Starting BFL Challenge on 7/26/10. Who is with me???

  • is what Stacy was talking about.  I can't take the credit for it....this was written by Chantal Hobbs. She has a great story about how she lost over 200 lbs and I like her brain change challenge contract.

    Surrender Statement:

    I surrender today. I am going to be the best I can be! I will not let the frustration of trying to wear so many hats take over this mission, no matter what happens. I will respect my body today. I know it is a gift. Thank you, God for being my strength.

    The Brain-Change Challenge Contract

    I, ____________________________, am ready to work hard to keep at it when circumstances work against me. I will take control of my food issues once and for all and will focus on my optimal health and fitness. By signing this contract, I am making an unconditional commitment to God, myself and those who love and care about me. I will give my best today.

    From now on I will be truthful, even when it hurts. I will stop buying my old excuses – they will no longer hold me back from becoming the person I want to be. I will also be forgiving of my past. I accept that I have been slacking in some areas, but I am now done living with disappointment.  I am ready to be totally committed to creating a new life, no matter what curve balls life throws my way. In order to do this forever, I will take responsibility by understanding the way my body is designed to function. I will be interested in nutrition and exercise, and I will try to love it.

    I accept that this going to be difficult some days and that at times I will be frustrated and uncomfortable. However, I also know that doing anything great and worthwhile requires patience, perseverance, and endurance. This is also what makes us “great”! I agree to complete cardiovascular exercise and a strength-training program six days a week. I choose to stop living to eat and start eating to live. I understand that sacrifice and going to bed hungry some nights are what it will take to lose the weight that has been weighing down my life. As I attain these goals, I will continue to put premium food into my body so that I have the best fuel possible to operate on. By living according to this agreement, I will put an end to the old me. I have a new brain. With God’s help and my unconditional commitment, I am done fighting this war! I completely and enthusiastically surrender!

    Signed:   ___________________________________

    Date:   _____________________________________

    Witness:   __________________________________

  • Hi yall! challenging day, my daughter had surgery, and I am clearly not going to get today's workout in today.  but I will make it up on my free day. I did manage to resist eating out of stress and stayed on plan. hope everything is going great for everyone.

  • Killarney- Congratulations on a successful surgery and staying on plan!  My DD had surgery 3 mos ago and I know how stressful that can be.  Since this BFL journey is just the beginning of life long changes you should be very proud of yourself for today for not reverting to bad habits.

    Stacy-  Thank you so much for starting this forum!

    Pam- Thank you for sharing the Surrender Statement.  I absolutely LOVE it and will print it out to put on my fridge.  How wonderful that you and your sister are doing this together!

    Sharon- Your perserverance and endurance is awesome!  You will be my motivation for those two qualities.  Hope you don't mind.  I really appreciate your openness in posting your photos.  It helps a lot to see the results others are having.

    Bill- It's great that you are doing this with your wife.  My hubby and I are in it together too and he is much more fit than me.  In fact, today we went and found out our body fat.  While mine was a whopping 33.7% his was only 23.2%.  I'm glad the motivation poster is working for you.  Maybe we will have to do them this weekend.  I could see that being a fun couples project.  ;)

    Winner- You're absolutely right about mastering the mental part.  The success stories and forum are big part of my motivation as well.  I have a few champions pictures as favorites.  Every morning I read at least 1 and remind myself that they too are human.  They have life issues and setbacks.  I tell myself that if they did it, I can do it too!

    I did reach about a 9.5 this morning on Cardio.  Will have to up a little bit on Thursday.  Eating clean is something I really do enjoy but can see that monotony might become an issue towards the end.  I'm looking at getting Eating for Life.  But, if anyone eats something delicious or creative and would like to share the recipe here I would love it.

  • 3 days, 3 workouts.  So far, so good.  I'm glad to hear that everyone else is doing well.

    Killarney- I hope the surgery goes okay.  Let us know how it works out!  We are a team now, after all :)

    "Free Days" scare me.  I had some really bad habits and I'm afraid that I will resort back to them (specifially, on free days).  Anyone else have that problem?  For me, that one day could take away any progress I make that week.  I'm a little worried.


    P.S. Oxygen magazine?  Love it.  They once did an "Abs" edition and showed pictures and statements from real women (not famous people) who had fantastic mid-sections.  One of my favorite quotes was from a women who asked "Would I rather eat this cookie, or have a kick-a** mid-section?"  

  • Killarny, hope your daughter is doing well.

    Day 4 cardio yesterday. First cardio after a LWBO. Egads my calves were burning. Was a huge high point for me to accept the pain and push through. Thank you Rocky theme song!

    Janie, free day had me a bit apprehensive as well. I set my free day on Friday for a reason. Instead of a full day off to go far off track, with work and everything really only gives me Friday night to indulge. I think, just like everything else we are doing for our challenge PLAN the free day. Write down your meals like always and follow them. My planned free-day is as follows:

    Meal 1 Porridge + 4 egg whites

    Meal 2 MRS shake

    Meal 3 Chicken *** + WW pasta and a salad

    Meal 4 MRS

    Meal 5 PIZZA!!!! and a light beer.

    Meal 6 Popcorn at movie time + a diet soda.

    After Pizza I know I am going to want some Ice cream or something for dessert so we are planning on going for a bike ride to get an Ice cream cone instead of buying a tub and having it around the house. Figure the calories we burn on the bike ride (its about 5 miles each way to get it) will help take care of the treat.

    So, maybe give planning your free-day a try. I know I feel much better and more in control of whats going to happen having it down on paper.

  • Good Day to my fellow BFL'ers

    Killarney--great job on sticking with the plan even though you didn't get a chance to excercise.  That's the great thing about this program...sometimes life just happens and when it does...take a free day.  It won't be long until you get another free day:)  I hope your daughter recovers well.

    Janine--I think that it is a good thing that you are worried about the free day.  That means that you are eating to live and not living to eat.  I think that anyone who is not worried about the free day may expect some trouble....we are ALL here because our eating, diet and commitment to excercise has been out of control.  Other BFL'ers have said that once they started seeing such great results and once they started eating healthy and clean, they didn't even desire a free day.  Can't wait until I reach that  Make sure you come to the forum or BFL site for support the day after free day, so that you can get back in check.  It won't be long, and all of this will just be habit and routine!

    Congrats Dannywood on your 10 pound weight loss.  Don't ask how or why, just take the 10lb weight because you deserve it!

    Pam, I love the contract..

    Yesterday I pushed my self so hard that I thought I would puke the moment that I stepped off the treadmill....hoping to push myself today to the point of pre-puke.



  • I'm very new to this.  I've never been a BFLer though I've known about it.  I just completed my registration.  I was going to start my challenge today (7/28), but after listening to the others comment on here, I think I need to do a bit of planning, especially with respect to getting my food shopping done, my body fat taken, and planning my free day.  I'm 48, a single mother of 4, and I'm terrified that I'm going to fail at this because when school starts and the craziness begins again, my biggest challenge will be scheduling the workout time.  But, I just have to do it.  That's why I want to start now, so that by the time school does start I will have some routines down and some habits built up.  My plan is to start Saturday, Aug.31.  

    P.S.  I'm with BCBill on wanting Friday as my free day off.  I can still to the eating portion of it, but working out is a tough thing to do on Fridays during the school year for me.

    "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."  Helen Keller


  • Actually, that's a typo on my last comment there.  I'm starting July 31, on Saturday, not August.  Yikes!  

    "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."  Helen Keller


  • Hello, all!

    I am finally ready to start my challenge on Mon, Aug 2nd!  This will be about my 4th or 5th attempt in the last 9 years to do this thing.  Quite embarrassing to admit, but I guess I haven't been very successful at committing to change.  I've finally reached my all-time low physically.  My health has declined rapidly this past year, and basically I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!

    So, I'm pumped and ready!  I'm looking forward to all of us motivating each other!    

  • Did my legs today for the first time and did not reach a 10 on any group.  Soooo disappointed and was a little grumpy for a few hours.  Now, I am over my pout and ready to do more research and prep before next week.  I want to give it my all to truly reach my goal but I have to remember that this is just the first week.  Seeing improvement in Cardio yesterday and even in just the 5 min warm-up before the weights.  Day 3 over half done!  Let's go!

    I must have missed Dannywood's post about losing 10 lbs.  That is AWESOME!!!

    Hey Stacey, congratulations on your successful work out!  When I did my treadmill last Saturday I felt so bad I had to lay down while sipping my protein shake.  But, I felt empowered by my accomplishment the rest of the day.  The good news is that I did the exact same thing yesterday, hoping to reach that "pre-puke" point, and only reached a level 9.5 this time.  I was totally amazed to see such quick progression.

    Welcome MizB!  Single mother of 4 is an amazing feat.  I have one 13 y/o boy and could not imagine two others.  He is the love of my life and also my worst enemy.  LOL.  I too have been playing with weight loss for the past year without truly successful results.  Its frustrating and depressing at the same time.  I know that if we are mentally into this challenge and stay commited till the end we will be greatly rewarded.  Check in here when you can.  I will be using this forum as part motivator and part accountability, maybe it will help you too.  My kids think I am crazy for the food we now eat at dinner, my eating schedule, and my workout routines but they are troopers.  Hopefully yours will be supportive too!

    Welcome Rina!  I don't know what's worse giving something up before you have reached your goal or attaining your goal and then reverting to old habits and eventually putting yourself back where you started.  I have done both a few times and I'm sure there are more here who can relate.  Like Stacy said, we are all here bc our eating, diet, and exercise have been out of control.  You have come to the right place.  I am in this with you!  :)

  • Welcome Rina and Mizbefit!  

    MizB, I am very impressed that you are still going to do the challenge, knowing that its going to be especially hard for you.  That is the first step!    Congrats on your decision.

    Yeah, I was thinking of making my Fridays my free day too.  I like the idea of using work to help control things.  Hopefully I'll be able to master it in 2.5 weeks.  My internship will end and I'll be heading back to graduate school.  But, I'm trying to remain positive.  The only person who can change my behavior is me.

  • Hi team! Day 3 down :) This is definitely called a CHALLENGE for a reason, huh? I'm not going to lie---I struggled a lot tonight and am not feeling very good about myself or my abilities right now....The day started off great...meals 1-4 were perfectly on track, I resisted all the treats at work, and I had a fantastic workout. I had my meal 4 at 4(on schedule) but then when I got home from work around 530 I was FAMISHED. So weak I could barely make it up the stairs, my head hurt and I was almost nauseous. I tried to put off eating until it was time but ended up "just having a few almonds" which of course turned into a lot more than that...everything I had was "clean" and I didn't binge on junk but I just had way too much----a nectarine with a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and some kashi cereal straight from the box while I was cooking dinner. I'm just so bummed and I feel like I screwed everything up and will never be successful. I'm thinking about just calling this my "free day" but I'm upset about that because I was really looking forward to having frozen yogurt on sunday night. Sigh...This is going to be hard.

    In case you were is what I ate today...

    M1: 7AM- 8 oz greek yogurt, 30g kashi go lean cereal, 1 T flax

    M2: 10AM- pear, 4 oz turkey


    M3: 1PM- WW wrap with small can of tuna, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, carrots

    M4: 4PM- Pure Protein bar (18g carbs, 20g protein)

    RAID KITCHEN (guess we'll call this meal 5....?) 530PM- almonds, pb, nectarine, cereal

    M6: 630PM: WW pasta, cottage cheese, 3 oz shrimp, broccoli

    I don't really understand what is going on. I ate similarly the past 2 days and had no problem with the weakness/hunger! I hope I can overcome this and move on with the challenge with success.

    Live, Laugh, Love,


  • Hello Newbies!

    Sarah--Don't be so hard on yourself!  Your so called "cheat meal" is not at all what I would consider cheating!  Having a double cheeseburger with box of french fried happiness and a thick milshake is  cheating....Your still on target. Weight training burns more calories than cardio and your body craves protein to replenish your muscles, so you will probably find that you are a little hungrier on weight training days.  I had the same problem tonight...I did the UBWO today and even though I stuck to my meals all day today, I was FAMISHED when I got home.  I inhaled TWO pieces of grilled chicken instead of one piece like I had planned out, and a cob of corn.  I am not even sure if I tasted any of it....but I feel surprisingly full  I understand about your family making fun of your new meal husband has been eating fat free cheese for the last 3 days...he is not at all

    I think that planning your free day meals is a brillant idea.  I think that I will do the same:)  I don't want to go hog wild, but I also don't want to cave into any cravings on week 2 if I dont get some of my comfort foods out of the way.  BTW...I have always found week 2 to be the hardest....but, since I have all of you, maybe it will be different this time....

    GRTMOMX3---UUUGGGHHH....I think that being in shape and then letting yourself fall back into bad habits is so hard to grasp.  Oh, and I meant to ask you.....when you say that you reached a 10 on the treadmill, you meant a 10 intensity level, not 10mph....right? OMG, if you are running a 10mph, then I am going to need a serious encouragement.

    We can do, school, work, husbands, wives...Brad Pitt or we come!



  • "We can do, school, work, husbands, wives...Brad Pitt or we come!"

    LOL.  I so needed that little chuckle!  

    No way am I doing 10 mph.  I barely made it to 5mph for the last push.  I hit my level 10 on Saturday at 4.8 mph but that just wasn't doing it yesterday . I bumped it up for the last 30 seconds and almost got a ten.  I'm sure in another 30 seconds I would have gotten the level 10 but I stuck to the 20 min rule.   I am not very strong cardiovascularly.

    Sarah- I think we are all going to have days that we are more hungry than others.  Adding a little more clean food on those days is probably a good thing.  The body tells us what it needs if we listen, depriving it might be worse.  Don't beat yourself up!

    BTW, my name is Jennifer.  Sorry I neglected to share that earlier.

  • Day 3 is finished for me, and it all went well.  I'm a former BFLer who let my body go for the past 8 years, so I decided it was time to take control.  I've been following the program since April, unofficially, but decided to begin the "Official" challenge on Monday to spur more motivation.  Up until Monday, I had lost 42 pounds, but I'm still hoping to lose another 20 pounds or so.

    I completed the challenge back in the spring of 2001, and I fully believe in this program.  When I made the decision to begin working out again in March, I knew exactly what program I would be following again.  

    Glad to see so many people still believe in this program.  Glad to hear everyone is having a pretty good first week.  Sarah, the one thing I can tell you is not to dwell on today.  Don't let it eat you alive.  The day is done.  Let it go.  These days happen to everyone at some point, either in eating or in not giving it your all in the gym.  Clear your mind of it and start tomorrow fresh with your motivation high!