2 questions for everyone to help me with!!

  • 1. How does you ensure that your hitting a 10 in the weights???

    Im asking this cos when i did my 1st did my weight work out, holy #### did i feel it the mext day! But ive never really gott that burn again! Im always using weights that make me feel like im pushing myself but i was just wondering if i was doing something not quite right!! Yes im following the program doing 12/10/8/6/12 & 12. But wanted to hear your thoughts on the subject too! Soooo.....What do you guys reckon??


    2. Im still trying to shake my addiction! Im down from 2-3 2.25L bottles a day to only 1/2-1 2.25L bottle!! YAY!!

    My aim is to stop completely though! As its such as waste of money! So ive filled up 2-3 2.25L bottles with water to help me, as i seem to like cold better then warm! Has anyone else has this problem and how did you over come it.

    Cheers everyone! Hoping your all doing well xXx

  • Angee- On the weights, your first workouts will always leave you with that sore feeling as the body is not used to the shock that you are giving it...the next workouts that follow, your body is like, okay I know what she's doing to me now, I can handle this...that's why it is good to switch up your exercises every 3-4 weeks to shock the body again.

    The way I gauge my 10's is if I'm making that grimacing face towards the end of my lifts. Also make sure you are noting whether you need to stay at the same wt or go up next time if the lifts were too easy.

    And on the "addiction"? Are you talking about soda?? I haven't had a diet soda since last year, just stopped....now it's WATER, WATER, WATER!!!! Once you just keep drinking it, your body will crave it!

    All my best! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I agree with Debs.  One other way to look at it is if you are comfortable with what you are doing, it's time to either increase your weights or change the exercise.  

    Water, water, water is right.

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  • Oh Flop! Yes i was meaning Diet Soda! Hmmm sounds kinda dodgy how i worded it lol!

    Ok so really focusing on water tomorrow! Thanks for your help! What do you think of adding like a sugar free flavouring to water? Just helps me drink more but wondering how it will effect my progress!

  • HI Angee,

    Don't be reluctant to stop the soda, once you stop you will feel a HUGE difference. Soda make you bloaty PLUS the diet sugar makes you hungry faster!

    I've only been drinking water for a long time, even before BFL. When i feel like i need 'soda' I squeeze half a lemon to club soda. I even only use this on my free days and not so much even.

    Try squeezing lemon, so its natural, in your water, like a wedge only. It will be tangy, but help with also getting rid of you being used to the 'sugary' taste of your drinks. Try with COLD water, sometimes warm water turns people off. I am not sure about the flavoring, im not familiar with it. if it has fake sugar in it i would say stay away, if it doesn't then it should be ok, im not sure.

    try to wean yourself off, and learn to love the water!

    Years ago i was a Sprite+lemon+ ice  and OJ addict (particularly in the summer!), and I was just  taking in SO  much calories and not taking in enough H2O.

    Goodluck :)

  • Angee, I as well am kicking the diet soda addiction. I was drinking 5-4 cans of diet pepsi a day! My wife was all over me about how bad Aspartame for years.


    Anyways, I went cold turkey 6 days ago to get ready for my BFL challenge I started on the 24th. So far so good. Drinking lots of water. The biggest problem I have had is with meals as water just doesn't seem to cut it, so I have been making green-tea ice tea instead slightly sweetened with Xylitol. Seems to be doing the job.

  • Angee:

    I buy flavored tea bags (example: pomegranted white tea @ Trader Joes) and just stick one in my ice water.  It is 100% tea with nothing added, but helps when you are getting burned out on plain water.  I also make decaf unsweetened peach tea and drink that throughout the day.

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