Eating Clean...

  • Ok,

    Just starting out BFL and finding out it's kinda hard to eat clean. Now, I'm Just starting to learn to cook... (I know, I know... but I'm not married and no kids and live with a mother who refused to give up her gourmet cooking) but steamed veggies with nothing on 'em, and chicken that still tastes like chicken (I'm used to brining in salt water to get the "poultry" taste to go away) is difficult to get down...


    So... what is your tastiest way to do veggies and chicken?



    ps.... is "I can believe it's not butter spray" (5 squirts) and option??

    Kat5499 "If I'd known I was gonna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself" - Leon Eldred

  • Hah I know what you mean actually.  I made a wholewheat pasta, salmon and pea meal last night and it was extremely fishy, even with lime juice squirted over.

    For my wholewheat tortilla thing today I seasoned the chicken with some oregano and basil.  Just a couple of shakes then rubbed into the chicken before grilling it, really affected the taste for the better.

    Not entirely sure how 'clean' that is to use a half pinch of some herbs but it makes it go down much more easily!