Chaotic Job - Workouts and Being Prepared...

  • I am just fnishing up my first week.  Once again following BFL, but this time I am going to finish 12 weeks. 

    Based on my first week experience I have some tweaking to do...any suggestions is much appreciated.

    I work 4 - 10 hour days (5:00am - 3:30pm)  Sun- Mon

    My work is crazy at any given moment I can be pulled into a situation that can leave me tied to my desk for hours at a time.  
    This week I packed my food every day, but it never seems to fail the day I bring in food that needs to be heated up, right when I am about to heat up my food I am pulled into a chaotic situation and cannot walk away from my desk for 2 hours.  Someone ran out for food and I ended up inhaling a turkey sandwhich, which I am sure was not made with the most healthiest bread or a decent serving size of protein. 

    This next week I am bringing all food that does not require heating.   That takes care of that.. hopefully

    My workout schedule...

    Sun - Monday... I cannot work out before work otherwise I am up @ 2:00 am, which does not work because I cannot go to bed earlier than 8:30 pm. 

    Sunday is usually nuts at work, but I still have enough energy to workout.  For some reason Mondays are killers... mentally and physically.  I decided to make this a free day for exercise, but not food. 

    Do you feel it is ok to have the food free day and exercise free day on different days?   I like having my free food day when I am spending it with family, but those are also the days that I have extra free time to exercise. 

    Tuesday and Wednesday I workout around 8:00pm, after dinner,homework and chores. 

    The rest of the week is workout in the mornings.  




  • Hi Dannewi.

    Great to see you're going to do 12 weeks of BFL - congrats on your decision!

    I have a very busy job too - there are days when I'm running between overrunning meetings!  This is what I do:

    The night before:

    I write out my meal plan and workout plan for the next day.  I have to WRITE mine down on the templates (which are available somewhere on this site).  Typing it up doesn't imprint it on my brain enough and it’s too easy for me to slip the next day.

    I get my gym bag and work clothes all ready for the next day.

    Then I go to bed - an hour and half earlier than pre-BFL days.  Sleep is VERY important in BFL.

    The next day: I get up an hour and a half earlier than non-BFL days, make a couple of shakes (EAS Myoplex Lites are really good for ladies) drive to work, have an espresso coffee, get to the gym, workout, shower, change and I'm at my desk and really ready for the day.

    I have a cooler bag which I take with me and in it are apples (ready washed) oranges (plus paper towels), packets of lean ham, cottage cheese, cooked and cut up chicken *** in tin foil and some seasonings to cheer things up. I make up my planned meals from these.  And I make sure I have enough for another couple of meals – sometimes I unexpectedly work late – and the meals are there.  Shakes can be downed in 15 seconds – meal done! I keep a couple of Myoplex protein / carb bars in my bag (purse?) but for emergencies only as they have a lot of sugar in them.  

    I also set my meal times as alarms on my phone – I found I was missing meals without realising how fast the time was going.  Also – I did 2 hours between meals in the morning and 3 hours between means after that – it was a lot easier to get my meals in that way.

    I write down what I ate and drank during the day – just after I ate or drank!  And I wrote everything down – including whether or not my portion sizes were OK!!  Kept me on track.  

    And yes – it’s OK to split your exercise free day and your meal free day.

    Hope this helps!