Starting BFL Monday July 5th. Would any Newbies like to join?

  • Ok new plan can't do UBWO so looks like Mon and Fri LBWO the cardio the rest.  I have also altered my eating so the med don't burn a whole in my stomach.  Have to eat when I get up then 800 mg of Motrin does take the edge off.  Cardio on the elliptical no arms.  I have been able to do this and will continue until My shoulder is better.  

    Roosed thank you for your support.  I will hang the best I can.  I was having a real bad day!!!

    Frick dude you are deep and very thoughtful.  you are right about not continuing to impress anyone on the board.  I have though, made a promise to myself for this next 7 weeks.  I will not let myself down and will not give up.  I will as you suggest focus on the diet and what I can do, no focusing on what I can't do.   So I have modified according to my injury.  I have had this before and it took a month to heal.  I will continue as stated above.

    Again both your comments were heartfelt and helped me get back on track.  You guys are awesome thanks again.

    Hey posse I'm back....  

  • HI everyone!

    Its been super busy week with ups and mostly downs. I dont wanna be a downer but I was really bad, my food was crap and the timings were off, i even missed  an UBWO which i will do toay on my free day, which i hope will not be free cause i will  try to eat better.

    I dont do good with stress :))

    Anywhooo I gtg continue my crazy week !

  • @PieWhat I got out of your reply was, I WILL DO MY UBWO TODAY ON MY FREE DAY.

    We all go through waves of highs and lows, but according to our mentor, Mr Phillips, you didn't miss your UBWO, you adjusted your day off.  Don't beat yourself up.  You are making forward progress compared to where you were four weeks ago.  Keep pounding the rock.

  • Hello July Fivers,

    I've been meaning to check in sooner although I have been reading everyone's posts.

    Food diary seems to be helping.What is interesting is that there have been a couple days that it was a bit of a struggle to eat enough food throughout the day( wouldn't have expected that)All and all I am making good food choices i.e lean protein,whole grains,H2O,veggies,etc.(tweeking of course.)Still I am satisfied with the progress for this week.

    Speaking of progress,I was reading one of your posts Roosed ,about your stationary bike routine and decided to check something out.Although I prefer to ride outdoors and throw in intervals of increased effort,I decided to check out the bike at the gym and check mph so I could get a better idea of what I could do.Although I couldn't match your average of 18mph,I was able to alternate between somewhere around 14-16mph during slower periods and then I would ramp it up to about 18-19 mph for two minutes at a time.I repeated that 5 times for a total of 35 min.It wasn't easy.I had a sneaking suspicion that my cardio needed a boost.I think,as a woman,I was more concerned with weight training and I neglected cardio a bit.That area needs focus.

    Now as far as weights,I won't even post any stats 'cause I know you dudes can blow us chicks out of the water.Still that being said,I am seeing some improvement and slowly increasing weight.

    PiePrincess,I hope you aren't being too hard on yourself.If it makes you feel any better I blew off my workout thursday and slept instead.I think I needed the rest,honestly.At any rate,I am planning on making it up on Sunday.No big deal.Just keep going,right?

    Thanks to Roosed for getting me out of my rut.

    Thanks to all others who are posting and keeping it real.


  • Hey fellow Fivers!!! Sorry for the length of this one but I just HAVE to share it with y’all!!!

    First though, Lensman, congrats on the reset man! You're gonna knock this thing out of the park!!!

    PiePricess, hang in there darlin! The week's ALMOST over!!! Wow! 12 weeks is going to go quick!

    Ax, biking is the only cardio that I (1) can do, that I don't (2) HATE! Believe me, my MPH & Cal/Min are up about 80% from July 3rd!!! Speaking of %, try posting your weigth training improvement as a %! Seeing that needle climb is truly inspirational!!!

    Now then, today:

    "God will give to each person according to what he has done. To those who by PERSISTENCE in doing good seek glory, honor & immortality, he will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking & who reject the truth & follow evil, there will be wrath & anger." (Romans 2:6-8 NIV)

    Often, a given bad day, an odd challenge, or unusual opportunity will plant a certain word or phrase in my head & I tend to dig into God’s word looking for the reason why. Now I know we must use caution not to take phrase, chapters, or even entire books of the Bible out of context but I can OFTEN find why the “word for the day” is rattling around in my noggin! I love the on line bible where you can search various ways as it would take me forever to track down everywhere the various words or phrases appear manually but generally within the first few listings I’ll have that Ahh Haa moment where I can say, “Thanks God! I get it!” Of course other times it isn’t SO clear & those usually prove to be the hard lessons that take some work to get through my thick skull LOL!

    When I woke up this morning to another frustrating re-injury setback the word PERSISTENCE popped into my head & every time my constitution leaned toward blowing LBWO off for tonight that word popped back into my head, over & over!

    Walking in the gym door this evening the manager teased me about having my watch on upside down because, although he knows NOTHING of my re-injury, he knows I would MUCH rather workout early AM. I just laughed & told him Murphy was at it again but at least I made it in & he agreed!

    Now here’s the part I think God had in mind! When I was about ¾ through my LBWO I noticed this new, friendly, middle aged lady looking pretty lost wandering from machine to machine, reading the directions on each, obviously needing help. Just as I finished up a set the gym manager walked her over to the ab crunch machine & got her going. Cool! Keep cranking!!!

    Now a few minutes later, with just 2 machines to go, she’s wandering around lost again & now dude’s too busy chatting with a hottie at the desk to notice so I yank the ear buds & ask if she could use some help. She was thrilled & lit up like a Christmas tree! I showed her the 2 or 3 machines she was specifically interested in tonight & noticed she had crunched like crazy but no rowing or back extensions, did the Abductor a lot but no Adductor, really got into it HARD on the leg press & leg extensions both but nary a leg curl so I politely asked her if anyone had ever explained muscle group balancing. She had no idea what I was talking about & said her old gym guy never mentioned it either.

    I laughed, pointed at my surplus & explained I’m obviously no guru but strong abs & a weak back can’t be good for the spine, strong thighs but week hammies probably could cause issues etc etc. I’d also noticed she was holding her breath when pressing and crunching so I explained it’s much better for your body to breathe properly while working out to avoid having a blow out! Again, she lit up like a Christmas tree & went on & on thanking me for taking the time to help her out. Then she asked me if I’d mind helping her learn the opposing muscle machines, worked them hard, & she headed off to the showers while I finished up my last couple machines & slid out the door.

    Now, for many of you this would probably be a daily deal but it felt SOOOO good because although I’m an engineer by trade, I’ve been a teacher of one sort or another as a hobby / passion for years & I dearly LOVE seeing that light bulb come on for folks!

    Had I not been haunted all day by PERSISTENCE I could’ve easily blown it off on a Friday evening & she would probably not have been so happy to join our workplace gym but I’m pretty sure…she’ll be baaaaaaack!

    So, 57,365 LBs of lower body volume & no bleeding later, I feel fairly satisfied with today, but having helped a completly lost stranger feel really good about her first workout experience at our facility...PRICELESS!!!

    Thanks God! I GET IT!!!

    Tomorrow is free day & rest day. Think I’ll take advantage of both just a little!

    Y’all have an AMAZING weekend, I know I'm going to even if it kills me LOL!

  • Hi posse

    Roosed thanks for the insight.  What goes around comes around you will be blessed.  

    Ax way to go on the nutrition.  It has seemed to get easier to make the right choices as we move forward.  

    My eating has been off a little.  I have had to add a 7th meal.  I am waking up in the middle of the night with my shoulder ripping so I eat a little then take the motrin and finish the snack.  I have tried to eat a little less during the day to make it up.  I cam always figure out away to justify another meal lol.  Then go back to bed until morning. LBWO today have spaghetti legs, did my best to keep my shoulder isolated.  Tommorrow is cardio and free day. I like to take Saturday  as free eats day so I can deal with the food hang over on Sunday, not Mon when I have to work.  Tommorrow marks the end of week 5 for me.  I just have to do the cardio.  Wahoo!!!  One more week until half way point ors can you imagine that Kool!!

    Happy Saturday to you all!  

  • JULY FIVERS!!! Here comes week 6!!! Can you believe it?!?!?

    WHEW! I finished my first MS sauna Cardio walk late this morning. Pathetic!!! Absolutely pathetic LOL! It was freakin’ hot, 93F actual temp with a National Weather Service Heat Advisory Index (Heat & Humidity “Feels Like”) of 110F & it took 39 minutes for 1.5 mile walk of the neighborhood. UGH!!!

    Although we live on the fringe of the delta, 2 of the 3 legs of our “T” shaped addition have pretty good valleys to go down into and back up out of so I saved the flat leg for last figuring that the wisest LOL!

    Good grief! When I was in Jr. High School it was 2 miles to school & I walked that regularly in 40 minutes, in 30 minutes many days when I’d overslept a little! So in a little over 30 years I’ve slowed my average pace by about 25%! Oh well, now I’ve got a “NEW NUMBER” to work on improving LOL!

    So, BfL says to resistance train 3 days a week and HIIT cardio 3 days a week, I wonder if 5 resistance days & 1 cardio would work as well LOL?!?!? Probably not! :-(

    Man, I’m sweating in places I’m not even supposed to have ROTF!!! That cool shower felt SOOOOOOO good afterwards!!!

    Y’all have an AWESOME Sunday and get ready to HIT IT again tomorrow!!! God willing, it’ll be LBWO come “0” dark-thirty tomorrow. Week 6, here we come! YeeHaaH!!!

  • Yo Posse

    Went crazy on free day ate totally stupid.  Cardio this morning helped the food hangover.  Shoulder still bad so LBWO tomorrow!  Another trip to the chiro as well.

    Roosed it gets hot out here in LA too!  We just don't get the humidity.  As far as switching up the cardio or lifting goes I hope there is flexibility cause I have no choice.  BTW your description is too funny!

    Happy Monday BFLrs success in all your goals

  • Well didn't make the LBWO too much shoulder pain too little sleep.  Went to the chiro feel a little better.  See how I feel tomorrow.  Till then.

    Happy tues

  • Lenman, hang in there dude! Maybe a little recoup after the chiro is just the ticket and regarding my sense of humor…I learned long ago if I don’t laugh at myself somebody else will. Wait, that isn’t it is it??? LOL Close enough ROTF!!!

    So, after my MS cardio sauna stroll yesterday I hit the gym door at “0” dark-thirty this morning on about 6 hours napping on & off and thought I was gonna die LOL! I had also tried an experiment for a diabetic BB.COM pal, having a ½ a protein shake & a banana 30ish minutes before working out. Baaaaaad idea for me…either need to keep on fasting or wait longer afterward eating!

    I wanna know which one of you “PALS” tightened up the machines here over the weekend! WOW!!! Not sure if was the walk, the lousy night’s sleep, the bit if breakfast before or all the above but WHEW! I was about ½ way through the work out before I got my 2nd, or actually 1st really good, wind and the 2nd half kind of just flowed once I got rolling. Managed a personal best 62,580 LBs of LBWO volume since splitting upper and lower out onto different days so I guess it wasn’t all bad but UGH!

    Weather man says 78 by 6AM tomorrow and 92 by 6PM so I’m going to shoot for my MS cardio shuffle AM but we’ll see how tonight pans out LOL!

    Here’s wishing you all a FANTASTIC week 6!!! Look on the bright side, we’ve already got Monday in the bag FIVERS!!!

  • Lens hang in there.  

    Roos, thanks for the inspirational quotes this weekend.  

    OK, gang, we are 3/7ths of the way through this journey.  Is it second nature yet?

    I missed my alarm this morning and blamed the hit-or-miss showers for not running.  I knew I would kick myself if I missed the workout, so at 5pm, I checked the radar and headed for the beach.  Hit the first squall line at the 1/4 mile mark - so much for double-doppler-klistron-weather-on-the-9's.  The thunder definitely helped to quicken my pace.  I read somewhere that if you are wet when lightning strikes you, you are less likely to suffer internal damage (Google - Farraday's Cage).  Was glad I worked up a sweat and it was raining.  Funny what goes through your mind when you are trying to stop impure thoughts.

    Looking forward to my LBWO (inside) - feel the burn!

    Cheers from the Lightning Capital of the US (Tampa Bay, Fl)

  • Frick, you my friend are a RIOT! I can just see you screaming down the beach!!! Kinda reminds me of the movie Twister when they're discussing the unwise desire for a keester lightning strike!

    PiePrincess & 49erFan, I hope all is well ladies! If nothing else, chime in just to say howdy and cheer us up, okay?!?!?

    Lensman, how's the shoulder man? Easing up on ya I hope!!!

    Okay here we go on another tirade! “Patience is a virtue.” Was one of my dad’s favorite quotes although admittedly it was a trait he didn’t posses either LOL!

    While getting around this morning one of the first thoughts crossing my mind was, maybe I ought to try the bike again! It’s probably not the best idea, being the 2nd thought LOL. Making a little progress is better than throwing a rod at red line & not finishing the race at all! Patience! All in good time grasshopper!

    So, how about an AM & a PM cardio lap?!?!? Since my cardio shuffle doesn’t come anywhere close to HIIT 1.5 miles just didn’t seem adequate so 1.5 this morning & another 1.5 this evening! It was definitely easier in the morning when the temps were more tolerable but a good evening sweat leading into a long cool (not a woman in a black dress!) shower works!!!

    First thing tomorrow morning SHOULD be UBWO with no breakfast experiment this time, thank you very much LOL! Y’all have a WONDERMOUS day & remember, Friday is National Murphy Day (13th) so we’d better hit it HARD & hit it EARLY, you know, just in case!!!

  • HI Everyone!!

    Im just checking in quick ive had a crazy week!!!

    My internet is also acting up.

    Last week my dad was here and it was super hectic at work and since he was only here for a week AND he wanted me to meet his new girlfriend/fiancee,  i would usually go straight from work out with him. Work load is crazy since im the backup for both my counterpart for another region and my manager!! My food was so bad to be honest, i still cant manage my stress and food :( Also the running around and the crazy heat didn't help, I missed both UBWO, which i redid BOTH on the following cardio days. as imagined, i didnt lose any weight but i didnt gain any either :)))

    I did notice the days that id overdo the carbs in the evening my feet would hurt like a b****. I always thought that was because of walking or too much dancing at  the wedding LOL or sth wearing heels, but i noticed 2 days in a row (of those bad bad days)  with not much walking that my feet were aching, WEIRD! Maybe its like water retention since it feels better with a pillow propped, carbs break down to sugar and water i think (* scratches head trying to remember high school biology)

    I wanted to start the week fresh but Saturday (my first day of the week) was an extension free day and very depressing to be honest that I couldn't get back on track (DUE to the game night my nerd friends and I do, lots of food lots of computer geeks = disaster)! Starting Monday I was very good, and im pushing myself this week to be extra good to hopefully see some fat burn! IM BACK ON THE WAGON!

    I couldnt get to the gym for my cardio on monday but my sister gave me a funny DVD called beach body WO, its 30 mins of interval cardio so i did it better than nothing, it was a killer! regardless of the lame setup and video style but the WO really got me going, and it was a nice change to the elliptical machine. I have the whole set now, i plan on using it for my second challenge sonce my gym member ship will expire 1 month into the new challenge and they doubled the prices.

    I can say im back on track and i feel better, i didnt want to post when im all mopey and whiny :)

    I did my UBWO also at home yesterday and i pushed myself but i am SO DISAPPOINTED because the UBWO is still awkward somehow, i cant seem to get my shoulders and chest strong enough to have a controlled movement (my left arm lags a bit!!) and the LBWO is kind of a JOKE when i do it at home (dumbbells) without the machines at the gym. I feel the pain in all muscles except the targeted ones, and the squats kill my knees!

    I was hoping Id be better by now so i dont have to depend on the Gym.

    Something funny, my friend got me a bunch of green tea extract pills to increase my metabolism (I was SO bummed that my ready was 57 yr old BMR!!) , i checked them up online seemed harmless so i took 2  at 1 pm (box says 3 but i felt that was marketing crap) but the caffeine was SO MUCH MORE than im used to, like 0 since i dont drink any cola or coffee or even tea! So it was hillarious when it hit 7 pm and my hubby comes home to find me LITERALLY moving all the furniture around and scrubbing the floor, cleaning the AC filters and moving the stove! Not our usual quick windex polish! LOOL yeah, but at least i have a super clean house! I think i will only take 1 from now on, the box only has like 30 i think. And theres nothing left to clean :))))))))

    Another big concern, today is first day of Ramadan, which for practicing Muslims  is a month of fasting from dawn till sunset. (No political/religious discussions intended, i have a point im getting to)  SO this means my meal timings will be totally off pushed in the evening. Work times are adjusted so we start much later in  the day, so i guess i can stay up later, but i doubt i can get more than 4 meals in. I just hope this doesn't bomb my already bombed metabolism!

    Also i intend to do my WOs right before breaking our fast (Like an hour before) so this will mimic a bit the empty stomach idea, BUT the difference is that I would've been up a long time before. I cant to the WOs as soon as i get up in the morn, because i will just be too thirsty the rest of the day.

    Plus, its hands off most of the BEST FOOD IN  THE WORLD which is seasonal to Ramadan, i wont even explain some of the dishes cuz that would just be torture!  Mmmmmmm...... I WILL NEED KILLER MOTIVATION to keep my hands off the yummy food. (Usually friends and family invite you over to break your fast, so temptation is there ALWAYS!)

    @Lensman, Let your shoulder heal, and don't let it bum you out, BECAUSE believe it or not the FOOD part is 70% of your success. (not my words, its all over the forum and honestly even if i kill myself at the gym if my food is a little off my results are crap ) So even if you can only get 30 mins of walking in 3 days a week, but your food is good, then you will still see results :)

    I hope you have better food control than mine :))))))

    @ roosed Mr number man, ive been checking my cals/min my best is 11 and my avg is 10 cals/min i dunno whats that ranking but im sure less than you! My Cardio is 25 mins only i usually use the crossramp machine and use high incline between 16 and 20 the max to work my calves and the resistance between 6 and 12, and i keep the strides/min as constant as possible. The LBWO weights i dont remember because some machines are KGs and some are LBS but i have it like, level4 and level 5 to simplify stuff for myself  :) BUT with the dumbells the best I can do in UBWO with first 12 reps with a light 6.5 lb then the rest of the WO with an 11lb (sometimes i have to switch back to the lighter one for the shoulders :( )  So i am a weakling!

    @Axwoman, the food diary should be my next step, i have a water count, my WO chart on the fridge, but i think im avoiding the food diary SIGH, I should try that maybe it will put me in place!!

    @frick: LOL yes funny things go through my head when im doing my cardio, sounds wonderful the cardio on the beach though!

    @ everyone else:  CMON PEOPLE, WE can get through it!!!! WOHOOOOO

    LONG POST, had lots to tell y'all!!

  • Welcome back PiePrincess!!! Next time you're feeling whiney, come on in!!! That's what friends with big, broad (fluffy) shoulders are for LOL! Don't fret the clumseys! The exercise control will come and young ladies such as yourself usually do have a bit more challenge with UBWO than LBWO. It's kind of genetics I think! Good luck with your meals during Ramadan. Are you allowed to "drink" during the fasting times? It'll be tough to even stay hydrated if not!!!

    All, hope you have an AWESOME week!!! I got my 46,640 LBs of UBWO in first thing this morning. Sure hope I don't have to sign much today...won't be legible LOL! Have to admit I'm a bit worried about LBWO on Friday the 13th too LOL!!! For some reason I'm doubting much progress this couple of weeks. Like Pie, and many others have said, diet is 70% of this deal and mine hasn't been stellar either. Not as bad as previous weeks with business lunches and such, just not as tight as it needs to be. We'll see come Saturday!!!

  • Pie in the house!  Good luck with Ramadan.  Sounds tempting - be strong. ...and speaking of strong, with your UBWO, you may be using too much weight for your first one or two sets.  I'm not an expert, but you should use your first set to warm your muscles up and focus on having PERFECT FORM.   Think about the muscle you are focusing on and how it is contracting.  The secondary muscles that you use to keep the primary in line will let you know if the weight is properly balanced.  As you add weights for subsequent sets, your form should stay intact.  For your final set(s), perhaps you could use a spotter.  All they have to do is help you lift the weight a little.

    On the subject of home gym, I have used mine exclusively.  Dumbells are really safe for working out alone.  They work for LBWO just as well as for upper.  Lunges and Squats are just as effective as the machines.  My weight bench inclines and reclines with leg extension/curls attachment.  I even sold the barbell stand.

    Enough of my pontificating....

    I had a great LBWO and the diet is back on track (Lovey finished the Kettle corn Icecream, so that's no longer staring me in the face when I reach for the frozen peas).  Hope you all are hanging tough.