Starting first challenge monday June 28th!!!!!

  • I'm starting the challenge tomorrow, as well.  This is exciting.  Good luck everybody.

  • Hi,

    I am starting my first challenge on Monday June 28th also!  Lord knows I will need help and I'm willing to listen and help anyone too!

    Lets Do This!


  • Good luck to everyone on starting our challenge tomorrow!  Just think of how great we are all going to look at the end of 12 weeks!

  • Wish I was ready to start tomorrow! Haven't prepared enough yet. Still sorting out the meal planning.  That will be tougher for me than the workout schedule. Good luck to everyone starting the 28th.  I hope to be just a few days behind you.

  • Starting on the 28th here as well. Looking forward to a great 12 wks of transformation. Congratulations to all of you who have committed to the challenge! Can't wait to see us all at the finish line!

  • i'm a june 28th starter as well! my name is brie and i'm from hawaii. i'm 25 years old. i'm married and have a daughter. my husband is in the army national guard and has been gone for 3 months and just graduated from boot camp and is now at AIT or Advanced Individual Training and will be home in another 3 months. i'd like to surprise him with a body makeover the BFL way. so i joined the challenge not so much for the prize money, but for the support and competition of it. i'm excited about it! i'm glad to see so many june 28th starters! we can do it guys! i took my before pictures today....oh my goodness....can you say SCARY? lol. because that's what they are. but i'm going to turn scary into sexy! i will do my best to stay connected with you all! good luck on your journeys! see you all at the finish line!


  • hope you can join us soon as well! good luck on your journey!

  • Well thats the first meal of the day out of the way!  Took my before pictures yesterday and boy was that scary didnt realise I looked so bad from the rear, not too bad I suppose on the front.  It has made me even more determined to finish this.  Off to do my workout in a bit followed by a protein shake.  Hope you guys are doing ok on our first day.


  • Hi all.

    I also started today.

    How did the first day go?


  • Good morning!!

    Off to the YMCA for a treadmill w/o.

    Gonna work on reaching my high point!

    Than have a protein shake afterwards.

    Good luck all!!

    WE CAN DO IT!!

  • Hi All!

    I'm starting today as well... this is my first challenge and I decided to get the BFL Success journal to make sure I write it all down. I have a tendency to start things and then ADD kicks in.....  But this time... I'm actually going to follow through and join in on forums and try to keep accountable! Here we all go! Lets all have a great First Day! :)


    Kat5499 "If I'd known I was gonna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself" - Leon Eldred

  • My first challenge to!  Now have done the first 3 meals and am feeling stuffed, have also started my own journal and (sad I know) also started to log the weights that I am doing on my own spreadsheet so I can see at a glance when I improve.

    Hope u r all having as good a first day as me.


  • Hi Max,

     Im starting  my second challenge today the 28th. All i have to say is it works! I did my first challenge a little over a year ago and for the first time in my 12 years of marriage looked really great. My husband loved it! I also felt really great with lots of energy and it was awesome wearing clothes that i felt and looked great in. That does so much  for someones confidence!! So good luck and Im happy to be in the battle with ya!


  • hey team! day 1 today and i'm about to head out to the gym...pump out my upper body today...then have a protein shake post workout and some breakfast. so far so good...although i do have some fears about stepping into the know..seeing the regulars in there, perhaps wondering what i'm doing there...can't let that stop me! i'll let you know how that goes. luck to you all!

    **I realized you might be wondering how i can be having breakfast so late in the day?? well, i'm from hawaii...and right now, it's 7:15 am which is pretty late for to be starting my workout. I'll do better next time.

  • I'm starting today...jammed my finger pretty good yesterday throwing around a football with my brother, so the workout will be interesting...hopefully still doable. Wish me luck. Starting weight today for me is 206.2, and I am ready to Rock!!

    Vegas Dave--I know we can do this, and together we are so much stronger. We have the power!!