future.  How did your dh like the pics?

    Staats, those pics are crazy.  You totally transformed your body.  Good for you.  What more do you have to accomplish for C2?

    I echo both Cuervo's and Staats statements, you women have been so great.  My wife was reading some of your profiles and I think it helped her to see women have so much success with this.

    One more Warrior passed the finish line, one left to go.  Come on Michelle, you can do it.  This is your last week.  Just 6 more days, time to kick it up a notch.  

  • Staats those are great pictures! they show your efforts. I agree with BDmom about the ones on the right.  Enjoy your AR.

    Michelle-thinking of you and cheering you on as you finish strong!

  • Congratulations Warriors!  I am proud to be traveling this journey alongside all of you...might even need to request some autographs from some of you candidates up for the crown!!!  I told my husband I cannot wait for 11/22 to GET GOING!!!!  I am going to download a packet, take the photos, keep the product receipts because now I  know I can do it!  All of your transformations are beautiful and it has been an exciting time watching the changes physically, but also the internal changes within all of us!  Thank so much, I am so blessed to be a part of this BFL journey with you.  xo

  • Good morning, 816ers! It's gonna feel weird to say 11-22ers! In our hearts, we're always gonna be 816ers...

    I'm just checking in really quick before getting a running start on my Monday. My Monday actually started Friday when my boss emailed me at home to get a hold of some people to set up an important meeting for later this afternoon. Since Friday, I've known that today was going to be filled with running around, getting things together, one big wild goose chase! So I'm going to get in a little early and hit the ground running.

    I was waaaayyy under the radar yesterday after an overindulgent Saturday. I won't go into details, just because I don't want to think about them. Suffice it to say I got what I deserved! Lots of water and sleep for me yesterday. Clean, clean, clean eating (and drinking) today. I haven't decided about the gym later. It might be nice to just go and poke around again without a plan like I did on Saturday.

    Michelle, my thoughts are with you and I hope you're well and staying strong and focused! Check in and let us know how you're doing! We want to hear from you!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Good Morning!

    Saats, Amazing. Those are some serious abs. What an amazing difference from Week 1. To be honest, all the pictures are good so you cant go wrong with any. Your always positive attitude and commitment to your family is a source of great inspiration to me. I look forward to your words of encouragement as we continue in the journey!

    Michelle, Check in!! Hope you are feeling ok. We are not letting up on you so you dont let up on yourself!!!

    Have a great day!

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    AR is nice.  I ate freely this weekend & slept in today.  It was kind of nice.  I plan on doing it all week & then gear up to go again next week.  

    Thanks for all the positive feedback.  You guys & gals are great.  I am going to print off all the pics today & try to get my packet in by Wednesday.

    For the next challenge I plan on using cardio days to train for Half Marathon & below racing.  I plan on using meal planning and weight days to gain mass.  My goals this next challenge will be very specific to maintaining body fat and gain muscle measured by weight increase & measurements.

    Michelle - Where are you little sister?  I hope you had a great weekend.  Only 6 days to go.  Stay focused and determined this week.  You can do it!

  • Hey Everybody...I'm still here LOL!  I was out of town for the weekend and very busy.

    I went through and checked out all of the updated pics and WOW WOW...everyone has done a great job.  I mean everyone!!!  Sorry I don't have time to go through one x one and call out all of the great stuff this group has accomplished.  We are WARRIORS!

    I'm starting back today in the gym.  I will officially kick the challenge off next week, but I am using this week to do a trial run of a tweaked workout routine for this challenge.

    Have a great day everyone!!!