California Rolls

  • I just had two california rolls is this ok as far as a snack choice .

  • We don't really snack with BFL.  6 meals a day with one portion protein and one portion carb, add veggies to at least two of the meals.  I searched a couple of recipe sites and found that mayonnaise is an ingredient in California rolls.  That along with the white rice in which sugar is added make this a poor choice.

    I'm not intending to sound harsh, but, get the BFL book from the library or bookstore and work from the authorized food list on page 83 for what you should be eating.  Yes the menu is restrictive and can get boring.  It will help you lose weight.

    Save any other foods you might enjoy for your free day.

  • I have had some sort of sushi before as a meal.  But I found some made with brown rice, crab, avacado & carrots.  Still probably not the best choice but not the worst either.  It's skipping the soy and wasabi that is the hard part! :)

  • Eyezu1, california rolls are pretty healthy, just when doing a BFL challenge you would want to replace the white sushi rice with brown rice. Whole Foods has prepared sushi-to-go made with brown rice that would be a better choice. Now don't beat yourself up for having a little sushi, it sure is better than a Big Mac! LOL Doing a BFL challenge is all about learning how to exercise for better health along with learning healthy nutrient rich recipes. Previous challengers have complied recipes that have been tested in the BFL kitchen that have been put together in the Eating-for-Life book which I highly recommend! The recipes are well balanced and coincide with the BFL lifestyle. The recipes even tell you how many average servings there are. Good Luck with your challenge and I wish you increased happiness, longevity, and success!

  • thanks for all the feedback. I do have the body for life book and all the recipies . Im at work and there was some her so i had a few but yes I think the white rice is not the greatest choice . thanks for your responses.. everyone.