Starting BFL tomorrow Aug. 2nd

  • HI

    Its so great to know there is company in our country !

    4 weeks later and no real results the scale is the same and cm are not coming off ....

    I am training and getting stronger !

    I am not on supplements , thinking that could be the contributing factor .

    I was sad yesterday after my four week photos .

    Did u manage to get myoplex ?

    but i will not give up !

    i train late evening which will soon change now that it brighter n warmer in the mornings !

    Im down in KZN - Durbzz  ....

    Please tell me how was  your first four weeks ? would love to converse ... cos everyday im learning more n more

  • After 4 weeks, my results are also slow, but definitely noticeable. I took my measurements last night and lost cm everywhere except my waist.  Lost the most at my hips. My weight is only 2kgs down since I started, but hey, 2 kg is 2 kg!  I also took my 4 week photos last night - not what I would've liked them to be, but the progress is there,The machine at the gym that measures my fat %, is very inaccurate (I've done the measurement a few times in the same hour and the results are never the same), but according to the machine I've lost about 1 %. I ordered a caliper today and will soon make more accurate measurements. (Hopefully)  My pants are definitely more lose!

    I struggled in week 4. Had a hectic work schedule, and my eating was not the way it's suppose to. Cheated with a glass of wine on 2 days(but really just 1 glass).  Anyway, I'm back on the wagon today! Had a good Upper Body workout this morning and ate as I should.

    Definitely no EAS products in Joburg anymore.  My husband and I've been using USN pure protein shakes so far. I'm also drinking CLA everyday. And using Glutamine after my workouts. That's it.

    Will talk soon!

    Good luck for tomorrow!

    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • I am so glad I found this forum!

    Tomorrow is day 30 for me, and still going strong!  

    Just watched the Body of Work dvd and it gave me new motivation. Had a difficult week 4, but have a good feeling about week 5.

    My cardio workouts have been on the exercise bike up to now, but I decided to try the treadmill this week.  Tomorrow will be the first treadmill cardio workout! Wish me luck!

    And good luck to everyone else!


    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • Day 16

    Somehow I have got my days mixed up but can confirm I am on Day 16 :)

    Manuela – Well done on completing week 4. I hope you are right saying it gets easier after week 4. I look forward to your comments about that :)

    Kklopper -  Welcome to the forum. Great to hear you have lost weight, bodyfat and that your clothing are loose-fitting. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Look forward to more of your progress. Love your affirmation :)

    Jj91709 – Great photos. I don’t have the guts (too much of it at the moment) to put my pics up. Will wait till after the completion of week 12 hopefully I be looking how I want to be :)  don’t hold me to that though haha! You are making great progress and an inspiration for me to continue on with the challenge :)  Cheers

    South Africia – Awesome to hear you have no intentions of letting up. Manuela did mention that it gets easier after week 4. That’s got to be music to your ears haha! Keep going as we are ALL cheering for you woop woop!!

    My nutrition has been very good yesterday and today. I am definitely noticing the results in both inches around my stomach and clothing fitting looser than before.

    I attempted the stepper today doing 2 x 5min sessions just to test my knee out. Didnt feel to comfortable so I thought best I end it there.

    I am having an upper body workout tonight with my training partner which I am looking forward to as we really push one another to exhaustion  YEEHA!

    "inch by inch its a cinch"

  • Seeing slow changes as I start week 5!  I had my bodyfat checked yesterday and it was down by 2 points- so that is exciting.  Not much weight off but my goal was to lose fat not so much weight.  So I am not getting discouraged by the scale.  I am still wondering if I am lifting heavy enough.  I feel like my weights are challenging but I wouldn't say that I am getting that sore.  So thinking I really need to up the wieghts.  I am doing this with a friend of mine and that makes it fun and competitive. My HIIT workouts are super challenging.  


  • Checking it to see who is still on board!  Free Day for me tomorrow plus it is a bday celebration for my  baby turning 3.   Just wondering how everyone is doing?????


  • Hey everyone, I am back from Greece and it was quite tough. There is much I want to do better next week. I had rather good first 4 workouts eventhough I had to admit that the LBWO is really difficult with a thera band. Looking forward to the gym and having a strong LBWO next week! Nutrition was difficult. I managed to get good snacks from a local store. But the meals Breakfast and Dinner which I needed to have in the Hotel were not so good. Mostly because of lack of choice. But I did the best I could. Also the last two workouts I could not do because I got sick (again!!!). It is the third time that I have to miss workouts because I am not feeling well. At least once I was able to make it up. I really want an excellent week 6 nutrition and workout wise. I will put a lot of effort into planning my perfect week. I am still off from work so there is more than enough time to eat good and train hard next week.

    Finally I was able to take my 4 week pics (in my hotel room). I will put them up tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else had a successful week 5.

  • Hi there y'all!

    I'm busy planning for week 6!

    Had a brilliant week 5.  I didn't cheat(I'm starting to get used to weeks without a glass of wine at night) and I had good workouts(I'm starting to get used to having sore muscles every day! ) And best of all: the results are slowly but surely starting to show!: I've lost 4 kg and 3% body fat so far! And I'm almost down a dress size (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that end of week 6 will be the 'one-dress-size-down-week! I already fit into the smaller size, but still a bit tight. My old pants are too big now, though)

    After my crappy week 4, here's where I adjusted my program for week 5:

    - I actually ate 6 meals every day (no more, no less). Before, I only ate 4-5 meals, thinking I'm not consuming the 'extra' calories of meal 5 & 6.

    - I rested a full minute between every set. Before I only rested for about 30 sec.

    - I started running on the treadmill instead of the exercise bike for cardio. Just for variety.

    - I've read the Champions BFL book, in about half a day-highly motivating!

    - I've watched the Body of Work dvd -highly motivating!

    Today was my free day! I actually aimed for only one free meal (I've had a few bad experiences with overdoing it on free day), but I ended up enjoying the whole day with bad food without overdoing it too much.

    Here's to week 6! May y'all be as excited about it as I am! Almost halfway!


    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • So far, so good. I had a great week 5. The results are really showing. The bodyfat scale I have actually went down to a 5% reduction in body fat. I had my free day on Monday (Labor Day) and I truly enjoyed it...Pizza, beer, a Mexican night at my neighbor's house. But unfortunately the scale showed it-- I went up 3 pounds. I never quite get that. There's no way I ate an extra 10,000 calories (they say a pound equals 3,500 calories). Anyways, back at it this week and off to a great start.

    I called the BFL hotline today as I had a few questions. This may help all of you:

    1) Milk is okay to drink. It's a great blend of carbs and protein (use low-fat or skim). Just realize it has calories so adjust your total intake accordingly.

    2) I was having great luck with doing hacksquats for the first four weeks, but I had read you're supposed to switch up your routine, so I went to regular squats but I don't feel it's as effective. They said it's no problem to go back to hacksquats if I'm still getting results.

    Hope that helps. Here's looking forward to the 8-week miracle everyone speaks of!

  • Just sending a note for you guys to keep your fingers crossed that I don't go too crazy food wise this weekend.  It is my bday so I will be eating out A LOT!  I don't want my FREE DAY to turn into a FREE WEEKEND!



    kklopper -- Congratzzzz on your 4kg loss ! which is a gain towards a healthier future !  

    Week 6 has been the worst ! missed 3 training session consecutively  purely because of lifestyle ! so quickly we get caught up with other important things and days go by ..... and then its Sunday !

    Clearly my prorities were wrong ! knowing i am expected to have a busy week and equally amount of travelling between days ! i left all my training for late in the evening never making any of the last 3 !

    LESSON : Wake up at 4 am instead of 5 and get your workout done !

    Progress is slow and almost disappointing .

    Lost only inch of my waist and nothing in kg . . .  HOwever i must admit to firm tights and arms back seems to be kinda smoothing out in terms of shape if i can describe it as such . . .

    Looking forward to week 7 and then WE will be  two thirds down ! ....



    please can some advise on the amount of weights yourll are using ? for certain exercises I am 10 kg should i stay of continue to climb ? its abit daunting

  • Thanks southafrica for the birthday wish!  Let's just say it  has been a great day!  I did eat anything and everything today but it won't be a whole weekend.  Start back tomorrow eating clean.  I got some new running shoes that I am anxious to get my HIIT workout in.  Going to do that tomorrow since I slept in today :)  

    Half way through- I have lost 5 pounds and  a total of 4 inches.  Not a whole lot but I know the changes are coming!

    southafrica- Did you want us to post the weights we are using for each exercise??


  • Week 7 tomorrow! Good luck everyone!

    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • It's been a few weeks since I last posted. I've completed 6 wks. I haven't missed a single workout & for that accomplishment alone I'm very proud of myself. I haven't lost the pounds I was hoping for. I need to do my measurements to see how much those have changed. I'm still about 12 lbs away from my goal weight. I've been losing about a pound every other week. So far that's 4lbs in 6 wks. My clothes fit better, but I'm still not where I want to be. I've been taking CLA & hope to see results quicker. I can't take supplements with caffeine. This week will be better...I'm hoping for 2 lbs.