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  • Ok im c1wk5, first is it ok to drink more than 10 cups of water a day, and second, cause im wanting to lose my Love handles (ugly handles) can i change my abs workout to cardio days, thus working them out 3 times a week,

  • Rodie,

    Yes it's okay to drink more than 10 cups a day. I get in about 3L on most days.

    There are people who work their ABS on cardio day, so I don't think it's a problem, but ABS are made in the kitchen! Your clean eating will produce faster results than trying to work them more. I know this is true because when I started my challenge I was following the BFL eating principles but I had free meals when it wasn't a free day, and I would absent mindedly snack with a bite here and there through out the day. I lost #s during this time but it seemed like everything was getting smaller except my love handles. The second half of my challenge I focused on BFL eating and no cheating not even a bite if it wasn't a free day and now my love handles are smaller. I've done two weeks of active rest where I didn't work ABS at all, and they've gotten even smaller, almost gone!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thanks Tisha28 yeah i work on drinking minium 3L a day, and ive had awesome results by end of week 4, with total wght loss of 17:8lbs,  my body fat went from 56:38lbs to 25:78lbs with the percentage of body fat going from 25:2 % to 12:3 % in 4 weeks these were computer generated results done at the ymca, but having said all that im just about at end of week 5 and there only 7 weeks to go, and i want them love handles gone, i did post pics on my profile and the pics dont show the real change thus far, anyways thanks for advice will follow it, and i will stick to doing abs on leg day,

    GOD bless

  • I agree with TIsha - abs are made in the kitchen. I am not sure, but I believe the abs are with LB because almost all LB excercises involve the core so it is warmed up and ready to take a beating with blood circulating once LB is done.

    I say this because for months I was not able to "feel" myself working my calves. Then one day I read an article that said in order for the calves to tear and repair, they must be warmed up and have blood circulating in them well to aide in the excercise. I think my calves were not warm enough due to the choices of LB excercises I was doing and also the intensity and positioning on my calve raises.

    I admit I do my abs on cardio days, and they are more than warmed up after 20 minutes on my Gazelle.

    Water is SO important as well as a dehydrated muscle cannot repair as quickly - so you will NOT see results if you do not drink the minimum requirements. The water you do drink will go to digestion or something else first and not to increase lean muscle.

    Great questions Rodie!