Starting BFL tomorrow Aug. 2nd

  • I've tried BFL before, but never did the official challenge. I've started many programs but fail to finish them. I'm ready to finish what I start when it comes to fitness.

  • Good luck tralan!  I started today - so far so good.  Stay positive!

  • tralan,

    Congratulations on accepting the BFL challenge. It is not called a challenge by accident. It will take grit, tenacity and determination. But you can do it!!!! Do you have the BFL book? It is an invaluble guide for your BFL journey. It covers fitness and nutrition but also the most important element: mindset. Be sure to write down your goals and focus on them every day. I would also encourage you to take pics (you don't have to post them) and measurments. These are great indicators of progress as you move forward and transform your life, body and mind.

    Stay connected on the forum. There are many great people here who are a source of knowledge, ideas, opinions and support.

    Best of luck tomorrow!!!


  • Hi .

    Alexia from south africa ! Let's just say challenge has began before its starts. I start my challenge 2aug 2010 .

    Been many diets n supplements all failing to show defined results.

    It taken me passed week to read the bfl book n I decided I'm gona do it . !

    Prep 4 my before foto , exercise plan meal plan  ect. . .  all been done.

    Just one challenge I face today . Went to local chemist no such as myoplex in south africa . I was bit dispondent . But with or with out the supplemets I will begin tommorow ! .

    Yeah ? I'm here for support if u up to it . ! I'm here for the day seem bleek n weeks seem endless , for wen those days wen giving up seems better than hanging in . ! ! ! Cos I'm sure I'm gona have days like that n this is were I turn . Place were we all share same goal ! Were we all made a decision . . . N we a shall n will n are walking runing n weight lifting that path to our goal .

    BFL !

  • I've taken the photos & measurements...yuck! I've already lifted weights & had breakfast. So far so good. My goal is to lose 15-20 lbs. We're wanting to have a baby again & I want to be physically fit before that happens. This goal means more to me than others I've set in the past.

    Since you can't get myoplex in South Africa, maybe you can order it online.

  • For me the myoplex shake was too expensive.  It is over 40$ for 20 servings and I would use that in 10 days (twice a day).  That would be roughly 200.00/month.  So, I looked around for something that had the same (or close to the same) amount of protein, carbs, fat, vitamins...ect.  What I found was a shake that had the same ingredients but was not 'lite' and had roughly twice the calories, so I half it.  I have one scoop for a meal instead of the reccomended 2.  I am loosing weight and feeling good.  I would say, if you want to order online the myoplex...fine, but it is my understanding that you only have to buy something from Abbot/Eas to enter the contest.  Since we only have to buy a few products to enter the challenge I have been buying the EAS CLA and just bought the Reload.  I wish you the BEST!!! I started at the end of June and the physical and mental transformation are incredible!  Take care, Aimee

  • What was the name of the brand you bought?

    What does the Reload do?

  • I started today too.. I registered a while ago.. but today was the day.. I am afraid too.. this time I want to finish the program.. good luck

    As a joke I used to say... "I am very persistent....I start my diet every lunch time... it was over." This time is different...
  • Aimeeluu,

    There are MANY protein powders and supplements out there. I buy the Myoplex Shakes just to keep in the fridge as a backup - especially at work - for those days when I've forgotten lunch / didn't have time, .etc...

    BUT I also faithfully use a protein powder mixed with oatmeal and some ice water for my morning snack. I've become quite attached to it!  I'm VERY frugal, so I've shopped around, but I also know that if it wasn't protein powder, it would be lean meat I'd be buying, so the price was acceptable for me.

    My dear husband actually order all of our powders and supplements online... we have quite the trove: a whole cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to them, I'm afraid to admit. We've just figured it into our grocery budget.

    Good luck - and whatever you use to supplement, do as you have already done and be sure to check labels. There are many out there that parade as protein that have a lot more than just that... stuff you don't want!!

    And keep posting! We're all here for you!


    C2, W1, D1

    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • This first week has been tough as far as my eating is concerned. The major reason is b/c we were at the end of our pay period & I've had to make do with what's in the pantry. Today we got paid so we're going to buy groceries! I've got my list of BFL allowed food, so I know the next few weeks will go much better. I've worked out everyday and I feel better already. I have more energy & I sleep better at night. I know once I get my food taken care of it'll be so much better. At least I have protein powder, so it's doable, just not as satisfying. I'm weighing tomorrow. I hope to see some progress. :)

  • Hi Aimee,

    Not sure if you were aware of the BFL Starter Packs we have at  Just chose your goal, and pick the starter pack that suits your needs.  The packs give you all the tools you need to start the Challenge at a heavily discounted price.  You may find, depending on the specific product, that it may get your through a majority of your Challenge!  You can also sign up to receive special offers and discounts for all Myoplex products as well as CLA and Reload!  Check out


    The BFL Team

  • I've done much better on my eating today...having the right food makes a difference. No junk food at all in the house. I could only find Myoplex lite shakes & proteing powder at Sam's, so I bought the shakes. I was hoping to buy some bars. I'll probably just order online. The chocolate fudge shake is wonderful! Best protein shake I've tried. I lost about a pound so far. Not getting discouraged b/c I know it was my food.

  • At GNC I bought 40 packets for about $50. That was about $10 off since I'm a GNC member which is free or cheap for the year (can't remember which, but it paid for itself on the first purchase). I got the strawberry and it's very good!

  • I started earlier this week, so count me in as a partner in this :)


  • Thanks for the tip. I'll check into that.