Starting BFL Monday July 5th. Would any Newbies like to join?

  • Hey Posse

    I have not been able to exercise this week.  I am not sleeping and until today in terrible pain.  I have been able to maintain the nutrition.  Just no WO.  I have been off work since Monday.  I am desperate to get rid of the pain in my shoulder so I have been going to the chiro 3x a week and massage on Sat.  Still no relief as you all know I was still doing cardio and LBWO.  I decided to stop all activity this week to see if that would help.  Not yet, so today went to the chiro.  He asked me if I asked my Dr about cortizone shots.  I had not so I went straight there after my chiro.  Dr gave me 2 shots 1 toridal and 1 cortizone so for the first time in weeks I am not in constant pain.  It hurts only if I move it.  I am hopefull that it is the cortizone and not the toridal.  I understand that wears off in 6 hrs or so.  I am hoping to return to life tomorrow as well as work.  I am not going to post my WO plan until tomorrow.  I guess I was just pushing to hard.  When I do start again I will be putting more emphasis on Cardio.  I am not quoting and will maintain the nutrition until I can get started moving again without further or prolonging the damage I have already done.

    Good to here from you all I continue to read your posts everyday for encouragement  and support.  Thank you all!!!  I know this will be a turning point.

    Happy Thursday

  • Frick, congrats on the kettle corn disappearing! Lensman, sounds like a wise plan! If you get the diet part locked down tight you’ll still probably do better than thousands of folks cardio’ing their hearts out for hours on end without a clue!

    Whew! It was freakin’ hot! It was already 83 outside at 8AM when I got to my desk & of all days the AC in our building died!!! Walked into the glass hall connector between the next building & ours & it was HOT but I figured it was just the morning sun & temp until I got clear to the middle of our floor, where my cube is, & NOPE just as hot! Actually kind of glad I have meetings all over campus today. Hopefully it’s only the AC here in our building that’s out LOL!

    Since I’ve got meetings ALL DAY Friday I decided to pull LBWO ahead to this morning then I can hit cardio at home Friday evening when I get home. I might even chance a pedalfest on the ol’Precor! Luckily the AC in the gym was working this morning; it’s in a different building! Got there about 15 minutes earlier than usual & ground out 67,795 LBs in LBWO so, I’m back to the Marshal Dillon “new saddle” waddle this morning but that just means I did it right, RIGHT?!?!? LOL!!! Feels more like I was riding the rope horn though ROTF!!!

    Can y’all believe we’re almost HALF way Fivers?!?!? Just a couple more days until progress reporting time! Good luck to us all!!!

  • ***UPDATE ON MYSELF****** I think I'm on day 41. Start of Week 6.

    I haven't missed a SINGLE workout, and am now very happy to get up and workout early. :) I haven't had dessert after dinner for the first time in probably 8 years!! It's the Free day that keeps me sane. :)

    I've only lost 5lbs, but I can tell that my muscles aren't as mushy.

    I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring! :)

    I'm thinking about doing some more low intensity cardio to help with the fat loss. I'd like to lose 20lbs by October 6th.

    I have to confess that this was the FIRST and ONLY week, where my eating hasn't been that great, although I still kept up my workouts. It was my birthday, and people were taking me out to dinner all ove the place. :)

    However, I am NOT going to quit now, and am just going to work harder in the weeks to come!

    I'm so excited to see how I look at the end of the challenge.

    Even my boyfriend noticed my thighs are slimmer! WOW! That really motivated me!

    My goal is to buy a pair 6-8 GUESS? Jeans after my challenge.

    Let's hope I can get there!!

    Also - does anyone have any BFL friendly recipes, or favorite foods they would like to share?

    Thank you ALL for your continued enthusiasm and support!!

    Much Love,


  • @lens - one day at a  time.

    @Buffy - I smell a sucess story brewing!  Good job!  and Feedback from the SO is always a treat.

    Three Recipes

    1 - Shrimp Seviche (may be the perfect diet food)

    2 - Makhani Dal - It is an Indian Lentel dish that is rather spicy.  I add it to my eggwhites with turkey for a killer omlete.

    3 - Skinny Margaritas (happy weekend, y'all) - in social situations - not too bad compared with beer or umbrella drinks.  Recipes at the end of this reply.  

    Nutritional info:

    Recipe                   qty         Cal           Fat   Carb  Pro  

    Makhani Dal         1 cup   108           6        10       5

    Shrimp Seviche    8 oz       80           2          4     10

    Skinny Marg           4.5 oz 200           0          3      0

    I caved yesterday afternoon with 1/2 a doughnut (mmmm....sprinkle-icious) so ended up eating lean ground beef and salsa for dinner so that I didn't max out my carbs for the day.

    UBWO right on time this morning with minutes to spare for my conf call at 8:00 - glad I work from home or I would have offended a few people :-)  Looking forward to a run on the beach tomorrow and a day off on Sunday to nurse this nagging neck strain.  

    Is it really halfway point already?

    Three recipes

    Shrimp Seviche

    Frick’s Sevichè Recipe

    Lotta prep work, so start choppin’, friends….

    1 # shrimp, peeled, deveined, and cubed

    I lg tomato or 3 plum tomatoes, diced

    1/3 Red onion, minced (suggest a cusinarte for this one)

    1 tsp salt

    ½ tsp pepper

    Tabasco to taste ( from 0 to 3 tablespoons)

    Cilantro to taste

    Juice of 4 limes or ½ cup lime juice


    Peel, Devein, cube, dice, and mince all ingredients accordingly

    Mix all ingredients IN A NON-METAL BOWL and mix by hand

    Add lime and mix by hand.

    Cover with plastic wrap.  Restir every two hours for 6 hours minimum

    Serve with chips or in a low carb wrap

    Store in a plastic container and drain liquids after 24 hours.  Product keeps for several days, but is best served fresh.

    Makhani Dal


    1 cup Split Red Lentil (Masoor Dal)

    1 inch ginger

    6-8 whole garlic cloves –or– 1-1/2 tsp minced garlic

    2 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)

    2 tsp cardamom pods (try mustard seeds);

    1 grated onion

    1 tsp. Ground Masala

    1 teaspoon turmeric

    1 teaspoon cayenne powder

    2 teaspoon cumin powder

    1 Bay Leaf

    2-3 chopped Habanero or Naga Jalokia pepper

    1 teaspoon Salt

    1-2 diced tomatoes

    1/4 cup cream or sour cream (optional)


    1. Thoroughly wash legumes.  Soak in water for several hours.  Add water to keep them submerged.

    2. Add ginger and clove garlic to the above if minced garlic is used add it to butter below.  Simmer for several hours or bring to a boil for 3 minutes, reduce heat and simmer until done.  Reserve ginger-garlic from the cooked grams and make a paste with them.  Mash or blend legumes if a smother consistency is desired.

    3. Heat 2 tbsp. of ghee (or EVOO?) in a pan.

    4. Fry asafetida, onion and mustard seeds until they begin to pop. Add garlic-ginger paste. Heat until the onions are clear and the peppers begin to brown.

    5. Add ginger-garlic paste and finely chopped onions. Fry until golden brown.

    6. Add dry ingredients, stirring frequently to assure they do not scorch.  Add peppers and salt. Cook until the mixture thickens into pulpy sauce (about 3 mins).

    7. Then add tomatoes and reduce heat.  Add bean mash to the mix. Heat for 4-5 minutes. Add water as required if it is too thick.

    8. Add cream to mixture just prior to serving or dollop sour cream onto finished presentation.

    Skinny Margarita

    Emphasis NO Sour Mix or Simple Sugars (no carb), please

    1 shot tequila

    1 shot triple sec

    3 oz fresh sqeezed lemon

    2 pack Splenda

    Splash of H2O

    Served OTR


    Buffy, welcome back!!! Thanks for kicking this Blog off and congrats on your progress!!! Frick, doughnuts…MMMM that’s evil LOL!!! I have to ass-u-me from your conference call comment that apparently you don’t have live video ROTF!!! Lensman, I sure hope your shoulder is getting happier man!

    Okay, like a while back, it’s anniversary time…ROLL CALL!!! Chime in with your half way reports even if its just to say you’re happily lurking in the wings laughing at us crazies!!!

    As for me, I’m HAPPY to report that at least SOME progress IS occurring!!!

    In my first the 6 weeks (while battling the re-injury from Hades):

    Weight -8.0 LBs (no poster child but better than a gain LOL!)

    Body Fat -4.0%!

    Up 2.0 “Good Inches” (Forearms, Biceps, Thighs, Calves)

    Down 10.0 “Bad Inches” (Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Hips)

    Overall Cardio Performance +62% (MPH & CALs/MIN, was even better but still progress!)

    Overall Weekly Resistance Volume +146% (WTs x REPs)

    So, onward and upward!!! The Precor bike and my butt tried to get reacquainted first thing this AM & I pedaled off 6.1 fasting Miles averaging 15.25 MPH & 252 calories averaging 10.5 CALs/MIN so I’ve lost a bit of ground on my averages while healing up but that just adds to the adventure!

    Y’all have an OUTSTANDING week! BONZAI!!!

  • HI Everyone!

    Great to see you Buffychick that youre still on! Wohoo! your results sound great because you probably gained muscle as well which weighs 3x fat :))

    Im checking in quickly, im dead tired!

    I lost a WHOLE KILO this week which is a revolution for me as i usually only lose half (for all of you NON METRICS, 1 KG = 2.2 lbs :)))

    My total loss for the end of the 6th week is 5.5 lbs :)  my husband suggested that we do a midway picture shot to motivate me because the 5.5 lbs arent so obvious, we saw that  my main weigh loss areas was my back, a HUGE difference and a little of my belly. (I noticed this from my measurements since my waist and my bust had lots of losses = back fat for me) Also ive noticed my calves are MUCH more defined :)

    Im very happy, my obstacle is doing th Cardio in ramadan, NO WAY i can get it done while fasting and in the evening im too tired. I missed  my cardio today but im not beating myself up ,,, yet :))

    I really dont want to overdo it, i will try to make a sched and get a hang of it.

    weather man said heat wave next week :((  44 celcius :((


    Lensman, hang in there, :))))


  • Hey July 5 Posse!!!  Congrats to all who are still sticking with the plan and working hard!

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while -- I just finished my 3 weeks of travel, and I didn't have the energy during that time to come on here and post (and I wasn't sure how I was doing results-wise, either).  I worked out a lot during that time, though, and I was pretty good on my diet (although not perfect, and not as good as I was doing at home).  But I had no scale, so I wasn't sure how I was doing, and there was lots of temptation around that took a lot of effort to resist.  

    I got home yesterday (and took my free day because of the travel), and today I was right back to the gym.  In fact, I had my best cardio workout ever.  Since I've started, I've taken 2 minutes off my time to run a mile.  That's pretty impressive, IMO!

    As far as the 6 week check-in, I weighed in this morning and I have dropped THIRTEEN POUNDS since I started!  Pretty awesome!  I don't really do measurments, so I can't talk about how many inches lost or gained.  But 13 pounds is a good number, and I'm very happy with it.  And I'm pretty sure I've gained some muscle mass as well.  I don't see a lot of muscle definition, but I know I'm working hard so I'm sure I'm gaining muscle.  I'm anxious to work hard for the next 6 weeks and see what sort of results I can achieve!

    I'll try to be more active with my posting now that I'm back home.

    Congrats to all on working hard for 6 weeks!  We're half way there!  It's all down-hill from here.  We've done the hard part.  Now we just have to work hard to the finish line!  Keep it up!!!


  • Just staying on the nutrition for now stil have lots of pain.  Like has been said 1 day at a time.

  • First off, let me apologize for not proofreading the seviche recipe.  I just edited out my more "colloquial" term of endearment for friends.  I do hope I did not offend anyone with that.

    Halfway report, and I am bummed after seeing results from you all.  While I am not in it for weight loss per se, I did expect to be below the 190 lb mark by now.  Of course I only have myself to blame (and kettle corn and doughnuts), but there is still time to readjust.  I have not missed a workout, but my diet is hindering my progress.  

    Focusing on the positive, I did get a "hey, Rick, looking buff" from my neighbor as well as continued "good job" comments from my wife.  I also picked up a new pair of crazy running shoes called FiveFingers by Vibrams (not an endorsement yet).  I run barefoot on the beach, but am willing to give these a try at the risk of looking silly.  Spending money on something that has been free up until now...

    Numbers are:

    weight 193

    LBM 141

    net body fat loss 3lbs

    Carbs (per day) - 166

    Fat - 52

    Pro - 181


    reduce Carbs to 145/day

    drive down simplex carb intake to <3 items/day including Skinny Margaritas and Kettle corn ice cream.

    Good job everyone.  We are moving right along.  If you are reading this, you will probably be there at the finish line as well.  Habits take about 2 weeks before they become routines and this is week 7...

  • Rick,

    Please don't be bummed based on the results of others.  It seems like you've done well so far, but no matter what, the most important thing is that you're still here.  Think how many people started with us on July 5, and how few are still going.  Be proud that you're still sticking with the program!!!!

    Also, and I say this for everyone, remember that THE BEST RESULTS ARE YET TO COME!  Everything I've read on here says that weeks 8-12 show the biggest results.  And that makes sense.  We're still building our muscles, and the more they grow the more they are going to burn calories in the future.  The best is still ahead of us!  Don't sweat it if results have been a bit slower than you want.  Just focus on the fact that you set a goal for yourself -- to finish this 12 week challenge -- and you are working hard to make that happen!!!

    Stick with it folks -- we are more than half way done, and the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

  • Thanks for the encouraging words Steve.

    I had a good diet day yesterday and am refocused there (funny how those weekends get in the way of eating properly).  I think that by dropping the carbs another 20 gm/day and driving down the temptations of the simplex carbs (still embarrassingly high), I can find the sixpack abs people keep telling me about.

    For my cardio today, I got to take Salma out (the name of my Kayak...) for a trip around the island.  Pedal-power for 3 minutes, increasing speed each minute, then paddled like a fiend for another minute (with the Hawaii 5-0 music kicking around in my head).  I made it home with time left on the clock, so I just pedaled in a cirlcle for the final 3 minutes.  I must have looked like a one-armed rowboat captain.

    Y'all have a very fruitful day


  • PiePrincess, WooHoo!!! Awesome progress young lady! I’ve always had a “grizzly bear” back myself & it’s slowly but surely going away too!

    IamSteve, 2 minutes off your mile??? WOW! 13 LBs??? Double WOW, especially given all the road time…fantastic! I think we’ve found our crew’s poster child unless there’s a championship lurker hiding out there!!!

    Lensman, hang in there dude! You’ll hear it 100 times, diet is 70% of it so you’ll still out do many if you keep that clean alone!

    Frick, not only is diet 70% of it but it’s the hardest part to me as well!!! For you it’s kettle corn, for me its peanut butter LOL! Just remember that if the scale is showing you’ve dropped 3 LBs overall, having added muscle mass at the same time is OUTSTANDING since muscle is 3X more dense (heavier) than flab!!!

    Well, as for me, you’ve probably all heard the expression, “If momma aint happy, nobody’s happy!” I can attest to that truism so I’m now trying to adapt to an “after work” workout plan due to scheduling issues at home & I HATE PM workouts. I’ve also decided to shake things up for the remainder of August, hitting LBWO M/W/F & UBWO Tues & Thursdays all with cardio warm up & cool downs. I’m still going to hit the Precor bike & dumbbells at home on Sundays as well if possible.

    Luckily since I prefer the old fashioned upright bikes last night at the gym didn’t go too badly. I started off with 10 minutes of cardio pedaling to warm up then pumped out 56,650 LBs of LBWO volume followed by 10 more minutes of cardio bike as cool down. Kept the pulse between 130-140 on their Stairmaster bikes during warm-up then after LBWO jumped back on & the pulse was still at 130! I cranked off my 10 minute cool down & called it a night! Managed 6.1 miles total, averaging 18.3 MPH & 165 calories @ 8.25 CALs/Min. Their "Fat Burn" program goes all over the place up & down every 10 seconds, all you set is your weight, workout time & max resistance, so the calories VS speed is quite different than the Precor at home but it still works!

    Okay, anyhow, tonight I tired the aerobic bike program for a 10 minutes cardio warm-up, plate increase day on UBWO yielding 49,500 LBs of iron moved, then 10 minutes cardio pedaling cool off, totaling 6.0 miles @ 18 MPH, burning off 162 calories at a pitiful 8.1 CAL/Min but at least it’s getting done LOL! Pulse was 140 at the end of the first 10 minutes & down to 126 after UBWO but I think that was mostly because of dealing with evening gym socialites slowing me down getting through UBWO.

    Y’all have an AWESOME day & just think tomorrow’s hump day already!!! YeeHaaH!!!

  • Hey Everyone!

    Just popping in to say that this week wasn't a total bomb :)

    Today i did my Cardio and made up for the LBWO i missed yesterday, 2mrw i also plan on going to do my UBWO since its the last day of the week. I missed my first 2 WOs this week though, but i guess ill get through this month day by day.

  • I wanted to pass on a great tip for sticking to the diet.  I just discovered it this week - If you don't BUY kettle corn ice cream, you won't EAT kettle corn ice cream.  This axiom has worked well since the infamous grocer's freezer incident when I was a kid, but I digress.

    Got my beach run in this morning with the new barefoot shoes.  They worked well (again not an endorsement) with my flat feet and kept the sand and sharp shells out.  No difference in the times, but I was able to push myself for the entire first mile before slowing down and kept the run walk pace for the second mile.

    I am finally feeling good about the progress and think I am on track to meet most of my goals, but am still behind on my expected weight loss.  As was posted earlier, I do expect a non-linear curve down as the weeks progress.  We shall see...

    Let's kick it into gear, fivers!  Weekend's almost here.

  • Ok Frick way to go!!!!

    Hi everyone!  Went to the orthopedic Md yesterday I was receded by my chiro.  He requested I bring my X-rays so I had obtained them the day before.  First thing the dr asked was if I went to the chiro complaining about the pain in my shoulder why did he just take pictures of my back?  I also went of my GP and they didn't take pics either just gave me a trigger point hydrocortisone shot were ther thought the pain was emulating.  

    So the opthaped took a series of X-rays he said he could clearly see the issues.  No need for an MRI.

    Bone on bone no cartilage or space.

    Spurs digging in to the tendons and muscles

    So he gave me a cortizone shot where he thought the biggest issue was the spur and bone on bone area.  Today was the first day I haven't woke up in agony.  Have to reach for pain killers.  Please don't get me wrong it still hurts but I think this will be manageable with Ardvil and Tylenol.  

    So no UBWO but on Mon back to LBWO.  I will have to find some cardio that will not involve my shoulder at all.  Thinkin recumbent bike or stationary bike I don't own either or a gym pass which I also don't own.  Checkin craigslist this Week end.  Even my elliptical involves my shoulder when I asked about the cardio he wrinkled up his nose so!!!  He said I need to move it but no resistance with the bone on bone if it was immotionalized for long period of time like a sling or a cast it could freeze or fuse.  

    I have stayed true to the nutrition part and feel I have still been losing.  I am doing the 6 meals and trying to keep to 1200-1400 cals a day.  Keeping my protein higher then my carbs.  First weigh in showed 13 lbs down but I was still exercising.  Next weigh in is at 8 weeks I think I will still lose significantly.  

    I can't tell some of you enough how much I have appreciated your support during this time!  

    STARTING MON I will be back In 1/2 full swing lol that is LBWO some kind of cardio yahoo.

    Thank you lord for everyday and in every way!  In his name.  Sorry if that offends I now we have an international group here but my beliefs are mine thank you for your understanding of this matter.  As you all can tell I am just happy to have manageable pain.  I know my wife will find me more tolerable I have been a beast.  Flowers are in order here lol.  Sorry I am going Ono and on.  So I will end here.

    Happy Thursday BFLRs!!!!!