Dream Team!

  • Good evening!  I too am getting started tomorrow. I won't be entering the challenge, but I need to get myself back on track after a ton of success earlier this year... so I'm all in!  I just read through everybody else's replies and I haven't believe how much I have in common with this group.... I got engaged in Australia, celebrated my 1 year anniversary in New Zealand, attended graduate school in upstate New York, and will likely be visiting Florida in January!  Let's go "friends"....we can do this!!!!!!!!

  • I forgot to mention that my name is Danielle and I live in Orange County, California.

  • I begin the challenge tomorrow as well! I am truly inspired by all of you who have completed the challenge or the 12-week transformation before and saw incredible results. I will need your expertise the next 12 weeks.

    I am a mom, teacher, graduate student, and runner from Texas who has grown tired of my regimen and slacked off with my diet and miles per week. This is exactly what I need to lose my “slacking” pounds and try something new! I think I am most excited about the support along the way! Let’s get it started!



  • Hi Everyone!

    How awesome is it that we all made the decision to start?? This is going to be life changing!!

    "There is a single mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, will solve

    enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal

    or business situation you will ever encounter ... and it could literally propel you

    down the path to incredible success. We have a name for this magic mental

    activity ... it is called DECISION."  Bob Proctor

    I was supposed to start today (Sunday) but turns out I have to start Monday instead. This works out even better because now I can be part of this team! YEAH!

    My name is also Tia but live in Atlanta, Georgia. Since there are two of us named Tia on this start date, you guys can call me Tiasmiles. :)  

    I'll be working out with a friend for the next two weeks to get me going on my new BFL routine then pretty much I'll be solo. I work out consistantly already but my greatest challenge will be drinking enough water and eating the mini meals as I have the tendancy to eat large meals in one sitting. LOL. Not starting tomorrow because I've already pre-planned and packaged my mini meals! I'm ready!

    I'm really excited for all of us and wish EVERYONE a successful Day 1 tomorrow! I will be checking in later tomorrow evening after my workout to see how everyone did!

    NO EXCUSES TOMORROW GUYS! This is it!  Let's DO IT!

    Air hugs!


  • Another one here starting the plan tomorrow.  I'm not entering the official challenge, but definitely plan on being challenged over the next 12 weeks ;)   I kind of stumbled upon BFL while looking for some books on weight training at the library.  A brand new YMCA was opened less than five miles from our house in May and I have every intention of taking advantage of everything it has to offer.  Two and a half years ago I decided to take control of my life and my eating habits.  The result?  100lbs less of me to shuffle around!  Now it's time to start the next leg of my journey toward total transformation.

    I wish all of you who are starting tomorrow the best.  Hope to see you all aorund as we move through the next 84 days.


  • Hi all!

    I'm Michelle in WA State. I'm 39 and this is my first challenge and I am really excited! I hope to be able to share my success with all who are starting tomorrow the 21st!

    Michelle / Indigoeye

  • Ok...I am getting pretty pumped up for the start!  

    I am so ready...Is everyone ready?

    Talk to you folks tomorrow evening!

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • I am also starting BFL tomorrow.  I'm not formally entering the challenge but need a jumpstart to the 35 pounds lost in the last 6 months.  I look forward to the conversations and the support.


  • Another Rene - actually Terri Rene. 44 yo from Louisiana. Need to lose 44 pounds. 


    Best to everyone!


  • I am jumping in tomorrow as well. My first challenge ran from Jan 4-March 28. I went from a 10/12 to a 4/6. My 10 week progress photos are posted on my bio and the media gallery. The fulfillment of the commitment to myself was an AMAZING feeling. My complexion, energy, outlook, everything took me to an incredible high in my life. I am soooo excited for each of you to experience the BFL experience.

    Words of wisdom that have been shared with me to pass on.... Water, water, water. Plan, plan, plan. Focus on the postiive!

    I look forward to sharing this experience with each of you. However, I am unable to completely keep up with multiple sites. I am on Facebook under Renee Jones Fisher. My email address is listed on my bio page. I will give it my best to keep up with this thread. However, I would love to get your emails or hook up with any of you on Facebook.

    Be future focused! Can you see day 84? It's amazing! Let's do it together!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Hi!

    I'm looking forward to starting BFL officially tomorrow. I've decided to also do the Challenge. Might as well. :O) My goal is to become lean and tone. My name is Shanna from Southern Utah (one of the most health conscience places in the US). I am a 38 year old working mother of six children. My biggest challenges will be eating 6 BFL balanced meals every day and writing in my journal.  This challenge will bring me closer to my dream challenge of running in a marathon.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know others who have accepted the challenge.

    Thanks for setting up a place for us newbies to find support!


  • It's 5 am and I've been up since 4 looking over my planned workout for today.  I'll be at the gym within the hour.

     Can't remember the last time I was up this early when I didn't have to work or get the kids off to school.  I'm so ready to get started. 

    FaithfulRenee:  (Wow, more Renees in this one thread than I've met in my entire life! lol) I can see day 84! 

  • Congratulations to all of you!  My transformation can also be found via my profile name.  Get ready for the best thing you can do for yourself.  I'll add to Renee's suggestions...take each second, each minute, each hour and each day at a time.  You will learn a lot through this process about yourself and your potential.  Enjoy the journey and BELIEVE in the little things you feel...they add up to the new healthy you.  The one thing that helps me get through 12 weeks is sharing on and read the forum.  Remember sleep is also important so get as much as you can as you'll work your body hard.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Congratulations on starting...Yahoo, I am so excited.  My workout went well..I can definitely feel it.  I was starting to think about my breakfast halfway through, though!  Hehe!

    Hey Crawfishy, welcome and glad you are here.  We are here to support each other during this 12 week process and this forum is a great place to do it.  The name for our forum, I think, represents what we believe we can do!  Besides, it is just a bunch of letters...what really counts is if we believe in our hearts.  If you are uncomfortable with the name, then by all means start your own.  The more the merrier!  We are all in this together to support and get support, no matter what the name!

    Good luck on the rest of the day!

    Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!


  • Hey,

    I'm Erika and although I have tried to start several times, TODAY IS THE DAY! I'm on the way to the gym right now. I even bought cottage cheese! I'm on my way! Nothing to it, but to do it!