Zone Perfect

  • So I'm on day 3 and haven't cheated once...which is huge for me.  But I recently bought the Zone Perfect Bars and have been using these as my meal replacements along with Muscle Milk.  Are these ok to use?  I've tried Myoplex products and a bunch of different kinds of protein bars and these are the two that I actually like and I find don't taste like protein.  Will this affect my outcome?

    The other thing I noticed with the Zone Perfect Bars is that they're also energy bars so an hour or so after I have one, I want to exercise which is perfect.  Please, if anyone has any news about this, I would appreciate it.



  • Hi JLC,

    Congrats on accepting the challenge!!!

    Personally I am careful with bars. Most of them have a lot of sugar in them. They should really only be used in emergencies and not as a regular part of your 6 daily meals. Nutritional shakes like myoplex or using a protien powder is a better way of getting enough protien into your diet. Sorry I don't know about muscle milk. The main thing is that you have 6 meals a day spaced 2 - 3 hours apart and they are roughly the same size. Each meal should be balanced in protein and carbs. As a guide 20g protein and 20g carbs for women and 30g protien, 30g carbs for men. Plus veggies with two meals a day and lots of water.

    I hope this helps!


  • Thanks so much!!  I'm pretty pumped and hope I can make it to the end.  No wait, I WILL make it to the end.  Then hopefully it will just become routine and no longer a DIET.

    I appreciate the response.  I just looked up Myoplex Lite and there are a few differences, Myoplex Lite is less on Fat by 3 grams and 3 grams less of sugar.  But Zone bars are 50 mg less sodium and 4 grams less of carbs.   I'm hoping this sort of balances out.  I guess if the results aren't showing in a few weeks, then I'll switch to what's recommended.

    Bar                     Fat Sat.   Fat       Carbs    Fiber     Sugar      Protein       Sodium      Calories

    Myoplex Lite       4.5             3              26           4           11               15         260mg             190

    Zone                    5                6              22           1           14               12         210mg             190

    Thanks again for the response.