CLA: how often to take...

  • Hello everyone!


    Things are going great in my C2W6D1 challenge!!  

    CLA question: my bottle says to take 2 pills twice a day but on this site I see comments suggesting to take CLA 3 times a day.  Could someone please clarify the correct dosage and times of day to take it??/ I don't want to take too much and add too much fat if indeed it is a fat.



  • I use the EAS brand and take 2 capsules 3 times per day.

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  • everything i have read suggests at least 3000mg (to 4000mg), so your dose will depend on the strength of your capsules.  mine are 1000mg capsules so i take 1 capsule 3x a day.

  • I do as the Champster09 and I'll add you should take with your meals.

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  • Sharon-Have missed you and your little guy pumping iron!! How have you been??  Will be sending pics soon for my 2nd challenge!! :0)

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  • It's been crazy busy lately.  I can't even sneak a peek during the day.  I'm on for a bit then I'm hitting the bed.  No problem as always working your photos for you. :-)

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  • I have been taking (when I remember to) Fish Oil 3x a day. After talking with my bud DebbieMO, I am considering taking CLA. My dilemma is -

     -is either one superior or work better for one body type than another?

     -would it be beneficial for me to take both supplements?

    I currently take Betagen 3x a day as well.

    I appreciate any advice or experience with the above.

  • My bud, Legs asked a great question, should we take CLA and fish oil or just one of them? I'm taking Betagen as well, and want to really focus on fat loss this challenge.

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  • I would also love to know the scoop on this issue of, if you take CLA, is it also a good idea or even necessary to take the fish oil? Are we looking for the omega-3 oor omega-6?? AND, if I have salmon 3 times a week, should I even take fish oil pills??/


    TThanks for any input!



  • Thanks to me friend Jessica Mighty Max, I went out and bought some CLA. I will start taking it with my next meal. I believe it can be taken 3x a day along with Fish oil 3x a day as this doesnt come close to the 20% good fats we should be ingesting.

    The brand I was able to get is called Nature's Bounty, which probably means nothing to you all in the USA, I just thought I'd mention it. I am told CLA is CLA as long as it is from a reputable company. I trusted the store owner. I cant wait to get into the city to get the EAS stuff.

    Well, we'll see what it does for me I guess. I am leary of eating fat. WHO DOES THAT! lol. But I also have come to respect Jessica in more ways than one and that's all I need to know.

  • I also remember her telling me to take the fish oil with the LAST 3 meals of my day and NOT around workout meals because (and I think I remember this right) you dont want the FO to stall fat loss after your HIIT or workout. So depending on when you workout....just be aware of that.

  • Good info.. Was on way to store today as well for it, but figured I'd wait for th Q's to be answered here..

    I'm taking Omega already, now will also go get me CLA

    Thanks for the info :)


  • CHIPSTER- I just remembered, and dang it, I cant find the post of Jessicas in my pile - there is a note at the bottom of it that says people on blood thinners should talk to their Dr. before taking supplements. Just so ya know. Just in case.

  • Thanks for the info. At this point, I think I'm safe... Only thing running through my veins is water with the amount I'm now drinking :) no need to thin that out LOL :)