HELP please :)

  • Hi All...

    I started my first 12 week program today and I'm a bit lost with supplements... I'm going through a messy divorce and have put on 1st 7lbs in 3 weeks which is just ridiculous so my first aim is to lose that weight and I'm following the excersice program / eatling plan as I should (well day 1 anyway)... I have no idea what supplements to take at first though - Myoplex or Myoplex Diet??? Should I be taking something along the lines of CLA or the like ...

    My aim is to lose at least 20lbs of fat hopefully more if possible...

    Any help would be much appreciated...

    Thanks :)

  • Hi!

    I am going through the same situation as you are ... messy divorce ... putting on weight and feeling aweful about myself.

    I am looking for support/friends to help me stick to my 12 weeks program. If you are interested in maybe doing this together via the forum or email, I would think it would be good for the both of us to have someone doing the same thing and kicking our ass when we want to give up.

    I personally only have whey protein to make shakes - I've heard that CLA can be really good.


  • My doc who is AMAZING says not to bother with CLA/GLA. I would suggest a good quality protein powder. Whey Protein.  And if you plan on entering the challenge you should use at least one EAS product they make a whey protein.

  • I just take my multivitamin each day and make sure to drink one of those EAS Myoplex shakes (either lite or crab advantage) as a meal each day

  • Sorry to hear about your situation. Having done a few challenges over the years (I just completed one a few weeks can see my pics on my profile) I know it's easy to get confused with the whole supplement thing. Unless you are entering an "official" challenge you do not need to by Myoplex or any EAS supplements as they tend to be rather expensive. Take it from is your diet which will make or break your success. I don't care what kind of supplements you may use or how many if your diet is not right on they won't help one bit. The only supplement I would recommend is whey protein powder. This is easy to mix and acts as a "meal" so you don't have to always eat 6 solid food meals per day. I usually go to Walmart or my local grocery store and by whatever is on sale (chocolate is my fave). Hope this helps....all the best!!

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  • Thanks all... Really appreciate the assistance... I'll go and grab a whey protein powder today :o)

    Nat - I'm more than happy to have and give the support that I can because I know how sole destroying the whole process is so please feel free to drop me a mail anytime... ... even if it's just to rant...

    Day 1 was a success and Day 2 is going well ... Now for the other 82 days and then I'll be ecstatic :o)