Starting BFL Monday July 5th. Would any Newbies like to join?

  • Lensman -- sorry to hear about your injury!!!  That sucks!  I have a ton of respect for the fact that you are pushing along with the challenge anyway, but just remember that your body comes first!  Don't do anything to make your situation worse, or to make the pain worse.  Stick to the diet (you are doing GREAT on that if you are at 1200-1400 calories per day -- that's not easy to do!) and do LBWO if you can, but don't mess yourself up with upper body!  In the BFL book Bill talks about how we will all face adversity as we do this challenge.  It's clear that you're facing yours, but take heart in the fact that you are overcoming it and persevering!

    Frick -- no offense, but kettle corn ice cream sounds gross!  Even if I did buy it, i wouldn't eat it.  :-p  But I take your point, and I certainly don't buy any chocolate ice cream.  :)

    I have a question for you Frick (and for anyone who does cardio outside) -- how do you manage doing interval training when you run?  I've been running on a treadmill.  I always hated the treadmill, but with the intervals that we're supposed to do I actually love the treadmill, because i can see my timer right in front of me and I can adjust my speed every minute to increase my levels.  I'd like to run outside, but I'm afraid to try it because I'm afraid I won't be able to push myself.  It's easy to make yourself run faster on a treadmill, because I push a button and the ground starts going by faster.  Any advice for working the intervals when exercising outdoors without a machine?

    Things are still going pretty well with me on my program.  I had to skip my LBWO yesterday -- I went to the gym and started, but my knees were hurting right from the start, so I abandoned the workout . I did a light LBWO today after my cardio to make up for it (sort of).  I've been a big believer in enjoying my free days (and eating lots of junk that I love), but I think I am going to skip my free day this week.  Inevitably I enjoy my free day, gain 2 pounds, and then spend the first part of the following week trying to work off the weight I gained.  This week I may skip it and see how that goes.  I'll keep you guys posted.

    GL team!  We can do it!!!

  • @Lens - glad you are getting to the root cause there.  Keep up the good work on the diet, too.

    @Steve - Mr Phillips said that we would soon abandon the free day diet binges.  You are the first to declare that one...Good Job!

    For cardio, the beach that I run on has these things called groins that project out into the water to stop erosion.  Google earth helped me to figure out that they are exactly 1/16 of a mile apart.  Additionally, I also found that 50 paces walking takes about as much time as 100 paces running and 50 paces equals about the same distance btw groins.  Once I get my heartrate up I walk one, run two or run 1-1/2 and sprint 1/2.  Today, I ran the first mile, then did the 1 -2 pace for the mile back.

    My Kayak (Salma) also has a speedometer on it, so I go for time at a fixed pace (2.5, 3.5 and 4 kts) pedaling for one minute at each speed using lower body muscles and then paddle like a fiend for the 4th minute using upper body.  I do this for 5 or more cycles until I am either home or whipped.

    So far so good, but basically it's either time or distance measured with increasing levels of intensity.  

    IMHO, I am not a big fan of the treadmills unless I am traveling.  My friend from South Africa calls it "mice on a wheel".  Plus there's a change in scenery with running (unless it's shift change at the spinning class LOL).

    Cheers, Y'all

  • And as for the Kettle Corn Ice Cream, yes I thought it would be gross at first too, but they figured out how to keep the popcorn from getting mushy....mmmm butter-licious.

    (again, not an endorsement...)

  • Thanks for letting me know how you work the cardio, Frick.  I need to figure something out.  I'd like to try running outside, but I'm in a comfortable routine on the treadmill where I can measure and push myself, so I'm hesitant to mess with it.

    As for giving up the free days, this is a one week thing, i think.  I may end up not even skipping it this week, but I'm gonna try.  The free days have been my favorite part of this program!  It's nice to know you can eat yummy stuff now and then and still be on the program.  If I do give it up this week, I'm sure next week my free day will be doubly bad.  :-p

  • Happy Saturday y’all!!!

    PiePrincess, good luck during this tough Holiday time young lady. Routine is sooooo important and yours has sure been turned upside down! Congrats on sticking with it!!!

    Frick LOL!!! Thanks for the shopping tip dude!!! I need to have you teach that to my wife! A few weeks back she brought home strawberry Twinkies, last week a tub of creamy peanut butter which is like Kryptonite for me and this week she hit the cookie aisle grabbing Chips Ahoy & Oreos! When I asked her what she was thinking she asked, “Isn’t Saturday your free day? I wanted to get you something yummy!” She means well but UGH!!!

    Lensman, bone on bone & spurs?!?!? OUCH!!! I FULLY endorse the upright, stationary bike!!! They take up less floor space and due to the recent popularity of the recumbent bikes the uprights are considerably less expensive for a model with the same features!!! Congrats on the solid diet too! That is absolutely the TOUGHEST part for me!!! You’re one tough dude!

    Iamsteve, the iPod is your friend!!! I work with some runners who, due to the recent heat wave, have been pacing themselves with them. They walk / jog for a song, then they crank it up and run for a song. One guy even went so far as to arrange his playlist with alternating cruising & cranking songs to keep the motivation in time with the effort!!! As far as giving up your free day, just remember that free day isn’t just mind games! Free day also tricks your metabolism into forgetting the famine mode weekly so you don’t get stuck in survival calorie reserve mode!

    We’ve had some tough family issues jacking with workouts this week so the extras I had in mind this week just haven’t occurred but I did still manage 2 LBWOs with cardio as well as 1 UBWO with cardio and my usual weekend HIIT cardio pedal fest with dumbbell Bi / Tri / Shoulder mixed in between the bike intervals. Cranked off 7.0 miles averaging 16.80 MPH and pedaled off 280 calories averaging 11.20 calories / min while pumping out 16,500 LBs of dumbbell iron so I’m calling this week’s workouts successful, just not OUTSTANDING like I’d planned LOL!

  • HI y'all!

    Quick update: I didnt lose anything this week, BUT i didnt gain anything either.

    Keeping it positive this month, and im already planning my second challange, convincing my hubby to join!

    Hope this week i at least lose a pound or worse case DONT GAIN!

  • PiePrincess, I LOVE THAT ATTITUDE! Fantastic gal!!! Just remember, you have to look at the measurements as well since you’re adding muscle too! Staying flat on the scale while working out and adding muscle is a MAJOR accomplishment! Congrats!!! Good luck getting Mr. Pie to join in on round 2. The MRS keeps buying HORRIBLE food, saying it’s my prize for cheat day. She means well, I’m sure, otherwise she’s afraid this fitness idea might be screwing her out of my life insurance LOL!!!

    WooHoo!!! Got down to the gym after work tonight & the crowd wasn’t too bad. Tore into Monday’s LBWO & ground my way through it! I sure did appreciate my iPod functioning tonight LOL! I was on the leg curl machine with just a few reps to go on the last set, legs were running out of gas as a song was wrapping up so I took a breather for a few seconds, the next song came on & the adrenalin flowed in through my ear drums, filing my lungs & pumping those lazy legs right on through the set! YeeHaaH!!! Wrapped up 72,865 LBs of LBWO & looked at the clock. Okay, we’ve got a blood drive going on here at work tomorrow & they always tell ya nothing strenuous for 24 hours afterwards so, I decided to tear into tomorrow’s UBWO right then & there rather than counting on Murphy to let it alone for tomorrow morning. 58,500 LBs of UBWO later I am one sore puppy! Tomorrow I’ll bet the nurse bends her needle when she goes to drilling on me LOL!!! 131,365 LBs of “total body” grinding tonight will make for a DOMS day tomorrow, I’m almost sure! BONZAI!!!

    I Hope you all had a GREAT Monday & are ready to tear up the rest of the week heading into our 2/3rds anniversary!!! See y’all down the trail folks!!!

  • @ roosed - So, a pint of blood weighs what? 1 lb?  That should be good for some credit on the scales.

    ...and what's a DOMS?

    @Pie - Getting the Pie Prince to join - wow, such royalty amongst the commoners.  I like it.

    I did my weigh in this morning and broke the 190 barrier.  Net fat loss at 7 lbs, LBM gain almost 2 lbs and just a hair over 25% body fat.  My stretch goal is another -11 lbs fat and +4 muscle.  I might need a Festivus miracle, as that is over 2 lbs per week.  Time to turn'em and burn em.   If I can keep up the pace of my runs, I have a chance.  I made it over a mile today without slowing down and cranked out a good pace for the entire run.  I also noticed that I need to buy another pair of dumbells.  My heaviest ones are no longer a challenge.

  • Hello gang!  Thought I'd check in and congratulate us all of making it through another week!

    As of yesterday, I had dropped 15 pounds!  Not too shabby for 7 weeks -- basically 2 pounds a week.  I'm quite happy with those results.  I didn't do a body fat percentage at the start of this, so i don't know how much body fat I've dropped or muscle I've gained or anything like that.  Just yesterday at the gym one of the trainers offered to do a body fat analysis for me, so I'll do that tomorrow and will get to see how it changes over the last 4.5 weeks of the challenge.  It's a shame I didn't have that at the beginning, though.

    I'm excited to see what the last 5 weeks of the challenge will bring.  I've read that for most people the last 4 weeks are where they see the best results.  I hope that is true for all of us.  I hope that I can keep losing at the pace that I've been losing at, and even more I hope to see a bigger increase in muscle mass.  I've been working hard with my lifting, but I don't feel like I've seen great improvements in weights I'm pushing, or in muscle mass increase.  So hopefully that stuff starts to show on me in the last 5 weeks.

    I don't know about all of you guys, but I'm really starting to wear down.  All the testimonials talk about people having more energy and stuff like that.  For me, my body always feels tired and worn out, and I certainly don't feel energized like they describe in the book.  But I keep pushing on.

    I did skip my free day on Sunday, and I have to say, it was a mistake.  I did it because I'm getting very close to 180 lbs, and I was hoping that by skipping the free day I'd really push myself closer to 180 and help me cross that barrier.  It didn't work out the way I thought.  All day Sunday I was craving good food and I denied myself, and then on Monday the scale did not do what I had hoped.  It was very disappointing.  And then on Monday I REALLY had to fight the urge to just go on an all-out eating binge.  And now i'm counting the days until next weekend when I can finally have a free day.  

    I am really strict on my diet.  I think that's been a big reason for my success.  On Saturday I had a business lunch to go to, and i had the "worst" meal I've had during my entire challenge (excluding free days) -- two chicken soft tacos with a small portion of rice and beans.  It was probably better than most meals I ate before the challenge, and now it was a bad one for me.  Even though the whole meal couldn't have been more than 500 calories (600 max), that meal was part of the reason I decided to skip the free day.  Mistake.

    Based on this experience my advice to others is to enjoy the free day, at least in part.  At this point we've probably all learned that an all-out binge isn't the best idea, but nonetheless I'd say it's worth at least taking a free meal or eating some yummy snacks.  From now on I'll be doing at least some freeness, if not a complete free day of gluttony.

    We have less than 5 weeks left, guys.  We can do this!  Stay strong, eat well, work hard, and we will have successfully finished before we know it!

    GL team!  Keep up the good work!!!


  • Frick, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) describes a phenomenon of muscle pain, muscle soreness or muscle stiffness that is felt 12-48 hours after exercise, particularly at the beginning of a new an exercise program, after a change in sports activities, or after a dramatic increase in the duration or intensity of exercise. (

    Iamsteve, 15 LBs WOW!!! You are definitely getting a great bang for your buck with BfL!!! Congrats man! I’m fairly certain that my shortcomings to date with it are all diet related. I’ve moved literally tons of iron & pedaled away LOTS & LOTS of miles & calories in cardio so my issues have to be diet related!

    We’re heading for our 2/3rds anniversary so it’s time to get tough. Bonzai!!!

  • Whew, Fivers! What a day!!! I began to think I was going to get a “2 a day’er” in today! I got 2 “mini cardio” sessions in within 20 minutes this AM, during my morning commute, courtesy of inattentive drivers! The first cloud of white tire smoke cozied an older Toyota so close to my hiney I felt like a dog being said hello too and in my mirror I noticed the young gal giving somebody “what for” on her cell phone as she mopped her morning coffee off her dash until the light changed! Then I proceeded to execute my usual morning super slab 4 lane tactical surfing entry into the city prime followed by another stop light heart attack approaching the shop! This time I heard the unmistakable chirping of antilock brakes trying to find at least 1 of the 4 tires who can grab asphalt! By the time chickie pie got stopped I couldn’t even see her SUV’s grill in my mirror but she never missed a beat applying her mascara! GRRR!!!

    So, tonight when I hit the gym for UBWO it was almost anti-climactic after this morning LOL! I have my weekday iPod play lists fine tuned between 60-65 minutes each from when my workouts were AM, so I wasn’t late for work, and as I was entering my last station I had to crank up the 2nd playlist because my juke box quarter had expired. (REALLY dating myself there!)

    The following tune came on & it dawned on me, what is “iron???” It’s “metal!!!” How could I possibly shut down on this tune?!?!? Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health!!!”

    So I proceeded to ignore Bill’s excellent advice & execute a full, albeit very difficult, extra set of every UBWO station including an extra core set since that entire playlist was comprised of high energy, motivational tunes!

    OMG!!! I’m SOOOO gonna pay for that in the morning! I came home and opened up the trusty spreadsheet and ran the numbers twice because I couldn’t believe the nice, round, even 117,000 LBs of iron rearranged tonight!!!

    I think part of tonight’s motivation came from the foreknowledge that this weekend is so screwed form mid-day Saturday on as I’m taking the Mrs. to a resort to celebrate our impending 25th so I figured I’d best get some “making up” in before the damage is actually done!

    Ciao for now pals! WooHoo!!! IT’S ALMOST THE 8th WEEKEND!

  • @roosed - man, I broke a sweat just reading your posting.  sounds like you are on a roll!

    @ steve - as for energy, from personal experience, I didn't wake up one morning like superman jumping out of a phonebooth* with trumpets blaring.  Instead it was a gradual realization that I did not get winded walking up two flights of stairs, or not feeling every muscle ache in the morning after a day of working in the yard.  Hang in there and see how you feel after day 84.  It may be subtle, but the change will be there.

    I cannot believe that we are less than a month from "graduation".  I hope you all are feeling a sense of accomplishment for getting this far into it.

    *  yes kiddies, back in the day, there were little glass boxes that you stepped into to make a phone call.  You also added money into the phone before you make the call.

  • LOL @ Frick! Just the other day I made a comment about my iPod playlist expiring, saying that “my jukebox quarter had expired” and a couple youngsters (co-workers) looked at me like “HUH?!?!?” LOL!!!

    Well, today is our week 8 progress reporting day Fivers and its “okay.”

    Looking at today’s numbers compared to last time I have to assume that I’ve removed a bit of fat from places that had showed good inch additions last time that are now back about where I started but now those places are firmer at the same dimensions than they were before LOL!

    So after today’s HIIT 6 miles @ 15.7 MPH & 236 calories @ 10.3 Cal/Min & 17,000 LBs of home dumbbell Bi / Tri / Shoulder work here we go:

    -12.00 Bad Inches (WooHoo!!!)

    +0.5 Good Inch

    -10.0 LBs

    -5.0% Body Fat

    Y’all have an OUTSTANDING weekend!!!

  • Happy Free Day everyone!  I hope you all enjoy!  I made the mistake of skipping my free day last week, and so I am extra ready to enjoy today!  I even bought a package of cookies, which I am hiding from my wife so she doesn't raid them (it's my free day, not hers).

    Roosed -- congrats on your results!  Your workouts sound hardcore, and those are good results!

    Frick -- thanks for the encouragement.  I don't feel more energetic at all (In fact I feel less energetic, because my body always feels tired and run-down from all the workouts), but I'm sure I'll feel it in the end.  And in reality, I probably already feel it already.  One of the great accomplishments of this challenge for me is that I gave up diet soda for the challenge.  I used to drink 4-6 diet Mountain Dew cans a day.  That's a lot of caffine!  So I'm getting by now without that caffine -- it's probably a result of the extra energy from eating better.

    On a personal note, I passed a big milestone yesterday.  I broke below the 180 mark.  Just barely (the scale was 179.6), but still.  I am very happy about that.  I would say that I'm never going to see the 180s again, but that would be a lie -- I'm sure I'll be at 182 tomorrow after my free day endulgences.  Regardless, it was really nice to break below 180, even if only by 4/10 of a pound.  I know I'll be pushing my way further into the 170s as we finish the last four weeks of the challenge.  I started this thing at 197, so I've lost just over 17 pounds so far.  My goal was 25 pounds, so if I can stay on the same pace for the next four weeks, I have a chance to reach it.

    Anyway, congrats to all of us on our hard work and dedication so far.  There are a lot of people who started with us, but not all of them have made it this far, so congrats to those of us who are still sticking with it!   Only four weeks to go!

    Enjoy Free Day everyone!!!!


  • Iamsteve, congrats on the first 17 & best of luck on the next 8!!!

    Well, Fivers, there’s good news & bad! I took the Mrs. to a resort for our 25th anniversary this weekend. Bad news first; the resort’s Paula Deen dinner buffer last night was PURE evil LOL! Seafood of all kinds, grilled, smoked, BBQ’d & fried chicken, Cajun grilled tilapia, fried catfish, tons of various veggies (most in casseroles) & of course an entire wing of desserts, several sugar free though! This morning’s Sunday brunch wasn’t much less evil either! An entire wing of pastries, another for various breakfast foods then all of the southern cooking staple lunch foods & again the horrid dessert wing! I tried to be good but of course fell shorter than I’d hoped LOL! Now the good news, that’s also bad depending on how you see it! I got my cardio in this afternoon, but not at all the “anniversary” way I’d hoped GRRR!!!

    Heading out of the resort area, several square miles containing 6 or 8 different casino / resorts, we were cruising along & signaled a left turn. Checked the mirrors of the trusty extended cab F150 & there was a resort limo immediately behind, cool. So, I swing a little wide to take the corner & hear screeching & honking, slamming on the brakes & swerving back to the right but alas, too late. We’d can opener’ed a big’ol Lincoln Town Car limo being driven by a ditz running late to pick up her client. Apparently when she saw me swing wide she assumed I didn’t know left from right so she swerved inside me to pass! Once two of the counties finest arrived she tried to say I was in the right lane & cut across her bow! That’s when the cardio kicked in! Between restraining the Mrs, who loves her truck dearly, & keeping myself from tearing this bimbo limb from limb right in front of Mr. & Mrs. officer it was WELL over 20 minutes before the ol’ticker was clicking along at normal pace again! So, luckily nobody was physically hurt & our Built Ford tough F150 is still drivable, however its now carrying an evil, somehow Scottish looking, grin while the entire front right of that Lincoln will be in dire need of some lovin’ before it heads out again!

    So, now for a little fitness related info! After this weekend’s attack of the resort buffets, maybe some of this fitness talk is finally rubbing off on the Mrs! Ever since her gastric by-pass surgery in late 2006 she has struggled with both iron & vitamin D deficiency issues so tonight for dinner she whipped up a batch of fresh beef liver & onions! I decided to do a little research & other than being a bit rough on folks struggling with “bad” cholesterol levels, liver is actually (almost) a miracle food! Obviously moderation is the key but WOW! Omegas 3 & 6, iron, protein, vitamins A, B, & D in phenomenal quantities all while going easy on the fat & calories makes it a new favorite to stave off the “chicken again?” doldrums maybe like a couple times a month!

    Now, let’s tear into week 9 Fivers!!!