starting tomorrow!!! who's with me!

  • Hi!

    I am starting BFL tomorrow. I'm really excited. I'm a 32-year old female who wants to lose about 15 pounds of fat, and gain some muscle.  I would like to find a BFL buddy that I can talk to while I do it, or join a group that has recently started/start a group.  Just want to have people to talk to while I do this!

    If you're interested, let me know! We can either keep in touch via the forum, or start an email correspondence.  Just want to find people that want help staying motivated, and who can keep me motivated!  Or if you know of a group that's just started and will take new members, that would be awesome, too!

    Have a great day!

    elizabeth :)



  • Hi Elizabeth!

    I'm starting tomorrow too! I'm 35 and my goal is to lose 45lbs! I know it's alot, but I know it's possible! This is my second attempt to complete the challenge. What I learned from my first attempt is that planning your meals ahead of time and shopping for them is so key.  For breakfast I had a few favorites that I would alternate through out the week so I would chop every thing up and put it in air tight containers. Then through out the week I'd just pull out what I needed and threw it right in the pan. I have some yummy breakfast recipes I could share with you.


  • I am also going to be starting tomorrow. I have been so good at working out but can never seem to get my diet on track. I have done weight watchers well everything. I had a baby a year and a half ago and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I still have a lot of streched skin and just don't have the tone that I would like... anyway I would be happy to have some buddies on here as well! It would be nice to finally get some results! This is my first time doing the challenge but I think that it will be something to last forever!!!

  • Hi, Elizabeth!

      I actually tried to start 2 weeks ago. a lot of stuff came up in my life and I was only managing to do either the dieting or the workouts. my book was filled with half-done things. so I got a new log and am starting fresh. I need to lose probably 5-10 lbs but I am woefully out of shape. I completed a challenge 10 years ago so I know its do-able. anyway, if you want a buddy I am here.


  • Hi, Everyone!

    Well, it sounds like we're gonna have a good group to get started!  I noticed that people have team names and whatnot.  Should we create one, too?  

    My biggest hurdle is also eating.  And only at night.  My diet is amazing**(see next paragraph) throughout the day (at least I think so), but when it gets to after dinner, I just eat and eat and eat...and eat.   I can probably eat a good 1000 calories after dinner.  I'm not starving myself during the day.  By the time I've had dinner, I usually have eaten about 1500 calories.  It's just a habit I have to break.   So if anyone has tips for nighttime eating, and how to avoid bingeing, I'd appreciate them.  My snacks at night have been carb-heavy, so maybe by adding a protein to them I'll feel fuller.  

    I actually LOVE working out.  But the diet is thwarting all of my potential physical progress.  The meal plan here looks pretty good. **And while I do say that my diet is "amazing" I don't  follow the "always have protein with your carbs rule" that bfl talks about.   So hopefully that will help.

    Debbie-any recipes you want to share would be awesome!   Even if you don't lose 45 pounds in 12 weeks, if you stick to it, you will definitely see changes in your body!  I can feel the success already!   Plus, you may replace some fat with muscle, so don't worry if the scale doesn't move the way you want it to.

    Kelly-that's awesome that you've already finished this one time.  You will probably be our motivation that it can be done. LOL.

    awilkinson--what's your first name? ;-)  like I said earlier, I'm right there with you when it comes to having problems w/ eating.  so hopefully we can find tips and tools and pass them on to each other.

    Where does everyone live?  I'm in Ohio.

    So great to talk to everyone!!!

    elizabeth :-)

  • Hi All - would love to join the team!  I am starting tomorrow as well - I have been working out consistently for about a year now with great results and lost 15 lbs - but it is the diet and the red wine : ( that seem to keep me where I am.  Hoping that the challenge is the discipline that I need to get the "food thing" on track!  I would like to lose 10 more lbs - primarily around my middle and gain strength all over.  I just came back from 2 weeks vacation and its amazing how quickly things get off track!  Looking forward to tracking our success together!!


  • Hey guys, found out about the program last week and I've spent today getting ready for tomorrow. Good luck guys, going to try and add a starting picture to my profile later today

  • I'm willing to be there as a motivator...count me in!  

  • Hi Elizbaeth Im starting tomarrow too my name is Elizabeth too.My goal is to lose as much of this weight as I can I weigh over 330 pounds

  • well im not starting just finished week 8, but wanted to encourage yall, plan plan and plan its so important,

    GOD bless yall, eat clean, work hard, get rest and plan


  • Hello!

    I'm starting tomorrow, too.  I'd love to lose about 50 lbs and figure it will take me two rounds, so I can be close to my goal at the holidays.  

    I've got exercise down (mostly), but food is my downfall.  I am at the mercy of my sweet tooth (and it's a monster).  


  • Hi all!  

    I'd love to join in the group too.  I'm almost 45 (wow, when did I get that old?) and I my goal is to lose 40 lbs and get my overall strength and tone back.  I used to be super active, but not so much anymore.  I actually started last week and had a really successful week. YEA ME!

    My problem is actually remembering to eat and hating to excercise.  I get busy, forget to eat and then when I remember that I missed a meal, I grab whatever is there - usually junk food or whatever I'm driving by at the time.  Add a stressful job and relaxing with a glass or two of wine and voila - I'm now overweight!  

    But those days are over!  It's time to regain control and turn this body back into the temple God meant it to be!  I'm excited and motivated and let's all do this together!!!


  • Sorry I didn't get back on here yesterday but I was so excited this morning to see all of us on here and working towards the same goal! Also it is kind of nice to hear that alot (if not all of us) have a problem with the diet... Well I guess that is why we are here. I have never really been on forums before but to read everyone is on here with me is kind of great!! Sorry my name is Alyson and I am in Utah. This is just going to be such a great experience and I can't wait to see everyones before and after pictures! Also I think we should be a team and get a team name like Elizabeth said. I will try and get my profile picture up as soon as I can. I am just EXCITED! Did I mention that?? Does anyone have any suggestions on exercise programs??

  • I'll be posting my weekly stats every Friday and will soon be adding some of my favorite recipes to my profile. No more bloating! I feel great and have had more energy this week than I've had in awhile. I've already dropped 9 lbs, lost 2 inches off my waist, and 1 inch off my hips! Hope everyone else is feeling great too! Have a wonderful weekend!!!  

  • I have been feeling so good as well. I have never been a good morning person so the morning workouts are hard for me but I feel so good the whole day and really frees up my time in the afternoon! I have lost 7 pounds so far and I was going to wait till Monday to measurments since then it will be a week. Great job on 9 lbs. and 2 inches. It is amazing because 2 weeks ago I would have killed to loose 7 pounds much less 9! Way to go 2BFit4Life! Hope everyone else is doing good!