How was your first day? (June 14th)

  • So how has everyone's day been so far??  I'm really interested to see and compare and maybe bounce things off one another. Anyone that has been in this for a while may have a few pointers up their sleeve.


    Ok... well my day has been pretty good. On the nutrition side I've been good but I feel a bit hungry. Stomach isn't fully growling but it wants too. I ate my last meal at 3pm and its not even 5pm yet. However I don't think I've been drinking enough water, so I'm going to work on that and see how it goes. I'm not to hungry to feel the need to cheat. Although my weakness is at night before bed. We will see how that goes.

    As for the exercise portion. I did it too quickly. A workout that is suppose to last 46 minutes was done in 30. Am I not resting between sets enough?  Also I think I was a bit easy on the weights. I started off really light thinking that the heaviest I would be able to do would be 10lbs, but it wasn't as tough as I thought (except for my shoulders-- OUCH!!).. so Thursday I will increase my weights a bit.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? How was yours? Any problems/questions??

    Look forward to hearing from everyone.






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  • I actually started yesterday, but for the most part everythings been really good.  Food wise I've gotten my 6 meals in, my meals have been healthy, and for the most part I haven't been really hugry afterwards.  Yes, you are right though about the importance of water.  I've been drinking about twice the  "daily amount" and feel fine.  Excercise has been good.  Weight training was just right, even though I would sometimes have to re adjust weights to get a good burn.  I'm still getting used to the cardio workout though. I fell a little short of the high point, but know I'll do better tomorrow.

    Glad to know yours went well too!

  • My first day went alright.  I under and over-estimated the weights to achieve the proper level of intensity.  I think I will get better as time goes on.  

    I accidentally forgot my fourth meal at work, so I didnt have a mid afternoon meal.  I didnt eat two meals though.  I've heard, if you miss a meal or a workout, dont try to make it up, just accept that you missed it.  haha It's kind of funny the first day I mess up.  No harm no foul though.  

    I'm not too sore from lifting, but I think I will feel it more tomorrow!  Surprisingly, I haven't been too hungry after my meals.  I have been drinking my water though.  

    Good luck tomorrow everyone with the CARDIO!!! Go Team

  • My first day has been great!  I'm not used to preparing meals so that's more time consuming than I'm used to.  It doesn't take that long, it's just that I'm not used to it.  Can you say "way too much fast food"?  

    I'm addicted to diet soda and DO NOT LIKE drinking water and knew that I really needed to work on it.  So I bought an insulated 128 ounce water jug from Wal-Mart (found it in the sporting goods section) and filled it with ice water this morning.  I also bought a 24 ounce insulated plastic glass from Starbucks that has a hard plastic straw.  I realized a while back that for some unknown reason I drink more water if it's through a straw.  Wierd huh?  Those 2 investments have helped trememdously and it's only day 1.  I took my jug and glass to work with me this morning and by 3 o'clock had finished ALL my water.  I didn't intend to drink that much, but it was just so effortless.  The only downfall was the 8 trips to the restroom!  LOL  But those slowed down later in the day.

    I never really got hungry and I think that's because of all the water.  I took two 20 ounce diet sodas to work with me and was going to allow myself to have them, mainly because I didn't think I could do without them and also because I was afraid of a caffeine withdrawal headache.  I ended up drinking only 1 of them and gave the other to a coworker.  Again, I credit all the water.

    I have NEVER worked with weights but have a coworker that has been working out for a couple of years and offered to plan my workout and teach me how to work out.  He and his fiance did BFL a couple of years ago and now she's so ripped that she's considering doing a body building competition.  They both look AMAZING!!! BFL introduced them to weights and they've run with it.  I worked my upper body today and am looking forward to more.  We'll see how sore I am tomorrow. LOL

    Best of luck to everyone!!!  We CAN do this!

  • All the best to all of you on your challenge. It REALLY helps if you can prepare your food in bulk. Whenever I barbeque chicken breasts or burgers I always do at least a dozen at a time sometimes as many as 20 then what is not eaten I freeze in ziploc baggies. As the week goes on it is so handy to be able to grab a meal from the freezer instead of always having to cook. Hope this helps.

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  • Hey Autumn... the program calls for a one minute rest between sets.  Lighter weight in the beginning is OK because you really need to be concentrating on form and doing the exercise correctly.   You will figure out very quickly what weight is good for you now. The increased weight will come with time.  In my first challenge I found that chewing sugar-free bubble gum really decreased my hunger.  Now I don't chew gum anymore so I drink green tea instead and that seems to work.  Do you eat Greek yogurt?  I had a carton of nonfat plain Greek yogurt for part of my lunch today and let me tell you.... that will definitely take your hunger away.  The taste is awful!!!  I think I could get used to it though.  It's like a strong sour cream taste.  At 15 grams of protein/ 6 grams of carbs/ 80 calories... it is a great protein source.  To decrease your hunger before bed have you ever tried the protein pudding recipe?  I have mine as my last meal around 9:00 PM and it is very satisfying and delicious!  Glad your first day was a success.  Stay focused and know we are all in this together.


  • Hi there... finished day one yesterday !!

    I know i didnt eat enough , i missed a meal but was pretty good the rest of the day, I was hungry at night but my daughter had a 9pm soccer game so i didnt get home until almost 11.30 and i really didnt want to eat that late so i just went to bed..

    I also did the workout to fast, i know i wasnt resting for a full minute in between so i will have to work on that.     today will be hard because i have to work 8-8 but i WILL do the cardio when i get home tonight on the treadmill...

    I also drink alot more water when i use a straw !! lol

    ok good luck to us today !!

  • Yesterday I lay in bed just happy to be back in a challenge. I love the feeling of being in control of what I eat for fuel and what energy I have from working out.

    I woke up this morning a little sore in the triceps. Woo Hoo!

    Off to cardio - it's me and the gazelle, topped off with some skipping.

  • So happy to be in wating and workouts have been great. I started sunday.

  • Hello everyone.

    Yesterday, Day One, was TOUGH.  Not only did I begin BFL but I also quit a few things.  I stopped smoking, I gave up my one or two energy drinks a day plus a Dr. Pepper or two.  Needless to say I also gave up the junk food.  I'm really going to miss cheese...

    I did my upper body workout yesterday.  It was hard.  My husband (OC_Hugh) is helping me with this.  He'll begin his "journey" in August along with our daughter.  I'm using dumbbells and they really made it obvious how much weaker my left arm and shoulder are than my right side.  We started light, he says that my form is more important than how much weight I'm lifting.  I feel weak, the weights were so light comparerd to what I use to do when we worked out before.  Before was back when we were in our early 20's.  I'm almost 49, has it really been that long since I worked out regularly???

    I'll post an intro and my stats on the "start b-f-l challenge on june 14..." discussion that Russel started.  

    That's it for now.  I'm sore but I feel great about starting this challenge.

    Best of luck to all of us.  WE can do this.


  • I had a great first day!  I'm also glad to be back in control, it feels so good to know that I'm on the journey again and that change is just around the corner.

    Must get ready for the gym, I have cardio waiting and the kids have swim lessons.

    Don't give in, we CAN (AND WILL!!) do this.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I would love to join this thread. I officially started today. I thought about starting yesterday, and am going to do it. I've dabbled with BFL for several years and got as far as 10 weeks in about 5 years ago....and had great results. I have never been able to complete the 12 weeks and that bothers me and I want to reach that goal. Other goals I have set for myself are out of my control and this is one I can make happen so I want to do it! Great job on the first day!!

  • Makr-

    I will have to look up the protein pudding recipe.  As for the Greek yogurt... YUCK!! I like yogurt, and I tried it thinking I would like the heavier texture.. boy was I wrong!

    I'm chewing sugar free gum right now!!! I want to start doing more green tea but I want to focus on getting my water in first. Once I get use to drinking water consistantly and enough with each meal, I will incorporate other allowed beverages

    I am a little sore in my upper body from yesterday's workout so I'm satisfied that I did something. I will increase my weight a little on Thursday and focus on the complete muscle fatigue at the end of each set

    I feel good and I'm still motivated. I get a lot of great info from everyone here. I didn't even lick my fingers when I gave my daughter ice cream last night (SO PROUD OF MYSELF)

    I had a great Cardio session this morning.. Staying positive and feeling good

    Thanks Mark!!


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  • Good for you Real McCoy!

    Looks like you found yourself great coaches & support!!!

    Good for all of you and enjoy your BFL journey!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • The food prep can be REALLY time consuming. I try to cook extra portions so that I cut down on overall time spent cooking.