Dream Team!

  • Hi my name is Megan. I decided to start the challenge today. I was going to start next week, but decided now is the time!! No more excuses!!

    I am 27, a teacher, grad student, and wife.  I hope going through this challenge with other will make the journey less painful.

    Just finished lunch and planning to hit the gym around 2.  Day 1 off to a great start.

  • I am starting today and doing well so far!  I even turned down a chocolate chip cookie at work which was gut wrenching!  I am joining the gym today when I get off work.   I live in the US.  Good luck Dream Team!

  • 1st work out in the books and it went great...now the really hard part for me the eating correctly and drinking enough water....I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's first day....Lance

  • Hello everyone!!  I just posted a reply to the original post and then just found this one! I am very excited about my first day and ready to make a change in my lifestyle!  I have about forty pounds that I need to lose in order to be at a healthy weight. Also, due to my diet my cholesterol was boderline high the last time I went to the doctor. Considering that I am only 39, that's pretty sad!! I wish the best to everyone and can't wait to hear everyone's progress. Good luck!!


  • I just finished my first workout and it was good. I couldn't up my weight sometimes but it is the first day so I'm not discouraged. I am just going to keep going and we'll see what happens Friday. I'm so looking forward to the Cardio tomorrow. The eating is going well. I just have to stay away from coca-cola and alcohol. Those two will be a little difficult. :) Let's Go!!

  • I just started today too.  Did upper body workout this morning - felt good.  I am following the nutrition plan and i just love checking things off - I am a born planner so I think this will work really well for me.  Day 1 - half way through.  

  • I'm new and starting today! I've never joined a forum, so this is all new to me. :) I'm 30, have 2 kids, live in Utah and have 40-50 lbs to lose.

    Last summer I ran the Park City Utah 1/2 marathon after losing 40 pounds and gained it all back in a year. I'd like to blame it on my sore hip I inherited while training for the 1/2 but there are no real excuses so that's a nice try huh! :)

    I've known about BFL for 10 years and keep looking it up - seems simple enough (I hope!). So here's to day 1- thanks to all for the inspiration!


  • Welcome my fantastic friend Project120!!! You go girl!!! Our reward - Hawaii!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your BFL journey!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Just wanted to stop by and say hello to you all.  If you need anything at all, look me up!  Don't be embarrassed about asking questions because it's better to get it right than be frustrated after weeks of doing it wrong.

    Congrats on your decision to change your life!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • There are SOOOOO many people on here today...well since I last posted! LOL

    I fell asleep fantasizing about the gym and getting there this morning. That's probably why I was able to roll myself out of bed this morning WITHOUT AN ALARM (most days my husband can't kick me out of bed!) I rose with the sun and worked my upper body. Sometimes I hit my 10s and other times I didn't but I will definitely be aiming for them next time. I realized I started my weights too low once I got to the end and couple of other times I forgot to increase the weights for the next rep! *sigh* Only the first day I've gotta get my focus back!

    I got all my meals in but GEEZ that was HARD! I am SO tired right now and it's only 7:00. I can't wait for that energy burst!

    Tia- Now is it Tia's Miles or Tia Smiles? I like the first translation better because I'm the smiley Tia! LOL Hopefully I'll show you one day ;)

    Reneinid- I just have to say I love you! ;)

    Thanks to all of the oldbies that are coming through and checking on us and to the people who have completed a challenge before for being here with us newbies while we complete our first challenge!!

    I love tomorrow 20 minutes in and out! And I am definitely hitting my high points! I ate on target except for an edge of an empanada that a student made and bought for me. That's going to be the MOST difficult part because my students ALWAYS bring me food from their countries to say "thank you".

    Until tomorrow! Have an awesome workout tomorrow!! :)

    Tia non smiles ;)



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Hey Dream Team!

    I started today the 21st as well - first day of official summer! Had a good upper work out this afternoon and enjoyed the pool with the kiddos. Just a little about me- am 47; mom of 5 and been married 24 yrs this Oct. My HUGE goal is to lose 100 lbs before my 25th anniversary Oct. 11, 2011! My goal for this BFL is simply to FINISH IT! I have done this 3 times and never got to day 84! UGH!

    But each time I get a little more organized, a little more shifts and it gets a little more manageable with my life. I can't downloaded all the paperwork but couldn't find the "Mindset page" - you  know where you evaluate what you did good where you can improve etc etc. Can anyone assit me? If you have it in a PDF could you email it to: janeinelpaso@gmail.com?


    ok gotta go finish dinner and enjoy the cool evening!

    Make it a great one - you each deserve it!


  • Wow! How awesome it is to have so many people starting today!

    Day 1 was great, after I finally got up. I set the alarm wrong and ended up waking up without the alarm 30 minutes late. So a little frantic, but I still had time to get a great workout in. Beyond that, the day went great. Made some tilapia for dinner and it was like 10 times more delicious than I anticipated-so that was a delightful surprise!  Hope everyone had a good day.  

    Let's have a great cardio work out tomorrow!


  • Day 1

    Hi everyone! I am so glad to hear about the success of so many of you on day 1. Great job! I had some highlights to day one! The workout was great! I had so much fun. Water intake was great! My meals were not how I planned them. I did great at breakfast, but fell off at lunch and dinner. I gave into peer pressure to eat out at lunch and then again at dinner. No more Mrs. Sabotaging-My-Transformation! I'm ready for day 2! Have a great day tomorrow!



  • Hi Everyone!  

    Hey, where is Tracy?  She was actually the very first one to post that she was starting on Monday...I just changed the name!  Tracy..where are you?

    Well, like most of you, I started awhile back and never finished.  But, this is the one that will take me all the way.  If some of you don't know, I live in a rural Idaho town of 900 people.  I am struggling with my weight and want to lose a good 25lbs.  With all of the encouragement, I know that I (we) can finish this challenge!  

    I am glad everyone had a great first day...and for those that slipped a little, well, tomorrow is another day.  

    Talk to you all soon.

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • Well, day 1 is down and I couldn't be more excited for Day 2. Honestly, just knowing that I am "training" is giving me the motivation.....which, of course, was supported by the exhaustion I felt this morning as I left the gym... it's definitely time to get back on track!!!  Hope you guys all sleep well and I look forward to seeing how everybody is doing tomorrow.