August 1st Start

  • I too have eaten a ridiculous number of eggs.

    ... and cottage cheese.

    Time to diversify.

  • Well that didn't work.

    I am quiting the BFL Challange so I can reread the book and plan out my meals and workouts.

    I don't know how anyone can do this kind of change so quick.  Those BFL champions are heros and leaders in my book!

  • I took up the challenge as a part of changing my lifestyle. Hitting those little speed bumps of repairing poor diet and routines is all just a part of it.

    Just like anything else great you have ever wanted to accomplish in life the hardest thing is sticking to it. Have faith in yourself and give yourself the opportunity to analyze and improve any weak points in your plan.


  • Hi fitnurse, We've addressed the issue with your account, so you should be able to create a profile now!  Unfortunately, you cannot enter the Challenge at this time, but we hope you'll look to the others in this community along your journey.


    The BFL Team

  • Is anyone still out there from the Aug 1 start?