Food for Thought: Italy's Eating Habits

  • I was reading my Washington Post this morning, and in the Local Living section, there's a Wellness column.  In it, the author  describes how Italy has far fewer overweight people than the U.S..  While in Italy, she observed  "behaviors that struck me as more nutritionally and emotionally sound than those common in the United States." 

    "nowhere did I see anyone walking around with a super-size soda or big honkin' cup of joe from Starbucks.....Pasta came in fist-sized portions...Roast chicken for lunch was a single, exquisite ***...  Though McDonald's lurked in several cities, I saw only one group of kids eating the stuff. Instead, people feasted on single slices of fresh-baked, thin-crusted pizza topped with fresh vegetables, less cheese than we'd settle for at home and plenty of olive oil..."

    The full article, "Why the U.S., compared with Italy, is a vast-waist land" can be found at:



  • America is an Eating Disorder

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I have to say coming form the UK I was astounded when I came over to the states. Your smalls are our large and restaurant portions were crazy. It must make it that bit more challenging to refocus when you are surrounded by so much gluttony.

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