August 9, 2010 Group!

  • Congrats on the weight loss!  Can't wait to hear about your progess in the next few months.

  • That's funny.  My office does the same thing with pizza, and then they look at you funny if you say you don't want it.  I am going to have a tough time with the sweets, too, and the big basket of candy the office keeps so close to my desk.  We can do it!

  • Luckily, sweets aren't a huge challenge for me. If I do eat sweets, I feel horrible due to my weight loss surgery. Another challenge I just thought of is when I start back to work again (teacher) I am going to go to the gym at 5 in the morning. If I finish my workout around 6,  I have to be to school at 6:45. School starts at 7:18. I think I have first period prep (no kids) so I have time to eat when I get to school, but if I don't have first period prep, I won't have time to wait an hour before eating my meal. I need to work out at this time because I have no time otherwise. I'll be tutoring after school and I am taking 3 college classes Monday through Thursday until 10pm. Shoot, I think getting enough sleep is going to be another challenge lol.

  • Great to see everyone here, and boy can I relate to just about everything written here, by everyone, to some degree.

    Hi, my name is Kristin. I'm 40, no kids (so I don't have that excuse for weight loss !) and I work in a job in which physical fitness can be important. I've slowly gained 30 pounds over about 8 or 9 years, and it's time to finally get serious and take it off. I have tried many times before, but just wimped out on myself and given up. I have no excuse other than laziness - I don't have an injury or medical problems ... just taking the path of least resistance, again and again, and now here I am. I am one of millions of overweight and out of shape Americans, and I have NO GOOD EXCUSE. It's shameful and ridiculous and needs to end right now.

    I wrote a lengthy post introducing msyelf here on the "Getting Started" forum titled "Introducing Myself (it's long !!)" or something like that, if you want to read my whole scintillating tale. Most people - especially the women - will probably find something to relate to, just as I saw something to relate to in all of you stories.

    I would love to be active in this group, encourage each other, and take this journey togther !! I'll fill out some profile stuff soon, maybe post some photos along the way, once I have some progress to show ! I took my "before" photos just the other day and they are HORRIFYING !!!

    I'll be out of town on Sunday but once I get back home Monday, IT IS ON !!!


  • Lynn - I can SO RELATE to your post, especially #3 and #4 ! Buying clothes is NOT fun right now, but I know it can be in the future !! And #4 ... I am perpetually looking forward to vacations, events, seeing old friends ... and I always imagine that I'll be thinner and fitter and looking great when the date rolls around ... and ... well, you know how that goes. (insert heavy sigh here.) Here's to making some changes - FINALLY !!

  • My name is George, I'm 41 from the Boston area.  I got turned on to BFL from a co-worker that was an avid muscle 2000 reader when Bill Phillips used to publish his mag.  I bought the BFL book read it and am ready to start rebuilding my mind and body.  In my 20's I was always in good shape but lost my way in my 30's and I'm now about 40 lbs overweight.

    I have done some prepping over the past week with the diet and excercise so as to get myself into a routine and also so my body would be able to handle the workouts.  My main goal is to lose 30 lbs and add some lean muscle and to COMPLETE the challenge.  I have been able to lose weight on numerous occasions in the past but unfortunately have always fallen off the wagon at some point.

    Good luck to all starting their BFL challenge tomorrow and lets all try to stay in touch to support one another over the coming 12 weeks!

  • KristinSB - I swear you could be writing your intro for me!  If I could have just copied/pasted yours it would have saved me time!  

    For all those people worried about the gym - I went last night and crossed the threshold to the free weight area.  Yes, it was scary at first then realized nobody was looking at me - they are totally engrossed with the mirrors to check their own form.  My husband was with me and we both had index cards to track the weight lbs. and the reps.  After a few visits I hope to not need the cheat sheets.  A tip to blend in, wear black.  I hot a hot pink tank top on and totally looked lame. :)

    My biggest challenge getting started will be scheduling small meals every 2-3.  In the past my first meal was usually around 1pm, before that just coffee.  Today we are headed out to Anaheim for the circus.  I am packing a little cooler with stuff since we will be gone almost all day.  Also, planning sit-down dinners that will work for husband and me and also our 2 kids.  Trial and error I suppose.  If anyone has recipe ideas that work for youngsters and adults alike please send me links.

    Does everyone have their "free" day set?  Mine is Friday and looking forward to In-n-Out burgers. :)


  • Hi Everyone,

    I am planning to start the BFL challenge tomorrow as well.  I am about 70 pounds overweight, most of which was gained (and never lost) during the pregnancy with my twins who turn 3 on September 18 th. Having had them at age 40, when my metabolism was already starting to slow way down didn't help but it has been the poor eating habits and lack of exercise that have kept these miserable pounds on me.  

    I am so tired of being repulsed when I look in the mirror, not looking cute in ANYTHING that I wear, and unable to easily get down on the floor to play with my kids.  My 43rd birthday is next  Saturday, the 14th so I figured there was no time to start like the present.

    I look forward to supporting everyone here and from receiving support as well.

    We can do anything if we believe that we can!!

  • Your story and progress to date is so inspirational to me!! I have really only 25 lbs. to lose- to get back to my pre-baby weight....which is nothing compared to what you've accomplished. I have never been "overweight" officially but I certainly don't look like I used to. I have always worked out and ate relatively I am really impatient when it comes to results. Ive never had a set  amount of weight to lose before! I guess I have no idea how hard it is. I am coming to the realization that letting myself go just a little bit, (and the fact that I am now 39 years old! ick!!) after having my 3 kids ( 2, 5, and 6 yrs. old) ....Im going to have to really work at this!! and be patient!  

    congrats again on your progress. You are an amazing person!

  • Hi Everyone!

    I am real excited to start BFL tomorrow. I am 34 years old, and want to lose 10-15 pounds & really tone up. I seem to be able to lose weight when I set my mind to it, but then my old habits come back to haunt me. I love to work out,  but also love to eat. My goal is to lose weight/tone, and then keep it off for good!! I feel horrible because I lost 15 pounds and got to my goal weight earlier this year, but recently put back on 10 pounds in a short amount of time due to stress. I look forward to taking this journey with you all! Together we can do it!


  • Hey everyone, just read the post.  I am ready to join you all starting tomorrow morning.

    I did BFL over 9 years agao, looked and felt great!  Have let it all go, am using every excuse in the book.  Too busy, husband disabled, too much stress, work, kids, house, etc.etc.  Time to take charge and make the changes to get my life and body back.  I am with you all!  Then us ladies can go shopping for something besides shoes and jewlery.  I know you men will be shopping for new clothes also! :)

  • Hi, I'm also starting  tomorrow.. Reason? I'm tired of being overweight!!!!! LOL.. Seriously.. I am.  So, here I am... The only concern I have is  how do I eat 6 times a day...  

  • hi starting tomorrow. i want to be healthy before i do have health problems. im 37 and over weight. im guessing that im about 245. my scale was left at my boyfriends. i will be stopping to get it tomorrow.  i want to look better and feel better. im tired of being tired feeling and having my back hurt after work.  and having everything ache.  i work at a pizza place so this is going to be challenging. i will have to keep my food stocked in the cooler. i.e fat free cheese ww pitas etc.  but i want to do this.  i can do this.

  • I am starting the challenge on Monday in the hopes if breaking mt plateau.  I strated trying to lose weight in Jan. and after 3 full months and 40 pounds down, I stopped losing anything.  I haven't even lost inches.  I do have some muscles poking through on my arms and those muscles make me feel really good.  But I still need to lose over 100 pounds and being stuck like this is not going to work.  Since reading BFL, I learned that this plateau is all my fault.  And after doing some soul searching in light of BFL, I have seen the errors of me ways.  I am hoping to make a fresh start with this program and get a grip on my weight loss.  I have two big goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of these 12 weeks, and on into the future.  First, I am going to run my first 5k in Sept. and then another one in Nov.  Second, I want my brother, who was just recentlt dployed to Afghanistan and won't see me for a year, to be shocked by the changes to my body.  So I look forward to what I can accomplish.

  • Hello. Tomorrow is the big day guys and gals! In 12 weeks we will be in the best shape of our lives, it won't be easy but you remember... you can do it! Best of luck to everyone. Let's do it!