First Time Ever Post!!!

  • Gidday everyone, my name is Cherie.

    This will be my 1st post! Excited much!

    Ok a bit about me - Im 22yrs old. I live in New Zealand (although i had to put that i live in America to evern be able to regester? Go figure?).

    Im in my 2nd week of Body For Life. So excited now i just got to keep it going and not back slide! Im aiming to get a six pack and look brillant and finally be happy with my body! I have been doing really well with my eating on the weekdays and even though i cant always make the workouts in the morning a always ensure they get done asap! The only problem i seen to encounter is the weekends! My free days turn to a free weekend and it all turns to crap! But this hasnt got me down though! My goal for wk 3 is to finally control my freedays and try and make it into 2 free meals (so i dont lose my head, go nuts and eat everything insite!!). So wish me luck! If anyone has any tips on how to make this process easier please let me know! All/Any advise is wonderful!

    Ps: Im only able to get on the internet in the weekend and maybe once in the week if im lucky. But i always check on how everyone is doing via mobile and would just like to wish everyone the very best for this week and every other week of there challenge! Im looking forward to wk 3! Bring it on!

  • WOW all the way from New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats on getting started, i havnt even started yet and I am worried about those free days though well see if I take them or not!

  • Welcome Cherie!

    Just keep posting when ever you can! I'm only a week ahead of you but what really keeps me going is the wonderful information found in this forum.  Just remember we're all here to help! :)

    Kat5499 "If I'd known I was gonna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself" - Leon Eldred

  • Hi Kat Im elizabeth Im a Newby too, thought Id introduce myself cause Im having a hard tme getting anyone to talk to me or post to me Im going to start next week sometime.its nice to meet you.

  • Welcome Cherie, Kat, and Elizabeth,

    I am Malena and I am starting my 8th week.  This site is really amazing if you can find a group of people to join up with.  The group that I am with is really great, we all support and give advise when needed.  We also make jokes and update each other on our progress.  I have found it to be really helpful.

    I currently have lost 12 pounds, and about 12 inches.  I still have a long way to go, but the goal is progress not perfection.  Remember ladies we didn't get this way overnight, and we won't lose it overnight.  If you have any questions, or need anything feel free to ask.  I am sure everyone will be happy to help.  

    Stay strong,


  • Thansk for responding! i guess its just dead on sundays. ive got a friend at NKOTB sight who says shes gonna do it with me shes been doing it a while so Im thinking I may not even even need to join a challenge or do i? Its suppose to be that everyone who does the progam joins the challenge is that Correct?

    Glad to see someone whos losing weight respond!I weigh 340, I started out at 366 and went down to 334 on my own but gaine 6 pounds back. I need to be ina  specific foodplan.Im now borderline anemic, and I keep getting sick and anemic from these diets then I ruin them and go back to gaining weight. This is one thing that drew me to this program because its based on healthy eating, and 6 meals a day, nutritional lots of vegies and protien and also Iv e been dehydrated 3 times this year, in the hospital bed with the docters putting liquids into me, Im terrible about not drinking water.

    I read Danny Woods tweets from twitter and hes on this and he preaches drinking water water water all the time he drinks over 100 ounces a day!So I know itll be a halthy program for me.

    I need to get off of diet cokes bad too.I was worried about not losing enough weight at first but I beleive losing it slowly will be the best thing for me anyways. All I can do is do it for 3 months and see if I see results.Its possible that with me weighing so much anyways I may lose a little fast because at this high weight I drop weight easily anyways!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to say hi! Hope everyones week is going well! Today is my free day and im getting better! Hurray! Next week will be even better! Has anyone seen any results. Before i start my free day i weigh less which is awesome and my clothes are losser im sure! So was just wondering how everyone else was doing!

    Would like to clear up a mistake in my last post i wrote that i was in week 3 well actually im up to week 5 next week! I havent really being paying attension as the weeks fly by as im trying to make this a way to live the rest of my life! I still have a few things to improve on hoping to do better this week! Good luck every one xXx  

  • Hi ladies

    I am Melissa, I am also in week 4 this week, with Kat. What an amazing experience.

    I am in South Africa, and Cherie, I get what you are saying about registering. They are making us lie LOL.

    I also felt strange posting with no replies, but just ask a question and you can be sure, your question will be answered.

    Elizabeth, I am not sure about having to join the challenge, but I have not joined, and just wish to do this in that way. I am also not too sure. hopefully on of  the Champs, can clarify that for us.

    Regarding progress, and seeing changes, I have not seen much, but what I have learnt from the others, is that the difference is felt first, and surely I can also feel it.

    Time is surely flying by, and the gym instuctors, are surprised to see me there almost everyday, and now they are also helping me and motivating me.

    I hope to keep in touch with you guys. If you don't mind I will add you as friends.

    Chat to you soon



  • Hi Everyone

    I am Meg. I am just at the end of week 1 - today was my free day. Cherie I am also in NZ. This weather is not very motivtating - but I have put a few things in place to make sure it's going to work.

    I'm really excited about being part of a group it certainly helps to keep me motivated.

    Anyways it's late here. I have a UBWO tomorrow.

    Good luck


  • Helle everyone,

    My name is Teresa and I finished my C1 last week.  Taking two weeks of Active Rest and then will be doing another 12 wks.

    Angee about the free day, I know what you are saying, I did that many many times.  Always had good intentions but one free day just led into the other and it was Monday before I got my head screwed on tight.  My suggestion is really try and plan ahead it does make all the difference.  Remember you will have slip ups but continue to just stick with it, you will see great results.

    Dannywoodtxgirl - I believe signing up for the challenge is completely up to you.  I did not sign up for it, it is not about that for me, however I believe some people do it to keep themselves accountable so do what you feel is best.

    I hoped I answered some of your questions.  Have a good day.

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • I've done this challenge before. I strive for a free meal instead of free day cause before my free days were free for alls and it hampered my progress big time. I try to plan my free day ahead and weigh the price of certain foods. Is a pizza worth me not reaching my goals? I try not to over think it during the week but if there's something I cannot live without I indulge myself with a regular portion. Last week I really wanted some buffalo wings so I just changed the recipe to boneless skinless ***, and smart balance instead of butter. They were actually pretty good and satisfied the craving. I used to crave chocolate a lot on my free day, so now I have an occasional hershey's dark chocolate kiss and let it melt in my mouth to satisfy the craving. I also love Jello dark chocolate sugar free pudding with 2 TBSP of light whipped cream. These two things pretty much cured the want for sweets on my free day or any other day.My name is Cherie as well, but my nickname is Chuie.

  • Hi my name is Xana and I need to loose 50 or so pounds and getmy body back.  I am starting the challenge on Monday 26th and need all the support I can get.  I've tried every diet in the world and all that happens is that I loose 3 pounds and gain two.  Sustained improved has been impossible and very frustrating.  Looking forward to this new challenge

  • Well to all those who need support ill happily support you the best i can! Just let me know how your doing and ill get back to you as soon as possible! i too want to lose weight but only around 10kgs and really tone up to get that sexy looking 6 pack! Thats my goal! So lets help one another if your all keen xXx

  • Hi Guys

    I finished my first week yesterday. I didn't find it too bad. I found the cardio quite hard. I have run long distances before so I was a little suprised that the short hard bursts would exhaust me quite as much as they did! I am guessing as you get fitter it will be easier to distinguish between levels 6-9. I felt as tho' I was just trying to keep going. Has any one else found that?

    Roll on week two - I'm ready :)

  • Hi ladies and Gent's If any.

    How is things going thus far?