Starting BFL tomorrow Aug. 2nd

  • Day 7

    Tralan – I feel for you tralan and I am sure you are not the only one that has put in the effort but the results don’t show on the scales. The fact that you feel better shows that you are moving in the right direction which is got be pleasing 

    Great too hear you are not giving up and that you are still soldiering on. 9 more weeks to go for you and I am sure all your hard work will show in your after photos and scales 

    Jj91709 – Fantastic that you can visibly see your efforts paying off and am sure your 4 week photos will be another motivational tool you can use when you need that extra push 

    I cant say that my workouts are first thing in the morning which the book suggests. I generally fit them in wherever it suits AM, mid-afternoon or evening. Because of my injury my cardio has been practically non-existent but have had 2 x level 10 upper body workouts and 1 x level 10 abdominal workout. I still managed to lose 1.4kg or 3.1lb which was very surprising but will attribute a lot of that to my nutrition which has been very good/excellent

    Cheers for the helpline suggestion and information on where to purchase second-hand success journals. My training partner just brought a brand spanking new success journal for a pretty penny. Lets say it was more than 6 dollars 

    Queenzade – Welcome to the forum. We all wish you the success on your journey to creating a body transformation you will be proud of whilst utilising the BFL tools that are on offer

    Great affirmation and will definitely imprint it in my mind for when I am working out next 

    I am reviewing my training, nutrition and overall goals at the moment for the past week and putting in place new ones for the following week. I know there are definitely things I can improve on and wanting to fine tune this BFL Challenge for myself so that each workout and meal counts

    Hope everyone is going well with there BFL Challenge

    "inch by inch its a cinch"

  • Thank you, May I saw I love your name Tiredofbeingsicknadtired. Its so true I feel the same pitty that I use to give myself. Push thru keep it going those weeks are within reachh just keep moving forward. I am so motivated and ready to do this ;O)


    "Pain is just weakness exiting your body,so keep it going"

  • Day 8

    Had a great day with my nutrition and a wicked abdominal workout so all in all am very happy with todays progress

    I see a specialist tomorrow to find out whats going on with my dodgey knee. There appears to be come ligament or cartilidge damage so hopefully the MRI Scan will pick something up :)

    I have also been seeing a specialist for the last 4 years for a blocked artery below the right knee which has hindered me and has caused obvious muscle waste in my right leg. After many scans and consultations there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel so I have my fingers crossed that both injuries will be fixed in the near future :)

    Hope everyone is going well with there BFL Challenge

    "inch by inch its a cinch"

  • Great job tiredofbeingsickandtired! Glad you're getting some really good progress! Good luck with your MRI.

    I weighed a couple pounds less this morning-- a pleasant surprise considering Saturday was my free day. :) I ordered a new supplement (Betagen) and should get that later this week. It's supposed to preserve muscle and therefore force your body to use more of its energy from fat. I'll let you know how that goes. It's one that is recommended in the BFL book.

    Have a great week everyone! Let's all give it our ALL this week! This is week 3 for me, so next week is photo time!

  • My goal is 16 lbs. After 3 weeks I still have 14 more to go.

  • Day 9

    Jj91709 – Thank you and got my specialists appointment wrong : (  It was only a consultation but go for an MRI Scan next month

    Tralan – am cheering you all the way to lose the extra 14lbs to reach your goal. “You can do it”

    Another very good day with my nutrition but unable to do a hell of a lot aerobically or lower body. I have been given muscle tensing exercises to build strength an (supposedly) muscle in my legs so have incorporated abdominal, chest and forearm muscle tensing exercises 6 times a day. I do these whilst sitting in my chair watching tv. Gives me a sense that I am at least doing something to reach my goals : )

    Hope everyone is going well with there BFL Challenge

    "inch by inch its a cinch"

  • Wow, what a workout today! I increased many of my weights in exercises today. I weighed almost a pound lighter this morning, preceded by about 2 pounds the day before. I have one of the body fat testing scales too and it shows my body fat is going down too, so i know I'm losing mostly fat. What an amazing workout!

    For those not seeing a lot of results yet, week 3 is when I started to notice some results. The first 2 weeks the scale barely moved.

    How is everyone's week going???

  • Day 11

    Hi ALL

    I missed posting my progress on Day 10 and checking in to see how everyone is getting on.

    Had an incredible Upper Body Workout on Day 10 reaching new highs in weights and stoked to see my waist shrinking. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your body begin to transform.

    My nutrtion since starting the program has been great which I attribute a lot of my progress to as I am still limited to minimal aerobic and Lower Body Workouts due to my injury

    jj91709 - That is fantastic too hear the great progress you are making. Keep up the awesome training and nutrition and look forward to more of yoyr progress :)

    Hope everyone is going well with there BFL Challenge

    "inch by inch its a cinch"

  • Great job tiredofbeingsickandtired! Just curious, are you tracking your results too? I purchased the Success Journal and it's an awesome tool so I make sure I push myself each week to do more than the week before.

    Yesterday was great for me. I reached a new high (by far) on leg press and dumbbell lunges. I pressed 450 pounds 6 times and then 390 pounds 12 times! I felt like a manly man stacking the weights on the leg press. I had 5 on each side! My record before was 4 on each side. Plus, I felt like I might have been able to do a little more. Next time I'll try for more, but my legs are plenty sore today! Managed to squeeze in the cardio this morning. It was tough but glad I did it, because I really wanted tomorrow to be my free day!

    I started my new supplement (Betagen) yesterday. Tastes yummy and is supposed to help preserve muscle and force your body to use more fat as energy. I'm also going to cut down the carbs a bit in the morning. I think I was underestimating my carb intake in the 8am meal. I was making my own pancakes using the Fiber One mix, and adding sugar-free syrup. Still I think that was too many carbs.

    Oh, and the GNC Amplified Muscle Meal supplement? 10g of fiber! My stomach is none too happy about it. I'm going to return it and try to find something with less fiber. I might go back to the EAS Original Myoplex, though the GNC guy was saying it's not the best quality protein and has a low absorption rate.

    How is everyone today? Good luck everyone!

  • Day 12

    Jj91709 - What do you mean by "am I tracking my results?" If you mean am I recording my exercise, reps, weights and food intake then yes I am :)

    At the end of the week (which will be tomorrow) I review my recordings and see where I can improve in both my training and nutrition

    I am very impressed with your training and your findings on supplements you are taking. If you continue on this path I have no doubt you will achieve amazing results :) Great Work!!!

    I am going to attempt the stepper later on tonight. Am itching to do something aerobically and fingers crossed the knee is able to handle it :)

    Once again my nutrition has been very good and still highly motivated to see this challenge through :)

    Hope everyone is going well with there BFL Challenge

    "inch by inch its a cinch"

  • Congrats to all of you on all your progress and success :-) End of week 4. We have 1/3 done. And it is supposed to get easier after 4 weeks :-)

  • Hi Alexia!

    I'm also from South Africa (Joburg) and I also started the challenge on 2 Aug 2010. I would love to hear how your first 4 weeks went.  Can you see the progress yet?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • Hi Alexia

    I'm also from South Africa. Also started the challenge on 2 Aug 2010.

    Would love to hear how your first 4 weeks went!


    "Act as if failure is impossible, and your success will be assured"

  • Here are my before and after 4 weeks photos. Don't mind the red welts on my back in the day 1 photos. I had had suction cup massage. Felt wonderful but leaves a mark!! 


    Day 1:





    Day 29:



  • All right, 1/3 of the way done. I had my free day on Friday night and rolled it into Saturday. I think I broke a rule by doing that, but technically it was less than 24 hours of a "free day". That was the best chicken chimichanga I've had in a LONG TIME! And I had a beer and some caramel corn at the Sounders soccer game.

    But I'm back at it now. Played soccer yesterday morning and then did my upper body workout in the afternoon. got in my 20 minutes of cardio this morning. Tomorrow is leg day. I did my grocery shopping yesterday and am all set for the week, though I forgot to buy cottage cheese. In the BFL book, he says this is one of the best proteins you can have.

    On a related note, I'm returning the GNC meal replacement shakes I got last week. They're great in protein, don't taste too bad, but 10g of fiber makes my tummy none too happy. Back to the EAS Original Myoplex I think.

    Good luck this week everyone! Here's looking towards the "8-week miracle" everyone talks about!