• I would like to know some of YOUR meal plans so i can get an idea of what kinds of food to combine. I already have the BFL book...I've already visited the nutrition and meal plans tab. I want to know what some of you guys are doing as far as eating. This is the only problem for me... If you don't mind breaking the meal plan down I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!

  • Here is an average weight training day for me.  (if anyone else sees a problem please comment)

    6am Meal 1

    1 cup egg whites on whole wheat tortilla and 2 glasses of water

    8:00 Betagen

    8:30 Workout

    10:00 meal 2

    nutritional shake mixed with water and added scoop of EAS whey protien

    multivitamin and Betagen

    1:00 meal 3

    chicken ***, whole wheat pasta, veggies and 2 glasses of water

    4:00 meal 4

    2 scoops of EAS whey protien and fruit mixed in water

    6: 00 betagen

    7:00 meal 5

    wild salmon, wild rice veggies and 2 glasses of water

    10:00 meal 6

    cottage cheese dry curds (0.5 g fat, 22g protien per 1/2 cup) and fat free yogurt and 2 glasses of water

    Hope this helps. I am looking forward to reading some more posts in this thread.


  • Taushadoll-If you can get used to having some of the same meals at the same time, it is pretty easy...I've started past challenges and failed because I failed to plan stuff out. Here is a typical day for me:

    M1: Oatmeal (I use the little regular flavor pkts-100 cal 19g carbs); I add cinnamon and 1/2 pkt Splenda/Eggs (1 whole 6g protein, 5 whites-17.5 g) I add pico da gallo for some spice or reg salsa

    M2: Myoplex Lite Shake

    M3: Is usually leftover dinner from night before which sometimes might be Chicken ***, brown rice, salad (I use lite Raspberry ving. dressing)

    M4: protein powder shake, apple

    M5: chicken or turkey burgers with either a red potato or brown rice, steamed veggies

    M6: 1% cottage Cheese with nf strawberry yogurt

    Like I said before, my meals are almost always the same, the key to making this plan work is to PLAN...if you always have something in your fridge or cabinet that is BFL authorized, you can succeed!

    I encourage you to do a search on here for Sharon-Wonder Woman or you can go to my profile (click my name) and go through the list to find her.  She has had an amazing transformation and I think she would inspire you!!

    Best wishes for a successful challenge! =) You CAN do this!! =)


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  • What I do is plan for the week. I buy my lean proteins like chicken b**, pork tenderloin, lean ham, egg substitutes, and lowfat cottage cheese. Then I buy complex carbs like sweet potatoes, corn, brown rice. I buy the bagged steamable vegies so I can make them quickly and add them where ever needed. I pick one day to cook it all up and put meals in the fridge/freezer so I can just grab and go.

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  • A typical day of eating for me. :-)

    Meal 1 (breakfast) - 6 a.m. - Myoplex Lite RTDs (Chocolate Fudge)

    Meal 2 (morning snack) - 9 a.m. – Fat Free Cottage Cheese and Strawberry non-Fat Yogurt

    Meal 3 (lunch) - 12 p.m. - Turkey with lettuce, tomato with mustard on a whole wheat wrap and baby carrots

    Meal 4 (afternoon snack) - 3 p.m. - Myoplex Lite RTDs (French Vanilla)

    Meal 5 (dinner) - 6 p.m. – Salmon, Brown Rice and Brussel Sprouts

    Meal 6 (night snack) - 9 p.m. - Cottage Cheese

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • My new fav.

    breakfast is scrambled egg whites mixed with oatmeal topped with honey and cinnamom.

    snack fatfree cottage cheest with cut up strawberries in it

    Turkey sandwich on duble fiber bread and a salad with ff dressing

    Grilled shrimp over whole wheat noodles and your fav. veggie

    yogurt before bed

  • I do not eat wheat or refined carbohydrates so mine is a little different. I do my shopping in bulk once a week.  I buy a big bag of organic yams a big bag of organic carrots, frozen organic peas, frozen organic corn, Almond BREEZE Original (agave sweetened) and unsweetened, 3LBs ground turkey ***, 3LBS lean ground beef (organic grassfed), Organis Black Angus Burgers (6 1/4 LB burgers), a bag of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts, and a pack or two of 97% Fat Free Turkey Bacon.  I brown up the hamburger and turkey all at once and keep those onhand in the fridge.  Post Weight Lifting workouts I also have an unauthorized treat which is an organic coconut milk ice cream mini (70-100cals 10-14carbs this is sweetened with agave nectar). I'll be cutting those out in the next week but don't eat those when you see them on my meal plans.

    Here's some of my recent days meals:

    FOOD FOR TUESDAY 6/15/10

    1: Post Workout Whey Protein Shake made with ORIGINAL Almond Breeze (8 oz) and one SO Delicious Coconut FUDGE Mini (70 cals 10g carbs agave nectar)

    2: 3 oz smashed sweetened cinnamon yams and 3 oz ground turkey ***

    3: 3 oz smashed sweetened cinnamon yams and 3 oz ground turkey ***

    4: 1/2 cup plain non fat yogurt and 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese

    5: 1/4 LB organic whole food hamburger patty and 1/2 cup peas with low fat ranch dressing

    6: 1/4 LB organic whole food hamburger patty and 1/2 cup watermelon 1 cup cantelope

    Calories  1,400  

    Fat 39.5 355 25 %

    Carbohydrate 119.0 467 33 %

    Dietary Fiber 20.4    

    Protein 140.8 572 41 %

    FOOD FOR MONDAY 6/14/10:

    1: 3oz smashed sweetened yams with 2 Hebrew National 97% Fat free hot Dogs

    2: 3 oz ground turkey *** with 5 oz cooked carrots and 1/4 cup corn and low fat ranch dressing

    3: 2 oz ground turkey *** with 2.5 oz cooked carrots and 1/8 cup corn and low fat ranch dressing

    4: 2 oz ground turkey *** with 2.5 oz cooked carrots and 1/8 cup corn and low fat ranch dressing

    5: 2 1/4 LB Black angus hamburger patties with 3 oz smashed sweetened yams

    6: Whey Protein Shake made with original almond breeze

    Calories  1,433  

    Fat 44.7 399 28 %

    Carbohydrate 121.3 476 33 %

    Dietary Fiber 21.3    

    Protein 139.7 566 39 %

    FOOD FOR SUNDAY 6/13/10

    1: 3 oz ground turkey *** 3.5 oz smashed sweetened cinnamon yams

    2: 2/3 plain non fat yogurt 2/3 low fat cottage cheese

    3: 3 oz smashed sweetened cinnamon yams whey protein shake made with original almond breeze

    4: Whole Food 1/4 LB natural angus burger 1 cup cooked peas with low fat ranch dressing TJs jalapeno chicken sausage (100cals)

    5: 3oz boneless skinless chicken *** 3 oz cooked carrots

    Calories  1,360  

    Fat 35.5 318 24 %

    Carbohydrate 107.1 428 32 %

    Dietary Fiber 19.6    

    Protein 146.6 600 45 %

    As you can see I'm not quite at the ideal BFL ratios of 40/40/20 I think this is because I don't eat certain types of carbs.  As I keep bringing the carbs up a bit I should hit those macros just right. Hope this helps :)

  • This is mine please shout if anyone sees anything wrong.

    8.30am Post work out Protein shake and 1/3 cup of dry hig fibre muesli mix (sounds awful but i like it)

    11am 2 x Protein pancakes with Green Tea (they can be a bit dry)

    1.30am Chicken ***, 1 ww torilla, pepper and onion with morrocan spices

    4pm Tuna, 1/2 cup mixed beans and salad

    6.30pm  Lean topside steak, Baked red potato and salad

    9pm Cottage Cheese and an orange

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  • typical day for me:

    7:30 am

    I cup of coffee with some milk - is that allowed?

    1 egg with 2 egg whites srambled with dried chili peppers

    1 slice of whole grain toast

    1 cup of water

    10:00 am

    1 scoop of whey protein & a tbsp of flavoured instant coffee with 3 cups of water

    12:00pm - I run to the gym and work out

    1:30 pm - 2/3rds of a cup of fat free cottage cheese and 1/2 cup of fat free yogurt

    3:00 pm - a really big salad with either tuna or chicken on it and some fat free Italian dressing

    and an apple

    5:30 pm - ground salmon patty (or some kind of meat cooked on the grill), small microwaved potato with butter sprinkles and pepper, and salad

    8:30 or 9 pm - EAS chocolate whey mixed with 250 ml of rice milk

    I try to drink water during the day.  ok, and I confess I eat a tbsp of peanut butter when I pack my kid's lunch after supper and I might eat a sandwich crust.

  • Simple as possible.


    M1 - 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, onion+jalapeno sauteed in 1 tbsp olive oil, 1/2c oats, 1 tbsp nat peanut butter

    M2 - Met Rx choc shake, 1 tbsp nat peanut butter

    M3 - Chicken ***, 1/2c brown rice, green beans

    M4 - Met Rx

    M5 - Chicken ***, 1/2c brown rice, spinach

    M6 - Met Rx

    Dont worry about macros or calories or any of that garbage.

    If fat loss stalls, reduce carb intake. If you were eating 1/2c, reduce to 1/3c, or 1/4c etc.

  • Awesome post! I got online today to post the same question, LOL.... Thanks to all who have posted their daily menus and keep them coming!