• Is it okay to drink cranberry juice while on BFL and if so what kind?

  • Taushadoll,

    Since most women need 20-25 gms carbs per meal, and 20-25 gms protein per meal, juice would not be an ideal way to "spend" your carb allotment.  After all, ideally you want really good, complex carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, white potatoes to fuel your ever improving body!!  

    Fruit is allowed with BFL, but it is a different story (than juices).  Fruit has all the vitamins that are in some juices, but fruit is okay because it has the added benefit of a lot of fiber.  Fiber slows the absorption of the sugar in fruit, making it a far better choice than juice.  Even with fruit, we should really monitor portion size to be sure we are within our range of carb gms per meal.

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  • I just had to have some...I only drank about 4-6 ouces...I don' think it would hurt compared to what I use to drink..LOL!! but I'll keep it for my free days instead. Thanks Julie!

  • try light cranberry juice and diet ginger ale....yummy

  • Now you talking Redhdsandra!

  • I save my juice intake for Free Day ;~)

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  • yeah its sooooo not ideal and juice surely isn't on the allowed foods list. BUT BUT BUT if you MUST MUST MUST have some use it as your carbs for a meal so have your 20g of protein and have your cranberry juice but not more than 20g of carbs worth of juice.