starting on Aug 1st. can someone please help me with the nutrition side of BFL!!!!

  • i have just registered on BFL. how does the meal system work. I dont understand and am having trouble downloading the starter kit. do you have to use the suggested shakes and nutrition bars or can you just use whey protein or somethiong similar? please someone help i really want to do this and get the body ive always wanted.

  • Emma, have you read the BFL book?

  • Emma, you can go online and get some of the food requirements to get you started.  I suggest going to Half Price Books and buying the book.  You can get it really cheap there as well.

  • First you should read the original book (the one with Bill Phillips on the cover), it will guide you through the process and help you understand.  Second you can get some info by reading the information at the Library tab above.  Third, if you work the program correctly, it will work for you.

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  • thanks guys. il try and get the book tomorrow. its just i live in the uk so some of the food in the meal plans online are american style food. well wish me luck then hopefully this time in 12 weeks il have the body i want. thanks again.

  • EmmaJ - Follow the food list found here and on page 83 of the book and you'll do fine.  The meal plans are just suggestions and not required to do this program.  You can make up your own meals using the list.  Just be sure to follow the appropriate portion size for each area (protein, carbs and veggies).

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  • Here's another link about portion sizing

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  • One thing that really helps me is using the BFL Journal. I know that some people create their own, as well, but I appreciate the planning pages and reflections. I highly recommend it! :)

    I get mine at

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  • Hi Emma,

    We'd love to help. Are you having trouble downloading the kit here?:  Are you seeing an error message?


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