What do you falla's think...?

  • Ok i thought i would post my meals for the day or what i would usually have and see what your guys thoughts are and where i could prehaps improve...!


    1/4 - 1/2c Rolled Oats with 100mls Soy Milk and Protein Powder


    2 Slices Vogals Toast bread & 4 Egg Whites with either tomato or spinach mixed in!


    200g Yogurt and 200g Cottage Cheese (99% Fat Free) With a few ice cubes and Blueberries


    a very sad looking Protein Pancake (Can never seem to get it right) or anyother random things i might be trying. 


    120g chicken or 170g canned tuna with a salad or vegetables with low calorie sweet chilli on the side


    Same as M2


    Same as M3

    I don't usually eat a meal 6 as i try to go to bed very early! However if im awake ill deffently have one usually it consists of a protein shake and an apple or 200g yogurt!

    This week im really trying to concentrate on drinking 2.25l+ of Water which i admit i find differcult.

    Is there anything you can see that i could improve on??

    Cheers for your time every one xXx

  • In my opinion, the most important thing is to have 6 balanced meals spaced every 2 - 3 hours. Each meal should be roughly the same size and contain 20g carbs and 20g protien (about 30 and 30 or more for men) Meal 1 and 2 look good but double check on the protien and carb content. How many grams of protien in 200g of your cottage cheese for instance. But in meal 3 I don't see any carbs, or am I missing it? Vegetables do have carbs, some more than others, but they don't count as a carb portion unless it is something like a baked potato or sweet potato or yam. I would also encourage you to get that 6th meal in. I skipped the 6th meal for awhile but when got that 6th meal in things really got going. Cottage cheese and yogurt is a perfect final meal even right before bed. You could also try incorperating some nutritional shakes. They are a great way to get in a quick and complete meal.

    Don't worry if it is taking you some time to figure it out. It took me close to two months to get the hang of BFL eating . Stick to it, focus on progress and not perfection and keep going!! You will be successful.

    If you have more questions keep posting.

    All the best with your challenge. You can do this!!!