Starting BFL Monday July 5th. Would any Newbies like to join?

  • I've tried many plans, and haven't found one that I can stick to. Low-Carb was too restrictive, and I felt horrible on it. I'm pretty good at portion control, and can do 40 minutes of Cardio 6 days a week, no problem. For whatever reason, I am not seeing results. It's quite possible I'm not eating as clean as I should be, or eating out too much. It's hard during the Summer when it's nice, and we all want to go out for Happy Hours and Mojito's. :)

    Anyways, My goal is to lose 30lbs, at the end of my challenge. I am 110% motivated to do this program. I bought the book, the journal, and am ready to go!

    The hardest part for me, will be getting up early to work out. I really enjoy working out after work, because it helps to unwind me from the day.

    Other than that, the nutrition and work outs sound awesome!!

    I am SO excited to get started!! I wanted to know if anyone else is just starting the program, so we could support eachother, share recipes, and get fit together!!

    I can't wait to post my pictures at the end of September.

    Good luck to everyone (and wish me luck too!)

    Carlie :)

  • I'm starting on monday as well. and just like you i will have to prioritize my eating out and happy hour as they tend to fall in the same week but different days.  with the free day i will try to incorporate all in one day and hope it fizzles away as i go.

    i like to sleep in but, i will try o go to bed early, so i can wake up and workout. i'll see how i goes. i'm trying to take things one week at a time.

    i think by counting on each other, that will be a good push to stay the course.  

    we can do this

  • Hi, I'm starting on July 5th!!! I'm very motivated to lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks.

    I've never done a program like this one before, I usually do calorie counting and cardio, which works for a bit but does not produce the results I have seen in this book and website.

    I am glad I found this support and wish you both good luck.

    Keep me posted,


  • Carlie, I just signed up and ordered "The Book" last night. I've been up and down this roller coaster for years. Previously every time I was making ground I would go back to school or take a new job that had me traveling all the time etc etc and would wind up back where I started or worse! I've now got my Masters so I should be pretty much done with school and I'm not looking to travel much anymore so it's time to make the rest of this life worthwhile! I might not have all the exact stuff in place to officially start the 5th but mind if I tag along anyhow?!?!? I've found that support & accountability are immensely important to success! I know it's a stretch but my 90 day goal is to lose at least 45 LBs. Let me know!!!

  • When you all get a chance take a look at what has already been share with the other groups that have started up.  A lot of repetitive info is out there that will help you along.  At the same time, feel free to ask away on the forum.  We are all here to help each other whether we are new or vets. :-)

    Best wishes as you work towards your goals. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I am in. I wll be starting on 7/5/2010. My goal is decrease bodyfat to 20% I am at 35% right now and to lose 30lbs and control my diabetes.

  • Count me in as well!

    First gym session tonight! I know I am pessimisitc, but I know it's going to be HORRIBLE!

    I'll be loving it all by the end of the week though, so lets concentrate on that.

    Week one, just begun!

    Good luck everyone. x

  • Hi All! I'm starting monday too! I'm new to the BFL forums and I'm excited to participate! Looking forward to help myself and to help, support and motivate others :)

    A little about myself..I have to admit I am not overweight by anymeans (female, 6'1" 157lbs, 22%BF) But I am looking to stick to eating healthy and working out routinly to continue to stay "in shape". Losing some BF and gaining a little muscle never hurt any body either ;-)  A little background..I ran track in college and never thought twice about when/what I should eat and when/how hard I should work out...that's what coaches were for! But since graduating and living in the "real world"  I've struggled with keeping myself motivated without a team to back me up and I have to admit the intensity of my workouts have slacked off. Which is fine since I am no longer training to reach qualifying marks..but still I like how i looked and felt and want to maintain that feeling.  My former roommate introduced me to BFL, she had all the books, shakes, bars etc, I jumped on her ban-wagon drawing up my own workout log to mirror her journal and we followed the 12week program (almost) to the T. The results were amazing! I was putting up bigger numbers than ever before (prob b/c I was OVER-training with the track team) I felt better than ever before and I know I could not have done it without the mutual motivation! This is what brings me to the forums, I no longer live with her but I would love to get back into BFL to start another 12 weeker encouraging others in the meanwhile keeping myself on track!

    Best of luck!


  • just woke up and getting ready to start.  a lil nervous and excitement at the same time.  I'll be using a bowflex we pickd up a few years back. its been holding space in the basement.  lol... okay enough stalling upper body here i come.  oh its 4:48 am here in ohio.

  • Hi everyone!!!  I just completed my UBWO and I feel great. I have started so many times and the longest I got to was week 5. I am ready to see this through. Usually with me the hardest thing is starting. I hope everyone have a great workout. Off to do housework.

  • Hi I finished doing the ubwo and my arms are still shaking. This is my first time really training with weights... I'm so proud of myself for going in the weight room and not getting intimidated by the fit bodies! I hope you all had a good experience today.

    Best of luck,


  • Okay ya'll!!! The mail man hasn't delivered "The Book" yet but I've researched BfL online a lot and see where it's very different than the way I have been working out. Unfortuantely today being the "Observed Holiday" my workplace gym isn't open so, to avoid being completely lazy, I cued up a couple fun Christian rock CDs this morning, climbed on my trusty air conditioned exercise bike and pedaled off 13.0 miles and 504 calories! I know it's not following the plan but I couldn't help myself!!! I hope y’all had an AWESOME 4th! Ciao for now!!!

  • Sounds like all are off to a great start! Keep it up, taking it one meal and one workout at a time.  I'm off to a good start as well..setting a PB in flat bench and standing curls! I know it not all about the numbers but I do sometimes rely on them as motivation and something concrete to keep track of.  Keeps it fun. My goal like I mentioned before is not only to look good, but to FEEL GREAT! Nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment blasting out that last set of 12 reps. I love working out in the morning as well. That high energy thrill of working out sets the mood for the rest of the day

    roosed - great idea with the stationary bike!

    make no excuses!

    Back at it tomorrow for cardiooo :)


  • I'm right here with you guys!! Got up at 5am today and started The Rest Of My Life!!! I'll see you all at the finish line in 12 Weeks!

    Go Team!

  • Congrats to all of you new folks jumping on board!!  

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory