Starting first challenge monday June 28th!!!!!

  • Hey Max! I'm just starting out today too...kind of spur-of-the-moment. Had started a nutrition and exercise plan and was looking online curious to see if the BFL Challenge was still being held. It is - so I signed up! Congrats on your decision, hope you find the support you need here on this site! Good luck to us both!

  • I figured I would reply also.  Might as well use all the services and outlets for BFL.  I started the challenge today.  I hope to have profile information posted and before pics added also.  Those before pics are something else.  I think mirrors are evil :-)  Anyhow, good luck to everyone.

  • Congrats to all of the Challengers starting today!!  Stay focused, push yourself, hold yourself accountable in all things and make every single rep count for you!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hubby and I started today as well! He's really into it, which helps me keep on track. This should be great!!

  • Sprained my finger yesterday, so getting a good workout was challenging, and even though it was supposed to be upper body, I had to do mostly cardio, but hit it hard. Hopefully the swelling goes down by tomorrow so I can lift.

    Vegas Dave--I know we can do this, and together we are so much stronger. We have the power!!

  • I just went to the vitamin shop and spoke with the guy there about this same question. Here is my knowledge from my previous challenge and what I've learned today. The chocolate and vanilla EAS shake packets are pretty good if cost isn't and issue. Also, the bars are nice too because around week 5 I was craving solid food! It was a liquid diet overload! The EAS vanilla protein powder is TERRIBLE!!!  stay away! It doesn't blend well and changes the taste of everything!

    As for using other supplements if they're in the same category (there are so many type of proteins). Check out the ingredients on the label see what they're made out of what preservatives are in them etc. Also try buying small packages to test them if they're offered. My hugely expensive EAS protein powder is still sadly sitting on my shelf getting dusty because I didn't test it first.

    Lastly, the starter pack: yeah for free samples! That is a perfect opportunity to try the EAS products. Whether you should get it largely depends on how motivated you are. Clearly you're motivated enough to start BLF so congrats on that. But If you're too busy trying to get to the gym, making other meals, and planning don't worry about doing research on everything. The packet is essentially designed to help you get started on something that can be difficult. For me, I already tried everything once and now I know what I need (more natural food, less cost and more creativity) try the recommendations first and if you're bored change it up. Get a few weeks under your belt and see what it feels like to branch out... or not.

    Good luck!!!!

  • Maddie1010 - I am 46 and starting my first challenge today (june 28) also.  Was hoping to find other "mature" women to support & converse about our challenges.  Haven't figured out how to send a post to someone - hope this reply message works!

    thanks, Stacey b

  • Hi Stacey, I did start today, worked out, ate clean and so far have not indulged in spite of the fact that we in South Texas may soon have a hurricane at our door step. Hmmm, what to stock up on in order to eat clean if you are without electricity for a day to a week or more? Am currently rereading the chapters on how to deal with stress in "Body for Life for Women." Great book, great program. I like that the book addresses issues that are unique for women in different age groups. Wishing you and everyone taking the challenge the best of luck!

  • Today (Monday 06/28/10) is my 53rd Birthday and I'm celebrating by starting the BFL challenge.  Fourth time I've started in the last decade, but never finished.  I'm going to make it this time!!!  The last time was this past spring and after 4 weeks was beginning to see good results.  Let's get 'er done!

  • Hello...I am a 28 years old  female and started the BFL challenge today as well. In January I tore the ACL in my right knee and had ACL reconstructive surgery in March. My orthopedic surgeon suggests biking and swimming to get back in shape within the next year without causing harm to my new graft, but the exercises in BFL are similar to the ones I have been doing for the last 3 months in physical therapy.  My injury/recovery has complicated my efforts to get in shape but has made the task that much more important and I needed a new focus in my life.  BLF looks like it might be just what the Dr ordered I am. Good luck to all in the next 12 weeks and beyond.

  • Hey folks,

    I'm not entering the actual challenge, but I'm doing the workout and dietary plan for 12 weeks and started on Monday.  Former royal marine, I left 10 years ago and as a result of injury then infection I couldn't exercise for a while and in that time became fat and out of shape so need to fix things.  

    First day was quite interesting, managed to get off to a decent start on the treadmill although wasn't amused by the tiny little blonde next to me in the gym running at about 4 times my pace heh.  Food is proving to be fine, evening meal was a little boring yesterday I thought, but I'll spice it up a bit more.

    Using the myoplex strawberry after training (I'm addicted to strawberries), and a cheaper protein for the other two meals as well as creatine, some vitamins and aminos.  Oh and a ZMA compound before bed.  

    Not particularly sore today although I know I had a workout yesterday, today (tuesday) is first push on the upper body for me, and having done all the scans etc to determine my musclature and fat content (body fat quite poor really, 27%) I think it will be tough.

    Will stick at it though, not quite as excited as some perhaps, but I'm confident I can stick to it.  The only pangs I am likely to get are the beers I suspect, but it's about time that got under better control anyway.

    Girlfriend is exercising with me, althoguh not on the programme, so not going to the gym today until about 7pm which sucks, but hopefully will get started on the early mornings later this week when she feels a bit better.

    Good luck everyone, this is a tough looking regime but I think an eminently doable one.  Will check in from time to time and say hi :)


  • Woo Hoo!!! day 2 and just got back from gym! Almost killed me and I can't wait to go back tomorrow.

    My quote for the day for all of us challengers is:

    "Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park."

                                     David Ogilvy

  • Dont give up Dave!!! you have to do this with all of us !!!

  • Hello all,

    I hope you are all doing well in the 2nd day of our challenge. I workout the upper body yesterday and now it hurts like hell (but it fells good in a way!!!!)  The nutrition plan is good so far…. takes a lot of planning but I guess it will be worth it!! I went for a jog this morning and now I feel a little pain in my left knee. I guess I did not stretched enough so be careful everyone and stretch properly before exercising!!!!

    Don’t forget that you are not alone!!!

    Don’t give up the first week is always hard… just think about the reward in the end!!!

  • Congratulations to all we have taken our first step. we are now not just talking about it we are doing it. And in 83 days we will have achieved a super important goal, we will have transformed our bodies, mind , and souls to live healthy. I hope everyone isn't as sore as I am. I have to do my eating and workouts at different hours because I am on graveyard shift. I went and did my upper body last night. I felt every second of my 40 years. I ate clean following my meal paln to the letter. I am off today so I will do my cardio a little earlier. I am going to swim for cardio. The last thing I want to do is blow out my knees. We can do this, one day at a time. The only easy day was yesterday. Cheers.