August 9, 2010 Group!

  • I really appreciate everyone sharing their thoughts and achievements.  I can tell Team 8 9 10 is going to do great things.


  • Hello everyone! I am feeling fabulous and actually felt like CRAP on my free day. (I think that is kind of the point.)  I haven't had as much success as the rest of you as far and poundage. (I will attribute that to my "lady issues", sorry guys)

    BUT....I am eating the most yummy lunch right now. Wanna know what it is?

    1/2 c. Brown rice (I pre cooked a TON of it, so it was easy.)

    1 roma tomato diced

    1/4 cucumber diced

    2 T red onion diced

    1/2 red bell pepper diced

    precooked grilled chicken

    Mix all that goodness together and top with:

    1 T EVOO

    2 T red wine vinegar

    1 tsp dijon

    dash of garlic salt

    -shake all that up and coat your salad with it.

    Its also awesome with toasted pine nuts or pecans on top as well as some avocado.

  • OK, so not having a great day today.  Awoke this mornig in a haze, with a headache . . . . not eating properly, is that possible?  So, didn't exercise, but didnt take that "FREE DAY" this weekend, so OK.  Now want to go out with my daughter after work for a bite, nervous I will not stay true to BFL!

    I guess part of this transformation is also learning to live in the real world and make "Big Girl" (or "Big Boy") choices.  Is going past my structured eating plan what I want, what I need, and how will I feel later?  OK, enough for today .... and next weekend I fully participate in that Free Day!

    This site is quiet today, c'mon gang, let's support one another!  Good luck to all!


  • Hi Everybody!

    Great results for sboelter, Philly39, Pamelal, ANewDay and Emma J! Mommyof3, sounds like you're taking the normal "fluctuations in stride." Good for you!

    I'll add my 4 lb. loss and the potentially exciting move from 32% to 30% body fat (although the scale isn't very accurate.)

    I thought the free day was a great learning experience. How interesting to see what we do and don't choose, how close we stay to the program and what tempts us most. I had things that had been in the house (my Mom left some baked stuff a ways back that just came out of the freezer), but had very little of the pizza or ice cream my husband brought in (he's super trim and fit and just past a major athletic competition, so he's entitled ;-).

    Tried one of my peach "creamsicles" with my EAS soy powder and looking forward to trying the "fudgsicles" tomorrow. Anyone else doing creative things with powders?

  • Hello All!

    I am feeling a bit down because I missed my workout yesterday, we had unexpected company. Although I feel guilty for missing my workout, I ate well. I even cooked up a storm again last night. grilled more chicken and made a huge bowl of brown rice to divide into smaller meals and baked roasted red potaoes with onions. I had everything prepared and ready this morning.

    I start off my week with cardio HIIT on Mondays. So I plan on doing the HIIT cardio first then hitting my legs with weights so I can make up my missed day. Is that ok. I know not to make this a habbit but things do happen.

    Also I know it's not good to do too much cardio but my friend wants me to join her at the gym for lunch for motivation and support. I want to be there for her but I already do my BFL workout with my boyfriend. I have always wanted to take part in a 6k. And mind you, I am not even sure when the last time it was that I ran a whole mile! lol but I want to train for it and give it a try. I thought I can start off small and just work up to jogging a mile during my lunch breaks with her...and keep my 3X a week HIIT Cardio. What do you think?

    Oh and here is a receipe to share. My BFL style of Shrimp tostadas

    whole wheat pita

    guacamole (mash up advacado with lemon juice and garlic salt)

    shredded cabbage

    diced red onions

    cooked meat shrimp


    mexican spices

    fresh salsa

    make the guacamole set aside. Rinse the cooked shrimp meat add chopped up cilantro, mexican spices. On flat wheat pita spread on guacamole, top with shredded cabbage, shrinp meat, diced red onions and salsa...and viola


    It's never too late to be what you might have been ~ George Elliot

  • Pam,

    Just forget about today and get back on track tomorrow.  Don't let 1 bad day derail the 12 week process.  I too had a bad day today not in the sense of missing a WO or not eating well but I had absolutely no energy today and it was very frustrating to deal with.  I just have to chaulk it up to my body still adjusting to the program.  Don't ever give up on yourself you made the promise to yourself and see it through.  I have been focusing on 1 day at a time 1 WO at a time and not the entire 12 week process.  Seems to help me to not get overwhelmed.

  • Thanks Philly39!

    I think one day at a time is the best approach as well.  Makes it much more do-able.  Felt better today, did a great cardio, back on track!  Keep visualizing a better, healthier life and body, that also helps....

    Have any of you been using Whey Protein Powder, as opposed to the Myoplex shakes?  How so?  Just after a work out, as a pure protein recovery drink?  

    I am finding it helpful also to start each day with my cup of coffee (mandatory) and BfL Journal, reviewing goals, jotting down my plan for the day, then UP and exercise before work.  Getting my head on straight right from the get-go.

    As usual, good luck to all!  Pam

  • Pam,

    I totally agree with your morning routine I too have gotten up every am and done both my cardio and WO's before going to work.  At first I had a tough time shaking off the cobwebs but this week I am actually enjoying getting up and getting right to my WO's feels good not leaving it til later and having it hanging over my head all day.  

    I have also been using the EAS Whey protein and find it a very convenient way to get in the proper amounts of daily protein.  Although it may be possible to get in your protein with food only, I find it much easier when supplementing with a protein drink.

    Glad to hear your back on track!!

  • hey everyone how is week 2 going. im having another good week. feeling tempted today. my partner is having a yummy homemade lasagne with the nicest garlic bread and i want it lol. However i did a really good upper body work out so now i have my brown rice, salmon, and veg on. I am so desperate to get the body i want its not worth giving in. thats what you need to think guys but if you do slip its not the end of the world. just get it back the next day. were only in week 2 were still adjusting. im so glad we can all support each other on here. its really helping me. I think i am starting to see body changes to, which is also very motivating.


    ......Cant wait til me free day on sunday tho lol x x

  • Im doing great, Ive got my car back now, so can do my weights starting Friday!  Ive lost 8 lbs, but it was super slow due to not being able to do my weights.  Im looking forward to working out at the gym.  Ive not been to tempted, I do not buy any sweets nor junk food of any kind.  My kids eat what I cook, and Ive been trying to cook all healthy food.  Im looking forward to next weeks weigh in.  and of course Sunday.. :)  family potluck :)

  • I keep reading about a lot of you losing weight already, but I've not lost any.  I did eat healthy before doing BFL so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it.  I've actually gained 1.5 pounds. ugh!  I've heard  this can happen sometimes when starting a weight training program but I hope it doesn't stay this way.  Anyone else gained some weight?  I already had the original BFL book, but got the BFL Champions book from my library and it is great!  It has different exercise ideas and a bunch of stories from people that have gone through BFL.  It is very motivating to read about how some of the BFLrs didn't see any changes until week 9, but then they just changed to look like the "after" picture.  I am hoping so....

  • philly39 I've been very tired the last few days and I hope it is just the "adjustment" period also.

  • Schmit, make sure you are getting enough sleep, and that you are not lifting TOO heavy, that could cause you to gain a little instead of seeing a loss.  Also, if you dont have a lot to lose, you will lose much slower.  The last time I was on body for life, I lost a pound a day on average.   Some days nothing, and others up to 2lbs.  This was eating 5-6 meals a day, and substituting some for protein shakes.  

  • byteme368  I am supposed to push myself, how can I tell if it is TOO heavy?

  • Its ok to push  yourself, but if you fail on any of your reps and/or you are really struggling with it, its too heavy for weight loss.  Lifting heavy produces more muscle mass, and muscle weighs more than fat, so, you gain weight instead of losing.  What you do not want to do is lift your absolute limit on that six reps.  Lift slow, do not go fast, and no jerking.  Jerking the weight only causes muscle, joint, or tendon strain or damage.  If you have to jerk the weight to get it up, its too heavy.