What is your preferred method for increasing muscle mass in weight training?

  • Hey everyone, 

    My goal in the Body-for-Life challenge is, in terms of appearance, to bulk up and then shred down to a low body fat percentage. 

    What techniques would you recommend in weight training and nutrition to increase the propensity for increase muscle development?

    Traditionally my short history of weight training has employed explosive training pushing or lifting weights in an explosive (controlled) motion then slowly (controlled) returning to the starting position. I was told this would develop muscle that is more 'dense' with closer-knit muscle fibers, and would assist in explosive motor-reflexes for martial arts (which I used to train in as an instructor of TKD and Karate). My build is athletic but due to a sedentary lifestyle and most exercise being cardio-based, my muscles ~ mainly arms and shoulders aren't as developed as I would like. 

    Thanks for your help and keep striving to better yourselves!

    Simon A.K.A. Danarus

  • Just follow the program as mentioned in the book. Maybe do the high rep set explosive and the low rep sets very slow and controlled. Also, protein will be your friend.


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  • The type of lifting program BFL is is one designed to add mass (build muscle as fast as possible) the stacking to lower reps higher weights does that.  As far as the TEMPO of lifting it is a controlled lift and a slow controlled descent (to the four count cadence on the second half of the movement)

  • Great! That sounds like what I have been doing! (only in my 1st week).

    My mate who just finished his first challenge recommended to do as instructed and time each rep so you can say "I'm building a body-for-life" during the lifting motion. It felt like a good work out, and I avoided flaring up an old shoulder injury as well.

    Thanks for the info guys.

  • Your diet will make the biggest difference in your training. Especially your post workout meal. Within 30 minutes of your workout it is important to ingest a whey protein shake and some simple carbs. This is the only time you want to eat simple sugary carbs. The rest of the day you want to eat low glycemic carbs. After my workouts I add 2 scoops of powder gatorade along with creatine and glutamine with cold water. Powder gatorade contains dextrose which is a fast digesting carb which your muscles require after an intense workout. This drink....along with my protein shake is a great post workout meal and will aid in building muscle mass.

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