Dream Team!

  • I'm here plugging away. I discovered that I lost another pound yesterday and that really helped me come to the realization that it's just going to come off slow for me with this way of eating. Which I also came to terms with that it's not a bad thing. So far I've lost 13 pounds but amazingly haven't felt much of a difference clothes wise. I am going to start Sept 27 with the second challenge also, HOWEVER, I will be eating a bit differently. The first time I did this challenge, I did it with a different way of eating and it came off differently. So I think I'm going to try that for the first 6 weeks of the next challenge or a modified version of it at least. I'm not quite sure but I DO know that I am DEFINITELY happy to not have GAINED 13 pounds.



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  • Good Morning Dream Team!

    Rene' here...and YES, I am still in the mix.  However, I did finish up our challenge a bit early to be able to "officially" enter into the challenge before the last deadline.  SO, I started my C2 on August 23rd and am now into it 2 weeks.  I did it to coincide with my starting my last semester in College.  I am able to get into an awesome routine with the gym and using the pool...it has been really great!  

    Good luck to all of you who are still here and starting their C2 on the 27th.  I will still be blogging here on Dream Team and look forward to staying close to all of you!  

    Enjoy the Holiday weekend and see you all on Monday!


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  • OK-help!  I have no link to add a photo either-what is wrong?


  • Good morning!  Just wishing you all a great first day of our final week on challenge 1.  If you've made it this far-however imperfect it's been- you owe it to yourself to finish out strong!!


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  • Tia just to let you know that 13 lbs is great.  One thing we all have to realize is our weight loss at first can be affected by all the things we have done to our bodies before we started BFL.  If we did a lot of yoyo dieting, crash dieting, severe caloric restrictions all these can affect our metabolism and our bodies.  Sometimes it takes several weeks and basically the body is healing itself from the inside out.  I know one lady who used to post on here who lost 9 pounds her first challenge.  She was a little disappointed because she had worked hard.  Then she thought about all positives that had come about through BFL--9 pounds meant she was heading in the right direction, she felt great and she had lots of energy.  In the first few weeks of her second challenge, she lost 23 pounds.  She was so happy she stuck with it.  Just keep working it Tia and you'll keep seeing results.

  • wow...last week - can't believe it!  

    @Jen4Life - THANK YOU for your words of encouragement about finishing strong.  I felt like i had kind of fizzled out, but your words gave me lots of motivation to eat clean over the weekend and keep it going through this week!

    I had a wonderful cottage cheese dessert last night...1/2 c 2% cottage cheese, 1/4c pumpkin (like from a can), and 1/2 tablespoon splenda....it was so good.  i really love pumpkin so maybe that's why.  i was getting really sick of cottage cheese with whey protein and cottage cheese with fruit and cottage cheese with salsa....blah, blah, blah!  :o)  any other good cottage cheese combos out there?

    4 days left!!!!!!  

    are we keeping this same forum for challenge 2 on 27 september?  i'm all for it.

  • Thanks Stephanie! :)

    That is DEFINITELY my plan to stick with it. I'm still modifying the food though, just a little less on the carb front. I'm going to eat my celery for a meal and throw in a protein shake with it. So I'm going to lower the carbs a bit but mainly in the afternoon.

    I did get an awesome comment today from one of my students that I haven't seen in 5 weeks. She said that I look "skinny"! That was awesome, I think I'm going to wear the same outfit for the next few weeks because I think it's the outfit! LOL I haven't lost many inches at all and the 13 pounds but it IS something!

    I'm looking forward to Zumba and Yoga during active rest!



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • You're welcme Tia!!  :o)

  • Wow Dream Team... Just a few days left. I have to thank all of you for hanging in there... Just reading your posts helped keep me motivated. I am planning to take 2 weeks off (from the weight routine only so I can mix it up a bit), but honestly, I don't want to.... but from what I hear, it is the best thing to do.  I am REALLY going to miss this group... Hope some of you post your final results on Saturday!!!


    Congratulations TEAM!


     LOOK AT YOU GO!!!

  • hi dream team.  I am still hanging in there, not perfect but still going.  I have lost a total of 10 lbs,  my fitness level has increased tremendously.  I can run faster for longer periods of time than I have ever been able to do and do 25 pushups, which I have never done before.  I am wearing size 8 pants and am looking forward to another adventure during C2.  I will be taking time off of weight lifting but keeping the cardio going over the two week layoff.  


  • Life has been busy. My husband was away for a week and I started back to work (teaching) with a grad class and an ASL class.  I have been getting headaches the last couple days and using the computer was not an option.  As I stated before week 10 was bad, week 11 was better, and minus a few workouts (I couldn't open my eyes due to the headache) week 12 was back on track.  I lost a total of 20 pounds. I know it could have been more if I would have stayed on track the last couple weeks, but I am celebrating my success!! I also lost inches, but I was to embarased to take my week one measurements. I wish I would have now. Oh well not going to dwell on it.  

    I want to thank all of you for your support through this process. Each of you have touch my life and motivated me to continue on my journey. I look forward to starting C2 with you!! Enjoy your 2 weeks of AR (well those of you going that route), but not too much.

    Thanks again


  • Congratulations on finishing your challenges.

    Megan - 20 lbs is in line with the average weight loss (20-25 lbs) I've seen people reporting on the forums.  You might even be wearing a cloths size smaller than you would the same weight pre-BFL, that has been my personal experience. :-) what are your plans, maintain or do another challenge?

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Here are my stats...also posted on Coffee Crew and in my profile:

    Height: 5'7"/Weight 163 in April 2010/Age 40 (41 in October…running an official 5k to celebrate!)

    Week 1: June 21, 2010:  weight: 155 lbs; body fat 31.2%

    Week 4: July 16: weight: 150.5; lost 4.5 lbs; lost 3.5 inches

    Week  8: August 15: weight 146.5; lost another 4 lbs; lost another 5 inches

    Week 12: September 12: weight 146; lost another .5 lbs; lost another 1.75 inches; lost 6% of my body fat… tested at 25%

    Totals lost in 12 weeks: 9 lbs lost, 10.25 inches lost (-2 off chest, -1.5 off waist, -4.5 off  hips, .25 upper arms, -1.5 off upper thigh; -.5 above knee) GAINED 2.2 lbs of MUSCLE!!!

    Start C1: Fat Free Mass: 108.7 lbs  Body Fat: 49.3 lbs BF 31.2%

    End C1:  Fat Free Mass: 110.9 lbs  Body Fat: 38.3 lbs BF  25%

    Instead of almost a third of my body mass being fat, I’m down to a quarter of my body mass being fat.

    Congrats Finishers!!  Whose starting challenge 2 with me on Sept. 27th???


    If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

    My FOURTH Challenge: May 23-Aug. 14, 2011.  Began First BFL Challenge on June 21, 2010

  • Wow team.... some AMAZING results!!!!   With all of your success, imagine what it will be like at Christmas time..... woo hoo!!!!!

    I had a weak Week 12, and I just found out about a major event I have on 12/11, so I am going to start a new challenge on 9/20... want to be in tip top share for the 12/11 event.... which will give me a couple of weeks off again before starting the first of the year.  This week I plan to do a circuit training thing that I really enjoy so it will break up everything. Go team... see ya in the blogs!