Rob and Jen's weekly update!!!



    My name is Robert and my wife is Jennifer!

    We are Rob and Jen...married for thirteen years; we have 4 wonderful children! We have been so blessed, but really need to make some healthy changes so not take our blessings for granted. I am currently a stay at home Dad who home-schools our children and just completed my Associates Degree in Psychology. I will be going back soon to get my Bachelors. Jennifer is in the Military and stationed at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC. I weighed over 200 lbs at the start of this year and have lost close to 40 pounds. We just had our 4th child in February and are struggling with getting those last pounds off and having a ‘total’ transformation!   I hope to lose some body fat and gain some muscle, Jenn needs to lose about 30 more pounds. She has already lost 50 pounds following the Body-for-Life principles and workouts.

       We have tried Body-for-Life in the past with great results, but never actually entered the challenge. This is our year! We are committed to success and will stop at nothing less! We are determined to succeed with the help of God, a lot of hard work and all of your wonderful support!  We also plan on having lot’s of fun along the way!!!

     We are starting our challenge on July 4th! We felt this day would be fitting to the new freedom we plan to experience!!!

    Our 5 year old daughter has Type 1 diabetes, so it is important for us to live a nutritious and healthy life as an example to her. It’s not just about us anymore…we have a lot at stake! I am so thankful for the people at EAS and Abbott for the chance at this opportunity and look forward to going on this journey with all of you here!

    God Bless!


  • Congratulations and welcome to the forum!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Congratulations!!! Welcome!!!! It is so awesome that you guys are doing this as a family!!!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thank you both very much!!!

    God bless!


  • So with week one already in the books and week two well on the way…all I can say is this is awesome!!! Jennifer, my wife, had last week off so we were able to start with a bang and took full advantage of the time to get in all our workouts and cardio!!! We both hit new Highs this week during HIIT and have fallen in love with the Myoplex and AdvantEDGE shakes!!! They are delicious and so very convenient.

    So far we have eaten LOTS of greens, chicken and fish! We stocked up on the shakes and even bought a tub of EAS 100% protein powder…we are ready to go!!!  Jennifer has already lost 9 pounds in just the first 10 days! I haven’t lost much weight, but I can tell I’m getting leaner and I feel remarkable…we both do!

    We are so excited and even put the scale away and decide to weigh each Monday instead of every day! A lot of people at the hospital where Jennifer works have commented that she looks so much thinner : )

    This works!

    I’ll update next week…

    God bless!


  • So far so good…I really couldn’t ask for better results and Jen and I both are feeling remarkable!!! Sunday we had a storm that knocked out power for 53 hours! Not a fun time, especially with 4 kids! It was a struggle to get in our workouts and cardio due to no access to treadmill and being just plain HOT! We are back in the groove now though and making up for the missed days.

    Hope everyone is doing as amazing as we are!!! Stick with it, results WILL come!!!

    God bless!


  • So week 4 is now in the books as well!!! We had our first ‘official’ free day this weekend and really felt rough afterwards. I think I may have overdone it a bit…just a bit. Jen is already back to her pre-free day weight, I am still playing catch up it seems!  I think the whole stress filled week with no power and lots of other commitments during the week and weekend made it easier to just really give in to those cravings. We normally just have one free meal a week instead of a whole free day!

    Anyway, we are still plugging along and feeling great now that we have recovered from the carb overload : ) After our workout Sunday I asked my 11 year old son to please bring his mother and me a shake out of the fridge. I told him to bring me a Myoplex and his mom an AdvantEDGE Carb. He came in and said, “Here’s your Myoplex dad and here’s your anti- carb Mom!” I said, “What did you call that?” And he said…”Anti-carb…isn’t that what it’s called.” We had a good laugh!!!

    Be blessed!

    ~Rob and Jen

  • Rob and Jen-

    Welcome to the Challenge!! And Kudos to you for being a stay at home schooling dad!! Thank you Jen for your service in the military!

    Sounds like you both know what it takes to make this work so I wish you all the best! Keep us posted on your progress!!  =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I wouldn't do your weekly weigh-ins the day after free day. I weighed in at 188 yesterday and 179 before free day.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Wow, time sure fly’s. The last couple of months have been really difficult for us and we never finished our challenge. Jen broke her toe and had some other medical issues. I had been training with a shoulder injury which finally got the best of me.  After Jen broke her toe we thought about taking a week or two off and starting back, but two weeks turned into three and so forth. Before we knew it we had missed out on this year’s challenge!

    Well, that being said; we are both healthy, for the most part, and have decided that there is no time like the present! So, we are planning on taking pictures today and starting Sunday October the 10th! On the positive I am excited to begin again and just think of all the 12 week challenges we can complete by starting now!!!

    So we are back!!!

    Look forward to spending more time on the forum and going on this journey with you all!!!

    God bless!

    Rob and Jen

  • Thanks for the great welcome from the wonderful Q4 TEAM!!!!

    (This is a repost from the team thread)

    Soooo, day one is in the books and WOW…I am soooo sore right now! We actually worked out Saturday before starting our ‘official’ challenge and I’m still feeling it! I cannot begin to say how much better it feels mentally to be eating healthier and exercising again! Last night we did our first cardio session in over two months and I was so hurting-gasping for breath and ashamed at how much I had let myself go!!! Use to I could fly through the cardio HIIT workouts…last night, I thought I was dying, literally! Afterwards I sat on the couch and told Jen that if I died to make sure she turn off my bath water : )

    Today, I sit here with a EAS protein shake typing this and though I’m sore, tired and exhausted….I’m happier than I have been in months!!! I’m not sure what is different about this challenge, but I know this is our year…this is the FIRST challenge we WILL complete, and this is the first challenge that we WILL win!!!! I already feel like a winner!!!!

    We were going to do lower body workout today, but the complex exercise room is closed so looks like we will do arms today!

    Thanks again for all the positive support…This is ALL of our YEAR!!!

    The shake I’m drinking is one of my favorites… 1 scoop of EAS 100% vanilla protein powder, 1 TBl of all natural peanut butter, 2 -3 TBL of steel cut oats(pre-cooked with RAW honey and cinnamon-placed in fridge)  8 oz of COLD spring water! This shake is delicious, filling and has the perfect ration of healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates!

    Have a GREAT week-God bless!


  • Welcome Back!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Thanks Bryan!!! Glad to be back!



                      Yesterday was another AWESOME day in BFL land other than I was SOOO tired! I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but I have had the worse time falling asleep! I’m either having to get up and go to the bathroom due to ALL the water I’ve been drinking or my mind is racing with a thousand different exercises-food combos and anything else BFL related : ) Anyhow, I’ve ended up with only 4-5 hours of sleep the last 3 nights…last night I actually got 6 , but had to sleep a little later to get that! Either way….yesterday it caught up with me= the upper body workout (chest-back) on Saturday and then the killer Cardio on Sunday (with no sleep) come yesterday (with no sleep) I did not feel like I could move! My whole body was ONE BIG sore muscle : ) That being said…I pushed through and Jen and I did our Biceps and Triceps! It ended up being a wonderful workout and I am glad I did not give in to the tiredness and fatigue!


        I am really big on setting weekly goals…Jen usually says that I sometimes set unrealistic goals, but I am very goal driven. We set our first week weight goal on Sunday and on day 3 we are already only 1 pound from meeting it!!! That weight loss is a far second in comparison to how we both are feeling though! One of the biggest joys is sitting and watching our children eating healthy again! The last few meals the kids said, “Wow, this is SOOO good,” they have missed eating healthy as much as we have. They don’t have the choice like we do, it’s my responsibility to make sure there is healthy-nutritious food for the kids and NOW there is and they are LOVIN IT!!! Every choice-every decision trickles down through the family---I’m glad I’m making healthy ones now! My kids deserve the BEST!

    So, last night when I couldn’t sleep I was thinking, this is going to be the GREATEST Challenge Ever!!! Jen and I have tried this SOOO many times and have never ever succeeded in completing 12 weeks. I was trying to figure out why and go over the patterns in my head so as to not allow the same thing to happen and I have figured out that we were NEVER truly ready mentally. I would be ready and she wouldn’t or vice versa. It was always some type of mental block and then this year we actually were ready and at a point in our life to succeed when the physical aspect finally got in the way. Her pregnancy complications and broke toe, shoulder and knee injury on my part…crazy! Now…we are injury free for the most part AND mentally READY!!! We have ALL the resources we need, the best support team and NO Excuses!!!


    Will Add Before Pictures day we will look back on these and be proud of how far we have come!!!

  • Having fun with this challenge…

    We have taken so many before pictures in the past that it would probably fill up a hard drive! We were taking pictures the other day and the kids all lined up to take their before photo’s and after we looked at them, I made the comment that they all looked sad except the youngest. My oldest said, “Isn’t that how we are supposed to look in our before pictures!” I thought, WOW, how telling is that…is this the message we have been sending our kids. Start-quit-look sad-start again-quit…

    This is the chance of a lifetime to change our entire family’s life and why should it be a sad event? So…no more quitting…no more excuses…no more sadness!!! We are doing this ‘THIS TIME’ and we are going to have FUN doing it!!!  


  • "Winning is not normal and those who constantly win follow an ‘abnormal’ path. The discipline, dedication and sacrifices are incomprehensible to those thousands standing outside, looking in, who are capable of joining the winning team, yet unwilling to pay the price of admission. Winners win in a fair effort, on a level playing field; because they deserve to win... they willingly pay their dues in full, time after time, after time."

    From G. Porter Freeman’s week 1 challenge guide: