Any c-section moms here?

  • Hi,

    Needed input from c-section moms. How did you get rid of the c-section belly overhang? I have had 2 c-sections. Is Pilates helpful for that. 


  • Well I'm not a c-section Mom but I had my tubes ties in my mid 20's (not by choice) and then had them untied in my early 40's and have had 2 ectopic pregnancies since then, so I know what you mean. I'm not a pilates fan but I love Body for Life! If you haven't read the book - read it!!! It's very good and inspirational. I'm not done with my 12 weeks but my belly has gone down and I feel believe I will have great abs if I continue on this lifestyle!  

    If you decide to do BFL, this is a great forum with so much help & support!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Take a look at Sylvia Bortman's results. She had 5 c-sections and was BFL champion in her 50's.

  • Mona,

    I have been a childbirth instructor for over 20 years, a BFLer for going five years, and had two latitudinal incisions. As I started BFL-I would complain to my husband that I didn't think my skin that hung over my incisions would ever go away-and while I have a thickening of the skin just above it-it really did go away for the most part! Here's what it took though---a change in my abdominal work.

    I committed one day to make every sit up type move I did, be one where I pulled my naval in towards my spine. It is so easy to do ab moves and NOT do this-but it really does make a difference if you focus on this with every move. I also try to focus on it throughout my day as well-this is hard, but when your walking, sitting, if you can remind yourself to hold those abs in, whenever you can-it will begin to make a difference.

    I hope this helps-don't give up hope-I pretty much had, and it turned out, my husband was right!

    All the best in Body for LIFE!


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