August 9, 2010 Group!

  • Danny - I always work out on an empty stomach, and I feel just fine, but I have discovered that's kind of a unique trait. It doesn't feel good to everyone. Try out both - eating  before or not - and see what works better for you.

    Terrence - up at 4:30 am ?? Amazing. That's dedication !!

    I did one more thing today to set myself up for an awesome week: despite my marginal success at the restaurant today, I didn't feel like I was doing enough. And I wasn't. I was saying, "I'll try to eat BFL style ..." and, honestly, when I say that, I know that I'm just setting myself up to bail out. For me, "trying" is just an excuse to bail out and say, "Well, at least I tried."

    No more of that. I got up off the couch and went to the grocery store, did my shopping for the week, cooked and packed all my breakfasts and lunches ... still need to make those meatballs, but everything else is done. Now I'm feeling confident that I won't just TRY to do this, that I WILL do it.

    I tried to insert a photo of my fridge, all organized and filled with little containers of BFL food, but it looks like it won't fit - possibly too big.

    Have a Great Day #3 everyone !!

  • Fun photo, Kristin SB! Good work on your Italian meal and even better on ridding your talk of the dreaded "try," I'm really guilty on that one, so appreciate the reminder. When we're "trying' we haven't really "decided." Didn't Yoda say in Star Wars "Try not, do." ;-)

    I was down already this morning. Even though I know it's water weight and there can be daily random fluctuations, I'll take the motivation and pass along to all of you. Let's make Aug 9th, the best BFL group ever!

  • Congratulations to you all for making the decision to get healthy!  Here is a thread that may help you with a  good start. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • OK, photo time (deep breath). Couldn't figure out how to post this to my bio, so I'm going to put it here as a sign of commitment to change. I have the back as well, but since they're big, figured one was enough!

    Start 8/10/10

    126.5 lbs. (not a big #, but you see how it looks on 5' 3 1/2"!), 32% body fat

    Chest 36

    Under chest 31

    Waist 29.5

    Belly button (my proverbially pregnant look despite no kids) 35

    Hips 37

    Looking forward to sharing the improvement! Off to the gym now for cardio.


  • I started my challenge on the 9th as well. Things are going good. meals not a problem. Had a few setbacks in gym with some exercise's that just didn't feel right on the body so I will make some adjustments next round to fix. Having some trouble finding protien bars that are not LOADED with sugar though. maybe I can make my own somehow. 

    Oh yea and BTW I am sore beyond belief had trouble walking yesterday and did upper body today so I expect same tomorrow for arms. Using the treadmill the day after lower body was TOUGH.

  • DarrenCar,

    hang in there it gets easier I too officially started Monday but I did take the week before to get used to the workouts and diet and I will tell you after the first lower body workout I could barely walk down my stairs at my home.  This 1st week has been much better although sore its a good tolerable sore.  I'm personally using a bowflex because I do not have a gym membership at the time but I hope to make the change to the gym prob mid challenge.

  • I hope everyone is doing well so far on day 3.  I've done very well, I think, as far as the nutrition but not as well witht he strength workout...not sure if I'm really reacheing the perceived exertion levels but I WILL keep trying.  Although I have done well eating, I do seem to be hungry all the time.  I imaginr that this will pass as my stomach/body adjusts to taking in smaller portions.

    Does anyone have some suggestions on where to find examples of exercises to do with resistance bands, that will qualify for the BFL exercises?  My family and I are going to Spain, for a 10-day vacation next month, and I don't want to have ANY excuse for not doing my strength wokout!!.  I'll just walk and/or run form my cardio.

    Have a great rest-of-the day everyone.  I'll check in again later in the day.

  • Kristin SB - LOVE THE FRIDGE PIC! lol You have a very clean fridge, Makes me want to go home and clean mine. LOL.

    I have been bringing Turkey sandwiches, hard boiled eggs with fruit and Bagel with turkey and tomatoes on it. I bought all kinds of stuff to cook but haven't done it yet.

    You have certainly inspired me to do so!


    It's never too late to be what you might have been ~ George Elliot

  • Drawn2Inspire - It takes courage to post a pic of yourself! I will have to do the same once i get home.  (at work on my lunch break) You will do great!

    It's never too late to be what you might have been ~ George Elliot

  • WOW is that a clean fridge!  I don't know if I could make my own that clean, with two teens in the house, but I certainly could try!

    Day 3 going well, but unfortunately a head cold settled in yesterday, what timing!  Ran on the treadmill anyway this morning, hopefully it won't make the cold linger.....

    Had two glasses of wine last night, have to watch that I think, it is all sugar, and a bad time of day to be indulging.  But love starting the morning with my BFL journal, planning what I need to focus on throughout the day, what I hope to eat.  Structure certainly does help!

    Good luck all, Pam

  • ok I know I have two previous posts but I press reply to the post I am replying to and it ends up down here. Oh I know :)

    Just had to also share my great news. I have been talking about BFL for two weeks now. Saying to my boyfriend " I am eating 6 small meals a day now and drinking water" He is a sweetheart and very supportive! However, when I have been explaining the BFL program half the time I dont think he was really listening. He goes to the gym with me but not first without whinning about it.

    I bring a big 64oz jug of water to work everyday. Well the other day he too got a water jug to bring to work. He called me during the work day and said, "Wow, drinking more water makes me feel great".He even picked up the Myoplex lite ready made drinks and bars yesterday. Then this morning he got up at 5:30 to go to the gym with me. I thought he wouldn't give it much effort thoguh but I was wrong. He was asking about the BFL program and how to do the weight training! He said he wants to do this with me. It felt GREAT that I inspired him to make a change too.

    we just moved in together 6 months ago after dating for 2 years, so I never wanted to push him into doing the BFL program with me or make him think that I was saying that because he looks bad. I just figured I would do what I need to do for me and if he wanted to join he can...and he has! :)

    Now the not so great news - I didn't feel like i got a great UBWO as i did when I was rehearsing this program the week before. The free weight area this morning was surrounded my someone else doing some crazy workout and I was afraid to get kicked or hit. I went to the machines but I found that I can't really increase the weight without it being too much weight. I definalty like the free weights so much more. So went back down to the free weight sections and was able to complete my biceps, triceps and shoulders but I felt like I could have done better on my chest and back.

    Also, I use to be an avid Diet Pepsi drinker. I completely stopped drinking it last week. I had a few headaches then. But I have had a headache yesterday and today as well. I have been drinking plenty of water. Can this still be a caffene withdrawl?

    Hope everyone else is doing GREAT!

    It's never too late to be what you might have been ~ George Elliot

  • Drawn2inspire - you are brave !! Good for you - your commitment really inspires me, though I am still a coward and don't want to post any photos until I am about a month in. But my hat's off to you, woman ! You are gonna tone up and look AWESOME !!

    I have been having a great "Day 3" - all my cooking's now done, and I am remembering how CRITICAL that is for me on BFL. Without a menu plan and prepared foods waiting for me in the fridge, ready to go, I am just LOST and it's only a matter of time until I fall off the wagon and make bad food choices. The last time I did BFL and was successful (albeit for only a short time) the key was meal planning and preparation. I made the same recipes so many times, I had them all memorized ! But the consistency and routine was very comforting, and it reminded me that I was on a path. had made a commitment, and was doing SOMETHING. The reason I wandered off that path had nothing to do with it being a bad plan or not working ... I was just being lazy and wasn't willing to work as hard as I needed to to get the results I wanted. And that was a key realiztion for me:


    Looking at my "before" photos on my computer, I have definitely reached that point !! I am no longer willing to take the path of least resistance and continue my long, slow downhill slide into middle age overweight mediocrity. I will be schlumpy and dumpy no more ! I know that the women on this thread can relate whenI say: I want to go clothes shopping and have FUN, as opposed to dreading it ! (Maybe some of the guys can relate to that, too.)

    Here's what I'll be having for dinner for the forseeable future: turkey meatballs (a little overexposed from the bright light - they aren't actually raw !!), a BFL sized carb serving of mashed sweet potato and a kale salad with homemade olive oil & balsamic vinegarette.

    Lynn - don't be discouraged by one less than stellar workout. Some will be awesome and some will be a struggle - but keep with it ! And really ask yourself if that next weight level is "too much" ... can you really physically not lift it without proper form or it is just "too hard" ?? I had a personal trainer once who showed me that what I thought was "too much" wasn't even close !! Just a thought ...

  • Hi starting the bfl program even though I live in canada and cannot offically enter the contest!  I have just survived lymphatic cancer and chemotherapy this in remission!!  I really desire to feel like myself again and think that I have the right mindset this time, as I have tried in the past but only to stop part way through.  I have a young son and work night shifts so it will be challenging....but soooo rewarding!  Hopefully I can help others to continue as I will need the same encouragement....Thanks!

  • I have to say I have stuck to the plan 100% with both the diet and workouts.  Seems to be getting a bit easier every morning to get up and do my workouts, the 1st couple days I fought my inner demons to stay in bed or thought about doing it later but when those thoughts came to mind I got up right then and got right to work.  I can honestly say I feel better mentally, I feel really good post workouts tired and sore but I feel accomplished.   I plan on posting my pics at the 4 week mark.  befores are taken just haven't mustered the nerve to get them up but I told myself I will get them up with my 4 week progress pics

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  • I am finding everyone's comments very helpful and motivating, thanks for sharing!  Had a GREAT day yesterday, diet and exercise, and felt like a had a new lease on life this morning!  So nice to feel I am steering my own course, rather than drifting -- eating consciously, living consciously, versus unconsciously.

    Good luck to all.