Starting August 16th--Care to join me?

  • Waiting until the 16th will give me a chance to put everything in place before I begin. I am a chaperone for my son's trip to Washington D.C. in mid-October, so that will give me 8 weeks to make some significant progress. I am hoping to be in fairly good shape by then.   It will also have me finishing the Challenge just before Thanksgiving.

    I would love to have some people with whom I can go through the Challenge.  I am committed to make a change for the better and I am more than willing to be your cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, or drill sergeant, depending on what you need at the time :)  Let's do it!!

  • I am right there with you, Susan.  I am starting on Monday as well.  Let's motivate and encourage one another through this.  Try to take a minue to fill out your profile, so we can learn a little more about you.  I just did mine tonite.  Good luck!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi, ladies! I'm a newbie in here and I'd like to start on the 16th as well. The support and camaraderie I've seen here will be very helpful. This eating plan is different than what I am used to. However, eating six times a day is something I've been doing for the better part of the past 15 months. I am using this week to acclimate myself to the correct food combinations at each meal.

    Are we ready?

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Hi ladies.  I would love to join you on this journey.  I started this morning.  I think having a group of cheerleaders and supports (and the occassional drill sergeant too), will be a great help.

    Here's to hard work and success!


  • Hi There!  I'm in too!  

    I've been working out on my own and eating right without any real goal and I just found an email from BFL and followed it to see if anything new was happening.  I found all of you and would love to have a group to support and be supported by.  I'll work on creating some goals and making a plan so I can start with you on the 16th.  Is everyone doing only an 8 week instead of a 12 week plan?  I really look forward to getting to know everyone!

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the original poster just meant she had 8 weeks until her trip. I know I plan on at least ONE full 12-week Challenge!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • Excellent - 12 weeks it is!

  • I am also in for the full 12 weeks.


  • I would love to join the group!  I will also start on the 16th.  This should help keep me motivated.  Look forward to sharing the ups and downs.  I'[m preparing myself now, cleaning out the cupboards and fridge. Its time!!  

  • would love to but I am going to be the one who won't lose much but will give it a try.

  • Ladies!! (I assume you are all ladies ).  I AM SO PSYCHED!!!  I had hoped for a few fellow BFLers, but this is fantastic!!  I am further motivated by my trip to the pool today with my son.  I am definitely ready for a change :)  I am working on my bio and I wrote my affirmation statements this afternoon, which I will post soon.

    So here is my first bit of advise:  I used visualization when I was sitting for the last section of the CPA exam (my second attempt).  I visualized myself answering the many questions with ease, remembering all of the testing tips I had learned, and finding a passing score on the website.  I also did some self-talk in the waiting room (people were staring, but I didn't care).  Then I found out on christmas Eve 2007 that I had passed the final section of the exam!  VISUALIZATION WORKS!!

  • YOU CAN DO IT!!!  Only you can make it happen.  Make the commitment to make the change!!

  • where is the bio part at

  • @ Dontazz 2003: If you click on your own screen name, you can edit your profile. That's how I found it, anyway!

    So glad to see so many on board to begin together!

    SusanC, I agree about visualization. While I was losing my last 50, I went to sleep every night picturing myself playing with my little girl, at my goal weight, doing fun things I'd previously only imagined. It was great for my motivation!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.

  • ok I have a profile but see no bio area  so guess it is done