Anyone with Diabetes have success on BFL?

  • So I have tried this program before but I had a REALLY hard time controlling my insulin levels!  I was obsessed with checking my blood sugar and took a lot of insulin shots since I was eating 6 times a day.  Then I would crash in the middle of the night where then I would have to get up and either drink or eat something that I felt ruined my success.  I tried not taking as much insulin, eating a bit more before bed (which is not good) and everything else I could think of throughout the day.  After about 5 days, all I could think about was eating and insulin.  I gave up... twice!  I know I have to take this unhealthy weight off and learn how to keep it off for good.  I would just love to hear how someone else dealt with this challenge.  This is the only program that makes sense to me and I too believe diets do not work.  Any feedback would be welcome.  Thanks for taking the time!

  • I would call the folks at the EAS 1-800 number, Abbott is the maker of the Glucerna products and they can tell you exactly what you need to know.

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